in the last 2 weeks

Posted by: Arthur

in the last 2 weeks - 12/06/07 08:19 PM

I haven't posted in a while, but been trolling around in the background. last Wednesday I picked up the big 4, I cranked up and threw my spare ball at least 30 miles an hour and popped it out the back and hit the other 2. Which I thought was going to be the highlight of my league year. That was until yesterday, I started the first game with the front 5 and then it fell apart on me and i ended with a 189. I was actually pretty distraught after the first game. the 2nd game i started with the front 5 and was like damn not again. on the 6th frame the head pin scouted over and knocked out the 9 pin. I then hit the 7th 8th and 9th strikes. after each i could see more and more people pointing down towards my lanes and a small crowd forming as i was going up for the 10th frame.

I hit the first 2 strikes and go up for my 3rd i was so nervous the only thing i could think about was not throwing up. I went up and threw and hit the last one.

I've played football, baseball, basketball, and bowl anchor on another league. but never in my life have i ever been that nervous. its a real mind job for and i have no idea how i did it,

I have more respect then ever for anybody that has done it, it's a real feat not to leave the 10 pin or 9 pin in 12 balls.

Just in case your curious i struck the next 2 balls in the 3rd game and then left my first 8 pin out of 80 some odd games this year. I also use the track temper throw about 18-20mph with high revs hitting the arrows around the 18 board out to the 3-5.

a 300 and a big 4 pick up in back to back weeks its been a great 2 weeks.

and i basically just had to tell anybody that would listen.

Posted by: Silent Mike

Re: in the last 2 weeks - 12/06/07 08:56 PM

Big 4 and a 300 in back to back weeks? Talk about setting the bar high for week 3 lol Nice bowling!
Posted by: Calvin Pistorio

Re: in the last 2 weeks - 12/06/07 09:13 PM

Good rolling and congratulations.
Posted by: Dennis Michael

Re: in the last 2 weeks - 12/06/07 09:40 PM

Congrats, Arthur. A lot of bowlers know the pressure of that last ball. And, some get to feel the excitement of getting them all. You got them both.

You also did something I have never done, throw the ball 30 mph.
Posted by: Mkirchie

Re: in the last 2 weeks - 12/06/07 10:13 PM

Congrats here too. Closest I came to something remotely close like that was in my league this summer where I shot a 290, then a 300 a month later, then converted the 7-10 the month after that. Can't ever say I had a two week streak like that though!

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Re: in the last 2 weeks - 12/06/07 10:46 PM

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Re: in the last 2 weeks - 12/07/07 09:25 AM

Congrats Arthur - That's awesome
Posted by: Timotheus

Re: in the last 2 weeks - 12/07/07 09:38 AM

Awesome! Now all you need to do is pick up the 7-10!

I've never picked up the big-4 or the 7-10, though I've come close a bunch.

Huge congrats on your first ever (I assume?) 300 game! I have two (first one when I was 13, second when I was 17) and both times I was shaking so hard I'm amazed I was able to throw the ball, especially with every single person in the alley watching me! Its certainly an experience and its awesome you were able to hold yourself together.
Posted by: Arthur

Re: in the last 2 weeks - 12/08/07 01:04 AM

The funny part about throwing it 30mph is that my coach told me to do it. I'm 6'4" 300 lbs, so getting up their isnt overly difficult for me. crazy part was the sunday before that wed i left the 7 9 split and he told me with your power if you need to pick it up take your spare ball and chuck it and pray.

the first "impossible"" split i got after that was the big 4 and what do you know.

Even 2 days later i still can barley belive i bowled the 300 I've probably told 100's of people about it now and can hardly believe it my self.

I hope i don't leave the 7-10 this upcomming week but if i get it and pick it up ill probably go buy a lottery ticket
Posted by: Dennis Michael

Re: in the last 2 weeks - 12/08/07 01:58 AM

Hey man, when I bowled my first 300, I was a teen and no one in my family believed me. A couple of days later, someone else told my Dad, and he came home gleaming. That was a great moment. Gloat, you earned it.

Lottery ticket you say? Play all combinations of 4-6-7-10, 7-9, and 8-10.
Posted by: waxing bowletic

Re: in the last 2 weeks - 12/11/07 06:38 PM

hey arthur congrats, man. I too share your excitement, as the proverbial monkey is finally off my back
i shot my first 300 on 10-17-07 and man oh man was i nervous.
i had choked before, shooting anywhere from 279-298, but i knew i was rolling well that night and had a chance. I settled my hands to steady the ball, but as i did that my heart beat was in my head. my last ball saw the 4 ricochet off the wall and wipe out the 9.

yeah silent mike, another airport 300 but its my first so i'll take it(haha)
Posted by: Brian Longo

Re: in the last 2 weeks - 01/09/08 10:40 PM

Like you, Arthur, I've been trolling in the background. Haven't had a whole lot of time to do much of anything but work and look for jobs. wink Anyhow, congrats on the 300 and the Big 4 pick. smile

What caught my attention was the name of the thread. The last two weeks have been good for me. Now, I bowl once a week on Monday night where as of this past Monday I'm holding a 216 average which is in the top 10 of the league, so this is what's even better about the whole thing. Because of the holidays, we took a two week break. We bowled the Monday before Christmas Eve (17th) and just this past Monday. And Dennis, I hope you remember us talking about "clean sets" a while back because it's the theme of my post.

Well, on the 17th, I rolled a clean 680-something series. Left nothing less than an 8 count and went 7 for 7 on 10 pins (been struggling with those this year - about a 85-90% clip which is struggling for me) which was the best part about that night. Then we take 2 weeks off and this past Monday I walked in without picking up a ball since the 17th and roll a clean 704 (248-228-228). So the last 6 games have been without opens with a 2 week layoff. wink And that's, I think, the 5th or 6th 700 series I've had in 13 weeks and the 4th clean set this season. I've had only 2 sets under 600 (one was a 4-open 540 series - couldn't double to save my life and the other was a 580-something).

Mind you, I don't call the shot I bowl on difficult, but compared to Georgia, it's cake. If there's less than 2 boards to shoot at each night it's a horrible shot for everyone else. Most night's I have 3-5 to shoot at with a wall. It's sick, actually. Anyhow, just thought I'd toss in my past 2 weeks and hoping next week is much of the same (probably not, but one can hope).
Posted by: Dennis Michael

Re: in the last 2 weeks - 01/09/08 11:33 PM

Good to hear from you Brian. Sounds like bowling is going OK. What's the deal with "look for jobs"? Things not working out?
Posted by: Brian Longo

Re: in the last 2 weeks - 01/09/08 11:36 PM

Nah...I'm severely underpaid, man. I mean, I love what I do, but I'm not all for working for 66% of the pay I made in Georgia. Standard of living is substantially higher here. It's a small computer shop, and I understand the economics of a small business, but I bring the guy in good money. The least he could do is fork some of it my way, y'know?
Posted by: Dennis Michael

Re: in the last 2 weeks - 01/09/08 11:50 PM

Good luck, and don't get lost for so long. Even if your boss doesn't appreciate you, we do.
Posted by: Fin09

Re: in the last 2 weeks - 02/11/08 04:57 PM

Congratulations- the first one is always the toughest.

My first one was in 1992, when they weren't quite as common. It was in a 2nd shift league, and only half of the 40 lane center was being used. When I got up for the 10th frame, I was the only one in the building on the approach. I was as nervous on that 12th ball as I could probably ever be, but the shot seemed to throw itself.