Honor Scores Not Received By USBC

Posted by: Mkirchie

Honor Scores Not Received By USBC - 01/09/18 08:14 PM

Earlier this season I shot 300 games in October and November. I had been checking my records on bowl.com and they were not posted yet. I decided to e-mail bowl.com today and they responded that they had no record of them and that I should talk to the secretary or the association manager. I wanted to check with the USBC first since I didn't want to seem like I was being rude or accusatory to our league secretary. However, I would like if my achievements are accurately recorded. I plan on asking for a polite status update from the secretary. Additionally, who is responsible for submitting the scores to the USBC? I filled out and signed forms for both games which were given to the secretary. Does anyone have advice or input that they could share, I've never had to address this before.

Posted by: Dennis Michael

Re: Honor Scores Not Received By USBC - 01/10/18 05:03 AM

It happened to me about 5-6 years ago. Turned out, the league secretary didn't mail any achievements in to the association. Course, he blamed the house. Said he gave the forms to them. And they lost them. Well, he didn't. Finally, after other phone calls to the association, a rep came to the lanes and read the secretary the riot act in a captains meeting.

Turned out, he misplaced some, (how about ALL). And, once they were filled out again, all awards were received. I know, because that was my last 300 in the missing pile.

PS: The Secretary was removed at the urging of the association. He quit the league and was never seen again. The Association had the House verify any possible honor score by going back thru the weekly league records. They were approved by the President, and turned in. The President had to canvass every team for info, and prepared a list to the house to verify. Over 20 honors were not submitted.
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Re: Honor Scores Not Received By USBC - 01/10/18 08:04 AM

Dennis, that's exactly the type of situation that concerns me. When I look up my member history on Bowl.com, it says that the application and money for my membership card was submitted to the USBC on December 1st of 2017. I just got my permanent card in the mail 2 weeks ago. Since I filled out the application for my membership and turned in money on September 1st of 2017, I am suspicious about how quickly stuff ends up being sent into the USBC. This is not the first time I have received my permanent card this late. I am also wondering if the late submission has held up anything, but I doubt that.

Our secretary is someone who is friends with nearly everyone in the league, that's why I am cautious of how to approach the issue that responsibilities might not be completed as they should. We use leaguesecretary, however recap sheets have not been posted online since January of last year. I don't know if it is better to address our secretary in person or to e-mail/call the association manager.

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Re: Honor Scores Not Received By USBC - 01/10/18 10:08 AM

Forget the friendship Crap. In most cases, the Secr and Treas are receiving compensation to perform a job. If it is not done properly, on time, or at all, they have to be replaced.

I went directly at the Secretary and asked him, armed with ammo that the Assoc did not receive the form. I knew a couple of others who were expecting an award and we 3 went at him together.

He was the Secy/Teaes, so he held both jobs. We also found that he did not have a bank account in the league name, and he chose to not have the House provide banking either. An account was in his own name, only. The Assoc threatened legal action on that.

Finally, he never relinquished the funds to the President as instructed, and in a month, the league ended. On the final payout night, no one received any payout, as he still held the account. The President told us all to return the following week, where our money would be ready. On that night, we found the Secy/Treas writing checks out of a checkbook for the total payout for each team. Our team got 1 check, written to the Captain, which had to be cashed by him and divided among team members later.

The Pres and VP both resigned afterward.

The Pres did get diagnosed with cancer and was absent alot then (excused). But, the VP never did anything in his absence.

It was a 26 team, 4-man, men's league.
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Re: Honor Scores Not Received By USBC - 01/10/18 01:19 PM

My best bowling buddy shot his first 300 in February of 2016. Months went by and it was never posted. He asked everyone he could think of for help, but never got anywhere.

He shot a second 300 ten months later, in December 2016, and BOTH 300s were posted on bowl.com on the same day a few weeks later.

His original paperwork was sitting on someone's desk, and no one could seem to find it until another application came flowing through the stream.

They also sent him two 300 rings, in the same package. Part of me wants to think it was a s"sorry we messed up, have two rings" but I believe in reality it was just another mistake on their behalf.
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Re: Honor Scores Not Received By USBC - 01/10/18 02:34 PM

I would be extremely annoyed if it was my first one and I waited that long, asked for assistance, and didn't receive any. I'm likely going to e-mail my association manager later today and see if they can provide any updates (or tell me if they received them or not.)

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Re: Honor Scores Not Received By USBC - 02/04/18 02:12 PM

The week after I posted my original post, I asked our secretary and I was told that it was sent to the association and the association is not sending in anything to the USBC until more towards the end of the season. That didn't sound right to me, but I didn't challenge it at that time as I figured it could easily be disproved.

The Friday before last, a bowler I've known for quite a while (and involved in the local association) was subbing in the other Friday night league in the center and shot 300 with an 810 for the night. He subbed for our anchor Friday night and while talking with him, he showed me the e-mails he already got from the USBC only 1 week later. After hearing that I brought my issue up with him and he told me that our association is extremely quick on sending in honor scores to the USBC.

I brought this up with our league president at the end of the night before I directly contact the association. I would have been fine if I had received an honest answer when I asked the secretary. Not doing it and trying to pass the blame/lying is pretty bad.

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Re: Honor Scores Not Received By USBC - 02/10/18 08:44 AM

Mark I had the same to me. Filled out the form. Even a note on form had to be filled out within 20 days. After 5 months emailed USBC they did not receive. Then went to the association did not receive. I had an 800 series in August 2013. He said it should be in. When I bowled next I asked the Secretary said she sent. Back to the association . Now he had a STACK in from of him that the secretary turned in. He said he had one for 299 that I bowled in January 2014 but not a 800 series. The association looked back did not have my application it apparently got lost. The association president looked back seen where I bowled an 800 series. I filled out a form and sent to him directly where he processed and I got credit for the 800 and an 11 in a row. So the secretary of the league failed to turn in and was mad at me for going to the association. Now it really don't matter except for getting it on your USBC record. Back then it was for a ring and trophy.
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Re: Honor Scores Not Received By USBC - 02/10/18 10:54 AM

Almost a month ago, we had two other 300's in our league on the same night. Theirs have not appeared on bowl.com yet and one was a first 300 entitled for an award and the other was their second and first one since 2004. I hope that their scores might have provided some motivation.