628 series in league

Posted by: ToasTeR

628 series in league - 03/23/08 09:07 PM

One of my friends in league bowled a 628 series and hes only 14-15 (Not sure). I think hes moveing up to an adult leage but he doesn't bowl like this everyweek so I'm going to laugh when he doesn't bowl this good every week. One thing that makes me mad is not so much that he bowled that high I'm glad for him but that he has no backswing with his 15lb ball and basically very bad form. Anyway I'll stop ranting now.
Posted by: Atochabsh

Re: 628 series in league - 03/23/08 09:54 PM

ToasTeR, good for your friend.

Just keep getting some coaching and working on your game. There's always going to be career nights for individuals on the lanes. Let's not hope this was the one and only highlight in his bowling career.

Posted by: Dennis Michael

Re: 628 series in league - 03/23/08 11:38 PM

I averaged 190+ in high school, on the school team. The Summer after graduation, a few of us joined our first league at 18. That was the legal minimum age then for ABC, and I think it is still the minimum age for USBC sanctioned leagues.
Posted by: CoachJim

Re: 628 series in league - 03/24/08 05:53 AM

You would have to get your parents approval if you are under 18, and if that kid's parents know what's good, they will not do it.

My Brother shot 650 when he was 10 with a plastic ball, I shot 297 and 700 when I was 14 with a plastic ball, I never thought to suggest on moving up, I wasn't that delusional.

If you aren't averaging over 200 and board from lack of competition and are thinking about quitting the game if you don't get some competition then you should stay where you are. If you have a good coach that will work with you you should stick it out anyway. I charge adults, I coach kids for free, only two of them show up for the practice sessions however. It is hard to compete with xbox.
Posted by: Timotheus

Re: 628 series in league - 03/24/08 09:17 AM

If your friend has any desire to bowl in high school and college, he won't move up to an adult league. Bowling in an adult league takes away your eligibility for high school bowling and college scholarships. Or at least it did when I was younger.

Also, if you win any money in tournaments and you want to bowl in high school and college, it absolutely has to go into a scholarship fund. You will lose your eligibility if you accept it otherwise.
Posted by: ToasTeR

Re: 628 series in league - 03/25/08 05:59 PM

Wow thanks for all the input! I learned alot of stuff.