Posted by: Lance

Subbing - 01/27/08 06:11 PM

So I'm considering subbing tomorrow night on a mixed league. I know I need to get USBC sanctioned, but it seems like subbing would be a bit awkward. Any advice or general guidelines to go by for subbing? I work at the center, so I at least know whoever is working.
Posted by: Brian Longo

Re: Subbing - 01/27/08 06:27 PM

The only advice I can give you is be yourself and don't embellish anything about your abilities, etc. If someone asks how good you are, just be humble. You won't have an established average for comparison purposes, so just tell people "I'm learning" or something to that effect.

Most of all, do your best, but also enjoy yourself regardless. The best time to "seek out" future teammates is to observe bowlers and to mingle with them and get a feel for them because nothing is worse that dedicating 30+ weeks of your time and hard earned money with people you'd rather stuff into a ball return.
Posted by: Calvin Pistorio

Re: Subbing - 01/27/08 06:33 PM

Its not a case of knowing anyone that works at the center, other than if you feel like you want to talk to someone and the people you are bowling with aren't talking with you. As for the subbing part, just have it announce by the front desk that there is a sub available. Then when you bowl, know any information you need such as yearbook average if you have one(there should be a yearbook at the front desk that you can find this in), if you were sanctioned the year before your USBC id number or if you are already sanctioned for this season what league you were sanctioned in. As for the bowling itself, just do your best and have fun. I've heard where some people have used subbing opportunities to work on their game, try a new ball out or to try something they wouldn't in there regular league because it doesn't really effect them. I think thats not right because it can effect the team they are subbing on if it doesn't work. Thats just my opinion.
Posted by: Lance

Re: Subbing - 01/27/08 06:39 PM

My last average I would have would be years ago from a YABA league and that'd be oh about 30-60 pins under where I am now. I have never been USBC sanctioned, and I would try my best, b/c I don't want to screw over a team, thats not cool.
Posted by: CoachJim

Re: Subbing - 01/27/08 07:35 PM

Like Brian said don't tell them you are better than you think you are, tell them you are just learning and want to establish an average.

Lets say you feel comfortable you can shoot 160s without a problem, just try to give them 3 games in the 140s that way you have 3 consistent games that will not hurt the team you are bowling on. You have not established a handicap or average so there is no such thing as sandbagging, giving a team 3 descent scores is better than one game in the 190s and two games in the 120s, stay within what you can do and don't make mistakes or try showing off or trying to out hook someone else, just keep the ball in the pocket and make your spares the next thing you know you will have given the team you sub for 3 160+ games. If you don't take each shot one at a time and worry about your scores you will set your expectations too high and put too much pressure on your self.
Posted by: Smooth23

Re: Subbing - 01/27/08 10:08 PM

I just started subbing this year.. First couple times it was awkward, but now its like I can show up any given night of the week and be subbing with someone within 2 minutes of being announced. The thing I figure is just act like it is your own team and do your best.
Posted by: Atochabsh

Re: Subbing - 01/28/08 01:25 AM

I don't sub. Mainly because I don't want to let anyone down if I don't hit my "average". It's not like being on the same team every week. If people know you then they have expectations.

Plus none of our teams accept subs. We never take a sub. Mainly because subs are not directly invested in the team and they are leeches bowling for free. I don't agree with the premis that a sub can bowl for 21 games, free, without being on a team, and have an established average for tournament purposes. So none of our teams condone that. Another main reason is that a known bowler in the area bowled agaist us as a sub, she didn't do very well And when we were just talking after league she confessed that she was "just experimenting with different things". Well, I don't want a sub that's trying things out when they bowl for us for FREE. That's not happening. NO SUBS!!!

Posted by: Calvin Pistorio

Re: Subbing - 01/28/08 09:34 AM

Most of the time I see subs, its someone that is asked by the team or the member that is missing to come fill in the spot for a night. I have heard of the "professional" sub that will travel to different centers to try to sub, that I don't like. We picked a guy up at the beginning of the season in my Tuesday Men's league that would just show up to sub in this league and he joined the team as we need bowlers. After a month or so he would start showing up late, or not at all and would have problems if we got someone to sub for him if he was late and we didn't know what was up with him. I'm not a fan of the subs that just show up to bowl and get in the brackets. I also don't condone a sub that uses someone else's league for a sanction practice session. That can hurt the team you are bowling on in the standings. The only time I've done anything akin to subbing it was as being a roster bowler. Its normally a semi-permanent thing where I bowl a good chunk of the season because someone can't. I am currently doing that on Monday nights, it started because someone had to start working nights and now a member of the team broke his right collar bone and did something to his rotator cup.
Posted by: Lance

Re: Subbing - 01/28/08 09:48 AM

See all the leagues started last semester for me. Due to classes and marching band I couldn't join any of them. Christmas break would have also been a problem. So I figure now I can get some experience in a league. I will not be "experimenting" or anything, just trying to get a feel for leagues and get some bowling in. A USBC average would be nice as well, but it isn't what I'm persay aiming for. And like someone said, I could use it to scout out teammates for next fall when I can hopefully join a league.
Posted by: Odyssey912

Re: Subbing - 01/28/08 10:21 AM

On my Thursday league each team has their own set of subs that are allowed to bowl and they must be submitted in advance for the roster and each team can have no more than 3. This way each team has a set of subs they can trust and we won't have a sub that is in connection with another team that will throw their games to hurt someone else.

Lance - like other have mentioned, just be honest about your abilities and do the best you can. Get to know the bowlers. Now that you work there you should have no problem striking up conversation with them. Just be yourself :-)
Posted by: Smooth23

Re: Subbing - 01/28/08 10:50 AM

Lance, subbing is a great way to pick up team members. I used to only bowl league on friday, then when I stopped working nights mid season I started subbing a tuesdays and wednesdays. Ended up joining the team on tuesday that I subbed for about 4 weeks in a row. Wednesday I would have been able to join a team via my subbing for them too, cept now I have classes that night.
As for the rant about subs bowling for free, I dont see what the problem is. If I sub for your team and I carry my part of the deal, you get your point and are closer to prize money. I on the other hand will have no hand in the pot, so why should I pay unless I was getting a chunk?
Posted by: Timotheus

Re: Subbing - 01/28/08 10:59 AM

There isn't anything wrong with the subs bowling for free/being payed for by the regular team member who wasn't there, but only when asked.

The main problem comes from people who just go around looking for leagues to sub in and bowling 3, 4, 5 times a week or more without having to pay at all, then establishing an average that they can subsequently take to tournaments. Then its basically "hey, you never payed to bowl any games this year. You shouldn't be able to bowl in this tournament!" Its a big loophole that too many people take advantage of.
Posted by: General Pounder

Re: Subbing - 01/28/08 01:06 PM


Is there an alley on campus? The alley at my school had leagues that went for the semester.
Posted by: Lance

Re: Subbing - 01/28/08 02:22 PM

No on campus bowling alley. I just work at the one about 2.5 miles off campus. I wish there was a campus bowling alley...
Posted by: Brandon510

Re: Subbing - 01/28/08 04:00 PM

You can down to a league you may like that already in progress and ask if you can be floating sub and when someone needs one you can sub. I only sub when im asked to usually i go down and watch friends bowl and sometimes they maybe be missing a teammate and ask me to.

Posted by: Lance

Re: Subbing - 01/28/08 06:29 PM

I decided not to sub tonight until I get registered on my Sunday night league which I just got added to! It is 12 bucks a week, so I'm guessing its a trophy league because it is only 12 a week but I it has about 10-12 weeks left and I'll be able to get an average.
Posted by: Smooth23

Re: Subbing - 01/28/08 09:33 PM

Lance, just FYI, for every league you sub on they'll have you fill out another sanction card. Wont have to pay once you're already sanctioned but you will need to fill one out so they can add you to the league as a sub.
Posted by: kagekikr

Re: Subbing - 02/07/08 01:43 AM

Wow, I see alot of different opinions on this subject, so I'll throw mine into the ring. Substitutes are what their name implies, a substitute for the original bowler. A fill in. A sub has not made a season long committment and, aside from some "team subs" will not have his hand in the money jar at seasons end. The choice of a team to use a sub is easy, do you want to go for the given, or do you want some upside. An absent bowler will give you a solid 10 pins under average, but that sub could do worse... or they could help you win the game. Though I haven't subbed in a long time, when I was younger I worked rotating shifts and was only able to guarantee one weekly night off to bowl. Since I wanted to bowl more, and prefer league competition and lanes to open bowling, I often did the "show up at the bowling alley and look for a team" thing when I had a night off. Now, I can't speak for anyone else, but I was never looking for "free" bowling. I would always offer to pay the lineage portion and more often than not, the team would decline. I would also typically buy the team a round of drinks. As others have mentioned, subbing can be a great way to find other bowlers that you get along well with, and keep in mind for future teams. A current team mate of mine just happens to be a guy who I subbed for back inthe early 90's. Sure, there are folks that may try and use subbing for a glorified practice session, but in my experience this is the exception, not the rule. If a team decides to use the sub, they do so with the understanding that they are rolling the dice. Then again, aren't we all every time we step on the lanes? No one bowls their average EVERY game. Some are over, some are under... that's why it's called an AVERAGE. My experiences have been good ones as a sub in the past. I bowled some not so good scores, I bowled some great scores. I will tranferring to a new job soon and will eventually have to do 4 months of training in Georgia. You better believe I will have my equipment with me and I'll be at the local centers having the counter announce that there is a sub in the house. Hopefully, some team will take a chance on me...