almost shot 800

Posted by: Steven manier

almost shot 800 - 11/14/08 07:35 PM

well last night i was bowling my league and i felt real good about bowling. start off with a pocket 10 pin then i go 10 in a row and pocket 10 my last shot for a 289. next game i strung quite a few after a couple spares and shot a 259. last game i open strike spare then strike up through the 8th frame. going up to the 9th frame i knew i need to punch out to shoot 259 ( i needed 252 for the 800) i throw my bal and i got it out a little too far then bookm pocket 7 pin... i struck out for a 238 and a 786 series which is now my highest series. man that would have been cool to shoot my first 800 at 15... oh well i can wait
Posted by: Calvin Pistorio

Re: almost shot 800 - 11/14/08 08:40 PM

Congrats on the new high series. That's still some good bowling.

Next time you are throwing the ball that good though, try not to think about what you need to get to that score, you just put too much pressure on yourself that way.
Posted by: NewEnglandBowler

Re: almost shot 800 - 11/14/08 08:45 PM

Nice series. thumbsup

just a tip for if and when you're ever in the same situation again. you say you needed a 252 for the 800, yes, but thinking about it is going to make it a lot harder, because instead of using muscle memory to throw the ball you are now trying to make sure in your head that you throw the ball the same every time, which will make you more likely to make a mistake somewhere. try not to keep track of your scores as the games pass, or at least don't think about a specific score that you "need" to get, just throw your game and let the series sit till the end, then you can calculate the total.

i had the same problem as you until a few weeks ago, not for 800s but for 700s. i would get close to 500 the first two games and then have a terrible third game because i was thinking too much about the 700 and therefore trying too hard to throw good shots. then, i had a 278 and a 206, and then only thought about the score i needed once, which i had miscalculated at 214 but was actually 216, at the beginning of the game. after that, i forgot about it, and just threw the ball the same as i had the first two games, and rolled a 238 for a 722.

if you need a little phrase to help you remember to just play your game, use "try easier." I heard that from Buck Martinez, who was commentating during the MLB playoffs, and i liked the idea of it.
Posted by: leftykev

Re: almost shot 800 - 11/14/08 11:13 PM

Not to dismiss what it means to shoot a 300 game, but so many 300's are shot every year as to become unimpressive. Shooting back to back 300's gets people's attention since it is more a messure of consistancy.

But, 800 series are not so frequent and more impressive as a sign of skill and consistancy, despite how easy the lanes conditions may be that night. Even more so when that 800 serise comes on a sport condition.

My high series in league is 761 and 789 in practice. Everytime I consider how close I was to 800, it was even more amazing how far I was away from 800.

Lastly, how many people do you hear bragging about how many 800 series they've shot?
Posted by: Dennis Michael

Re: almost shot 800 - 11/15/08 07:17 AM

A year or so I toyed with an 800. Not that this was a plan, but after a 269-279 start, it definitely is on your mind. It's hard to maintain focus and tempo. After all, how many times do you bowl realizing that you need a 250 score? Can't remember ever saying I needed 250, and actually got it. There is an element of luck involved to maintain that level of scoring. Like a trip 4 or a tap of a 10, or a messenger.

Anyhow, that was some good shooting.

My highest ever sanctioned is 758 for 3 and 992 for a 4 game set. And, I am pretty happy with those.
Posted by: Silent Mike

Re: almost shot 800 - 11/15/08 11:46 AM

That is some good bowling especially for your age. I've only flirted with an 800 series a few times. Most recently (last year) I had a 777 and 784 series). The 300s were nice an 800 is what I really want. I fall victim to counting pins to see what I need. At all costs I try not to do that and focus on making one good shot at a time.

Not to get off the topic, do you realize the most 800s thrown by any one person is at ONE HUNDRED. The guy is some what local to my area, his family owns the lanes and the shot is what I've heard it to be a funnel to the pocket. The center's claim to fame is it hands out the most honor scores of any center around. I avoid it, I'd rather earn them on what may be a THS but not THAT easy of a THS.
Posted by: Steven manier

Re: almost shot 800 - 11/15/08 04:54 PM

yea when you bowl the first 2 games great its kind of hard not to think about what you need for an 800. before the last game started i laughed to my mom about "just need a 252 game for an 800 i already did it twice" i really didnt think i had a chance until i started stringin the strikes then i realized wow i can really shoot 800. same thing goes for a 300 game. its hard to to think about how many more strikes you need for the 300. i just took my deep breaths and bowled like i had been doing all night but unfortunately the POCKET 7 PIN!!!!! oh well
Posted by: General Pounder

Re: almost shot 800 - 11/16/08 10:02 AM

Congrats on the nice series. You'll get there. Breaks like that happen. You're going along and then you leave something like that. My first time I was going for an 800, I needed to punch out in the 10th for an 802. As I was getting up in the 10th, the lane broke down. After 5 minutes it got fixed. Buried the first ball for a strike. Buried the second ball, 8 pin. Spare, 791. Not much you can do at that point. Just go back and go to it the following week.
Posted by: Stormin Norman Fan

Re: almost shot 800 - 11/16/08 11:06 AM

Originally Posted By: leftykev
Lastly, how many people do you hear bragging about how many 800 series they've shot?

I do all the time. LOL

Seriously though, nice bowling. It will come, just let it happen and try not to think about it too much. I bowled with a guy that used to beat himself up all of the time, trying to shoot 700. He'd start out with the first two games being 460 to 480+, then he'd mention "I only need 227 (or whatever) for my first 700". And every time I'd tell him, to just bowl the way he's been bowling and forget about the series. And to no avail, he'd end up shooting 180 - 200 that final game, ending up 20-30 pins short.

His comeback one time was "I know, but you do it all the time, tell yourself what you need, to shoot a certain series and more times than not, go out and do it." So I explained to him that, yes that may be true, but I was a much more experienced bowler than he was and that just because I say it, doesn't mean I'm thinking about it. I just go about my business, doing what I know how to do. And that that was part of the reason why I averaged 220, not 180 like him.

And to further add to what leftykev said, I too am more pleased about my 800s than my 300s. People ask me all the time, what I'm most proud of and without a doubt, it's my 800s. As kev said, it's a model of consistency, not a one time good deal. Just this summer, I bowled a 300 and ended up with a 650+ series, because I had started out with a 156. While I was pleased with that game, I still didn't hit my average for the series. LOL

Keep it up, it'll happen.
Posted by: Dennis Michael

Re: almost shot 800 - 11/16/08 11:55 AM

There are 2 things that I have not done..... 800 series and clean 30. I know the 800, but am guessing at the clean 30, because 30 years ago, when I last bowled, it wasn't that big of a deal to achieve. Never heard it mentioned.
First time I heard the term was in a Sport League, 3 years ago.

I now want them both.
Posted by: Stormin Norman Fan

Re: almost shot 800 - 11/16/08 05:36 PM

Funny you mentioned that Dennis. I did that last Thursday night. 725 series to boot. I know what you mean though. I didn't even know that the local association gave a patch for it, until four or five years ago. They announced it for one of the bowlers in my league and I thought "you get a patch for that? I've done that numerous times and have never received a patch." That's when I found out that it was something new. Funny thing is, that's when I started paying more attention to it too. And have done it a dozen times or so, since then. But, it too is a once a year award. (or, per league, I can't remember which?)