2019 Summer Leagues

Posted by: Richie V.

2019 Summer Leagues - 05/13/19 11:30 AM

Our summer leagues are either about to or have already started. I won't be in one unless someone asks me to sub, but I'll be reading this thread to get a sense of how the rest of you are doing.
Posted by: Dennis Michael

Re: 2019 Summer Leagues - 05/17/19 09:17 PM

Started my attempt for a come back Wed. Got on a good team of friends. Should be fun and they are the kind who could help me.

Well, plenty of timing issues. noticed bad releases too. Speed was very slow, about 12 mph. Spare shooting on right side was poor, missed 4 10 pins, all to the left as my spare ball hooked

I grabbed an older ball to take, Hammer Nasty. went early and had it refinished at the pro shop. It fits really well and was comfy. Gave me confidence.

The lanes were a little snappy and this ball snaps. I got thru the nite with a 16+, 17+ and low 200. But, 3 opens in each game really hurt, 4 10 pins and couple splits.

I finally got the timing down by game 3 with 2 turkeys in the game.

It will come, but slowly.

The big thing was, I didn't get tired or winded after my heart attack. I start Cardiac Physical Therapy on Monday. It can only get better.

Crossing fingers.
Posted by: wronghander

Re: 2019 Summer Leagues - 05/31/19 08:12 PM

Welcome back Dennis.

Bowling 1 league this summer on Monday nights. We started a few weeks ago but only bowled 1 week so far due to being at Nationals last week and the league deciding to take off the Memorial Day holiday.

It's on the White #2 pattern so a bit more of a challenge. However I found the line right away and started with a 248 out of the game but came crashing down after that with games of 177 and 167. I was tired and just didn't make good shots so I expect to do better in the coming weeks.

Did get a chance to sub in a regular house shot league on Wednesday night. First time bowling since I came back from nationals and was feeling a little sluggish (missed 3 spares including 2 single pins) but still shot 211, 246, 236. Really happy with a 693 on a night when I didn't have my best.
Posted by: wronghander

Re: 2019 Summer Leagues - 06/17/19 10:58 PM

Last 3 weeks: 549, 499, 503. Absolute for ball reaction. Last week had the left side to myself, this week had 3 other lefties.

Still in over/under hell. Have to hit a dime at 60 feet to strike. No hold at all. Throw it too slow or miss a hair inside and it's going right through the nose. Doesn't matter that I'm throwing pin down equipment either. It can't wait to jump off the pattern. Throw it too fast or miss outside I'm looking at a washout a lot of the time. Frustrating.

Think next week I am going try bowling without my wrist brace. That should reduce my tilt to about 3 degrees which hopefully will control the back end reaction.
Posted by: wronghander

Re: 2019 Summer Leagues - 06/25/19 12:07 AM

Had a practice session on Thursday on the house shot. Decided instead of not using any kind of wrist support to use the Master Wrister I had in my bad and to throw a suitcase release. The goal was to leave flat 7 pins and I had a pretty good practice doing that.

Tonight on the lanes 202, 214, 277 for 693. Almost a 200 pin improvement and upped my average from 178 to 189. Still a tough shot with very little room for error but my ball motion was much more controllable and was leaving makeable spares (had only 1 open). It felt like the 3rd game it opened up a tad (even being alone on the left side tonight) and I took full advantage. Threw 11 good shots, had the front 7 before a 6 pin in the 8th (which I still liked off my hand). Pulled the last one in the 12th to come short of 279 but right now my 277 is the high game in the league so I'll take it.
Posted by: Dennis Michael

Re: 2019 Summer Leagues - 06/25/19 08:52 PM

I've taken my wrist support off this summer. I felt the wrister turned my hand in at the downswing. I feel, I am right in that.

Without the wrister, I can actually feel my release and change it when I have to. I have found more revs and control.

Today, 206, 243, 275. I guess it works.
Posted by: wronghander

Re: 2019 Summer Leagues - 06/27/19 12:17 AM

Wow, great bowling Dennis. Nicely done.

I think you make a good point about not using the wrist device and I'm going to ween myself off of the Powrkoil. I still feel I need some support but the wrister is so much less restrictive and when I was practicing with it I did feel my hand coming around the ball.

Ended up using the Powrkoil tonight though, subbing on China. It's a $$$ league and didn't want to use it as a practice session since the team was depending on me. But wow did it feel like it was stupid easy compared to my challenge shot league. Had shots that I did not like that struck anyway, lol. Went 253, 228, 225. I think the other 2 lefties on the pair created some carry down and if I had brought my Hydra might have fared even better in the last 2 games, but mostly stayed on top of it and helped the team sweep our opponents.

Posted by: Dennis Michael

Re: 2019 Summer Leagues - 06/27/19 10:05 PM

This is why I am surprised by bowling. Wed nite, I didn't break 180.

Well, diff house and harder shot. But, it was me, not the shot.
Posted by: wronghander

Re: 2019 Summer Leagues - 07/04/19 12:17 AM

Similar situation for me. Monday night the shot played tighter but I didn't feel that I was bowling that well either until the 3rd game. 172, 162, 216 to squeak out a 550. Didn't have a strike until the 3rd frame of game 2. Team got clobbered by a low average team who the pattern doesn't really matter much to anyway. Proud of myself for hanging in there and putting a strong 3rd game together.

Tonight I was asked to sub again and went in expecting to kill it on the house shot as was the case last week. Couldn't have gotten off to a worse start. 161 first game. My teammate noticed that I wasn't throwing the ball as well as the week before. Not only was I throwing the ball wrong but I was throwing the wrong ball as well. But got it together in the 2nd game, got my Ridiculous Asym and went 247. Had a chance in the 3rd game to strike out again to be in the 240s but pulled one in the 9th , left a baby split and got too much of the 2 pin. Doubled in the 10th for 214 but a 622 series was disappointing.

But on the other hand I got zero practice in last week and I'll get zero in this week. Too much stuff going on and just don't have the time to do it. So effectively the subbing was my "practice" but can't really work on the stuff I need to work on when I am bowling for score.
Posted by: champ

Re: 2019 Summer Leagues - 07/09/19 12:23 AM

I subbed in league tonight. First night league bowling since May 2018. I took in a brand new Hammer Purple Pearl Urethane in a see-saw in one hand, and my shoes in the other hand.

202, 226, and 218 for 646. One open each game. Good to see some old friends. Convinced a few people the Purple Hammer is a miracle, so the pro shop guy is going to be happy with me this week.

Review of the Purple Hammer...wow! If you like urethane, and you haven't tried one, you have to. Urethane isn't for everyone, but its helped me a lot in the one local house I have to bowl in. I'm speed dominant with a rolly release. With reactive I tend to struggle with over/under and carry that isn't up to par with a high scoring pace. With urethane, I just have to put enough surface on the ball and let it rip up the 5 board. It will hook. Just have to remember to hit up on it if you want to carry the 10. Tonight I managed that decently well.
Posted by: wronghander

Re: 2019 Summer Leagues - 07/15/19 11:07 PM

Good stuff Champ. As much as I was frustrated about my lefty partner for using urethane at Nationals I'm considering pulling the trigger and getting one myself (although I am the only lefty on my team FWIW). Just frustrated with the shot on this Monday night league. Went 550, 554 the last 2 weeks and tonight squeaked out a 600 (178, 212, 210). Not bad but expected higher with how well I bowled tonight. Have zero hold and I feel like I have to throw it perfectly (release, speed, line, etc) to strike. Did do that on a lot of shots but had a fair number of splits as well with quite a few of them coming on shots that I really liked off my hand. All of my opens came on splits so my spare shooting was on point as well.
Posted by: champ

Re: 2019 Summer Leagues - 07/22/19 12:44 AM

Originally Posted By: wronghander
Good stuff Champ. As much as I was frustrated about my lefty partner for using urethane at Nationals I'm considering pulling the trigger and getting one myself

The guys I bowl with all love urethane. Two of them have been doubles partners since the early 80s. One only owns a Black Hammer from 1982, another has a Blue, Blue Pearl, and Burgundy. They love to talk about how much they love urethane. I've been listening to it so long, when I finally got one, it was like joining the club.

I haven't had a chance to use it again on a fresh shot, but I've gone practicing again twice, and I've been very impressed. The biggest issue is 10 pin carry. I have to hit up on it. If I miss one at the bottom, it won't carry.

But over/under hasn't been an issue. No strange leaves and very few balls that end up as less than a 9 count. The motion is so consistent, you have to throw it really badly to get a weird result. Throw it good and its just a matter of carry.

I'm really happy with mine. I've been able to play it up the three board, and a fall-back shot crossing fifth arrow. Two extremes I've never even tried with reactive. Being that I don't bowl much anymore, and I'm not that worried about score, its been a fun experience.
Posted by: wronghander

Re: 2019 Summer Leagues - 07/30/19 12:17 AM

Thanks Champ that is good info. I hope to be able to talk to my PSO this weekend about it. I have more rotation now and even my pin down balls have a jerk-snap reaction for me. So even on the house shot I think a urethane could work for me. I tried changing my release but I don't really want to have to throw it worse to get the ball to react differently.

Tonight actually got off to a great start with the front 6, throwing my pin down Ridiculous Asym. Played up 10, finished that game with 255 and followed it up with 220. 3rd game however was a disaster, 172. My line went away and moving in just made matters worse cause I could not find any kind of hold to avoid the ball going high. If I moved outside the ball would whiff the headpin. Toward the end I figured out I had to move outside AND point it at the pocket but carry was inconsistent. I think this is where a urethane would have helped me stay in the pocket the 3rd game.

Team took 21 out of 26 though and my average went up 3 pins to 192 so going in the right direction anyway.
Posted by: Dennis Michael

Re: 2019 Summer Leagues - 08/02/19 09:09 AM

week 12 of 15 ended Wed with us tied for first in our division. There are 4 divisions in this 32 team league. And, the top 2 of each division advance to the playoffs. Both of us are 10 points ahead of the next highest point total team, in any division.

There is no rule about prebowling, and one of our players has taken full advantage of that. He has missed 7 of the 12 weeks, and has averaged over 230 doing it. That's 20 over his normal league average.

It has not been unusual to see 3 of our 4 shoot over 700 on the night. The shot is not easier in Summer, but they do use a different viscosity oil because of humidity. Very surprised this could be the difference.

BTW, I'm having the best success with my old Lane Master particle Urethane ball. I think it's because it fits so well. Damn, and that ball driller retired a couple of years ago.

Had the front 5 in game 2 and a four bagger in each other game. All runs stopped by a solid 9 pin.
Posted by: djp1080

Re: 2019 Summer Leagues - 08/02/19 02:17 PM

Happy for you Dennis. Sounds like you're kicking pretty well.
Posted by: wronghander

Re: 2019 Summer Leagues - 08/05/19 11:00 PM

Good bowling Dennis. FWIW I really dislike prebowling and I think people abuse it. My leagues don't allow individual prebowling at all and I think that's the way it should be for all leagues. Can prebowl as a team if you can't field a legal lineup, that's it.

Did see my PSO over the weekend and discussed getting a urethane ball but he said I would not like my carry and we decided to go with a mild reactive ball (Motiv Freestyle) with a tame drilling. Also found out that I had lowered my track and my PAP went from 5 left, 1 up to 4 1/8 left, 1/2 up. So quite a difference and no wonder even my pin down balls were jumping off the spot.

However the Freestyle never left my bag tonight, didn't need it. Shot was definitely not the same with a lot more oil in the middle. Got off to a slow start with 183 but came back with 223, 220 to end the night. Still couldn't miss outside but got away with a few tugs. 3 more weeks of this and then back to the house shot.
Posted by: wronghander

Re: 2019 Summer Leagues - 08/12/19 11:22 PM

Bowled pretty well tonight: 226, 206, 200. Average went up to 195 and after struggling the first half of the summer I've been consistently breaking 600 on a tough shot. Throwing it really good right now plus my accuracy is back to where it needs to be for the most part. Unfortunately our team got smoked and only took 3.5 points tonight and dropped from 4th to 7th but got 2 weeks left to see what we can do.
Posted by: Dennis Michael

Re: 2019 Summer Leagues - 08/13/19 07:38 PM

Originally Posted By: djp1080
Happy for you Dennis. Sounds like you're kicking pretty well.

Actually, I'm sliding. Physical therapy must be working. I can bend my knee and hold my balance.
Posted by: djp1080

Re: 2019 Summer Leagues - 08/14/19 12:52 PM

I'm not bowling right now. Had a bicycle mishap about 2 weeks ago and fell on my left knee (slide leg). Got back home on the bike which probably made things worse, not sure. Was stiff after that and had no swelling the first day. Slept okay. Ended up with much discomfort and decided to take Aleve to see if that would help. Had a hell of a time going up and down stairs. Could hardly bend my knee.
After a week and a half I'm doing better. Walked a mile and a half yesterday and I intend on trying to bowl next week.
Can bend my knee fully again and doing better with the stairs. Hope I can roll a ball okay next... smile
Posted by: Dennis Michael

Re: 2019 Summer Leagues - 08/15/19 08:37 AM

Hope so too, djp. It's rough not being able to fully use your left knee.

Payoff last nite. We were 6 down, in 2nd, and 7 ahead of 3rd. We needed to win 1 game to move into rolloff, top 2 in each Division.

Botton line, I sucked. After PT in morning, my legs felt like rubber. And, the lanes were really snappy, especially on the back end.

I had 8 splits, not able to get the ball out far enough or lessen my release. And, missed 5 makable spares, all 10 pins, hooking to the left with my spare ball. Just a horrible night and an important one.

We lost all 3 games. Not able to secure a rolloff place as the 3rd place team won all 7 points for a tie.

We had a 1-game rolloff after and lost that too. So, we finished by losing our final 7 games, falling out of first place in our division to 3rd.

I feel I caused it, or at least part of our downfall. Left with my head hanging low. Pretty dejected.