Our Bowling Ally is now Chuckie Cheese

Posted by: Dennis Michael

Our Bowling Ally is now Chuckie Cheese - 11/17/19 01:00 PM

Since the buyout of Brunswick by Bowlmor, our center has had a radical change. Multi colored arrows painted on the walls. Bright lettering painted. Words like WOW on the walls too. All in reflective paint that glow under black lights.

The ceiling flourescent lights have red plastic film to change the color to red. So its dark in the settee area and walkway. I haven't seen them work, but there are movie screens and projectors mounted to the ceiling and lighting fixtures for flashing lights.

Operating hours are now 4 pm to midnight with a short staff. Counter persons also fix any machine trouble, so the counter is left open. Oiling is sporatic and only for leagues. If no leagues that night, no oil.

5 years ago, this center installed new lanes and machines with down lane range finder marks. With the dim lighting, you can't even see them.

To me, it's impossible to bowl there in leagues, let alone practice.
Posted by: djp1080

Re: Our Bowling Ally is now Chuckie Cheese - 11/18/19 07:59 PM

Gosh! I haven't been to Chuckie Cheese in a long, long time. My daughter had a birthday party there once. My mom was still alive back then and we had a fun time.
Got back to back 600's the last two weeks in our senior league. I'm pumped. Hope I can continue. Been using the Storm Crux Prime ball which I've taken from 2000 grit to 4000 grit and it seems to work pretty well. Tried and tried to get it to work for me without success. Now I'm liking it. Get hold to the left and it comes off the dry well to bring the ball back when I leak it out too far... smile