how to read league standing sheets

Posted by: tech.007

how to read league standing sheets - 10/21/07 05:33 PM

hey! i just joined a league. Played my first games last thursday.
I want to figure out how they come up with the numbers on the standings sheet. I bowled 3 games that night with a series of 468. how come my average is 220? 220 also appears under the column ENT. Can someone help explain?
Posted by: Calvin Pistorio

Re: how to read league standing sheets - 10/21/07 05:39 PM

Welcome to the site, and to league bowling. There is plenty of knowledge and comradery (sp?) on this site so don't be afraid to ask any questions. As for your question, the ENT should stand for entering average. Your league rules might be if you have no previous average from that league, or a previous average from a league last season that you start with a 220 for so many game. I'm assuming this is a handicap league. It could just be the program they use for doing the standing sheets has that has its default and no one changed it when entering the information. Look at the actual standing sheets at league this Thursday and see what the average is. If its not a 156 which should be the average for a 468 series, find the league secretary and ask him/her about it.
Posted by: Brandon510

Re: how to read league standing sheets - 10/21/07 10:10 PM

Must be a league rule or something. Usually in my league if you dont have a book average the first night of bowling your establish one. Though some leagues it will take 9-12 games to establish a average. So probally after the third week. But yeah talk to sectary about it he can provide you with all the info and even if you dont have one get a League Rule Sheet they usually hand out in league meeting before league start. Should explain everything from fees to rules and such.
Posted by: Dennis Michael

Re: how to read league standing sheets - 10/21/07 10:55 PM

Assuming this is a handicap league, all startup bowlers will be rated at the top, or the cap that handicap is based on. The actual difference between your average and that top number will be your handicap. Often it is reduced by 10% or so, it just depends on your league rules. Your Secretary should be able to provide you with a copy, or at least allow you to read one.
Posted by: Atochabsh

Re: how to read league standing sheets - 10/21/07 11:48 PM

The league uses an entering average of 220 for those that do not have an established book. If you are in a handicap league this is kind of odd, but if its the league rules then that's that.

Most of the handicap leagues I bowl in establish average the first night or first time you bowl (if you join late).

Ask your secretary to explain the situation to you. If you joined late then you missed the beginning league meeting.

Posted by: Atochabsh

Re: how to read league standing sheets - 10/21/07 11:50 PM

One reason why a handicap league would do such a thing is to avoid "ringers". Those that start off their season at lower averages and bring them up (whether purposely or not). This kind of system eliminates that.

However, it is then clear that this league is fairly competative and cut throat. They must have had problems in the past with this or else the rule would not exist today in the league.

Posted by: tech.007

Re: how to read league standing sheets - 10/22/07 01:22 AM

Thanks for all the help explaining the league standing sheets. I joined up late and didnt know anything about how leagues are run.
I just hope to play well and have some fun.
Posted by: Brandon510

Re: how to read league standing sheets - 10/22/07 08:27 AM

I only seen 220 as entering average in tournments if you dont have a average or book average. Never seen it in league in my area. Check the league rules probally like erin said they must of had problem in the past that why they have that rule.