League Stopped Due to Power Outage...

Posted by: bluesman_vt_2002

League Stopped Due to Power Outage... - 12/21/07 06:34 PM

Last night our league was stopped roughly 35 minutes into the session due to the power being compromised at the center I was bowling at, causing the lanes to be inoperable. Most teams were between the 4th and 6th frames.

Am I correct that all of the scores need to be resumed when that night is made up, under USBC Rule 106c? There were several people that said that all scores would be voided. I am not positive if there is a league rule. All scores are verified and agreed between teams.


Posted by: Calvin Pistorio

Re: League Stopped Due to Power Outage... - 12/21/07 07:10 PM

I believe the scores should resume from the point of the interruption, given that what the scores were up to that point are correct including what each person had frame by frame, ie strikes, spares etc etc. If that can't be agreed on then start over from scratch.
Posted by: ChvyKc

Re: League Stopped Due to Power Outage... - 01/08/08 10:46 AM

Were the scores recorded? If the power goes out at our lanes I am pretty sure that nobody would be able to remember exactly what their team had bowled.
Posted by: Dennis Michael

Re: League Stopped Due to Power Outage... - 01/08/08 11:08 AM

Hopefully, the scores were recorded in the House computer. Then you should start where they last recorded the scores. If not, and people cannot remember the scores, the night starts over.

Another thing to remember. If the House computer retained the scores, that is great. But, be aware of rules regarding substitutes, absentees, or alternate bowlers on the restart night.
Posted by: bluesman_vt_2002

Re: League Stopped Due to Power Outage... - 01/08/08 11:40 AM

Update on that. We arrived the other night and had a meeting and decided that rather than go through the hassle of trying to ascertain who subbed, who didn't etc. that we would start again.

It was a bummer because I was on the front 6 of the first game... Oh well, we restarted and I went spare,spare,8 bagger (I think that's a Double Hambone) for 266. So I'm rationalizing it that I went front 6, pocket 7-10.

The scores were recorded, but we all said it wasn't worth it.