Long Island Leagues!

Posted by: Nitro0292

Long Island Leagues! - 01/21/09 12:27 PM

Is there anyone from LI on here? If so, in your experience, is there ANY house in Suffolk county that puts down volume? I've bowled in Nassau, and it seems to me that Nassau houses put down much more volume while centers in Suffolk put down as little oil as they can. Am I crazy?
Posted by: Mattdean76

Re: Long Island Leagues! - 02/24/09 01:02 AM

I can vouch for 2 houses that dont put down a lot. Centereach and Coram. I have found Coram to put down less than Centereach, but definately no heavy oil houses. I bowl in leagues in those houses and Its a lot tougher to bowl there for me with a high rev ball.