High Score Awards - Breaking News...

Posted by: SoCal Jeff

High Score Awards - Breaking News... - 08/04/06 03:19 PM

And I quote from www.bowl.com

"The United States Bowling Congress will no longer issue High Score awards for scores rolled during unopposed bowling sessions before or after regularly scheduled league times."

The article goes on and I don't want to take up too much space here - you can go read it.

Well I for one agree very much with this new rule thumbsup - what do all of you think???
Posted by: Angel

Re: High Score Awards - Breaking News... - 08/04/06 04:01 PM

I agree with the intention of it, but selfishly, in my program, I just hate this. I have several families that are in very set custody arrangements, and the kids are forced to bowl often two weeks at a time.

I would have much prefered the "witness" amendment, but I realize that has issues with it as well.

Will the rule benefit more than the few it will hurt? I know it will, but I will be the one that has to break the bad news to the kids that already seem to have it pretty tough.
Posted by: SoCal Jeff

Re: High Score Awards - Breaking News... - 08/04/06 04:55 PM


Ok you just showed me a side I had not considered. I see where that situation is a shame. Now I went back to bowl.com and it list the following as the awards that have to be done during regular league play:

The following USBC High Score awards will not be offered if rolled in unopposed pre- or post-bowled sessions:

11 strikes in a row
298, 299 and 300 games
800-900 three-game series
National high series
National team high game
National team high series
Baker 300 game
Merit awards

Are the Merit awards the youth awards like X # of pins over average, etc... or can thoses still be won during pre-bowl and make-ups?

I couldn't find the definition on the website.
Posted by: Angel

Re: High Score Awards - Breaking News... - 08/04/06 06:27 PM

Per the Q&A question 10 on http://www.bowl.com/articleView.aspx?i=12086&f=1

which reads:
10. Will individuals receive any USBC awards when pre- or post-bowling unopposed?
Yes, average-based single game and series awards and those listed in USBC Rule 52a will be issued for accomplishments. Pictures of these awards can be found in the Special Achievement awards section in the center of the USBC Playing Rules book and the Awards link on bowl.com.

***The new rule book rule can be accessed here:


but for those curious, the 52a awards are 7-10 conversion, big 4 conversion, triplicate, Dutch 200, and all spare game.
Posted by: Atochabsh

Re: High Score Awards - Breaking News... - 08/04/06 09:20 PM

I am in favor of this rule. There's just too much room for manipulation prior. And getting an honor score should be done during league play, in league atmosphere with lane transision and diversions that go with league play.

I understand Angel's situation. But if the kids cannot get to league each week, then its a great boon that they get to make up the missing week at all. We have some Jr bowlers that have earned honor awards through pre bowling here too. I just feel that if you earn the award it should be in a league environment that's the whole point of honor scores. You don't get them for open bowling even if you are sanctioned and in a certified house....you have to be in league and bowling in league. Otherwise, you might as well give out awards for open play too.