Summer Leagues 2017 thread

Posted by: Richie V.

Summer Leagues 2017 thread - 05/12/17 02:34 PM

Someone has to get the summer league thread started. smile

I'm likely only subbing on Wed. night again, if that, but let us know about your summer plans, or update us if your summer league(s) have already started.
Posted by: goobee

Re: Summer Leagues 2017 thread - 05/12/17 04:59 PM

I'm joining a new league at a different house this summer. Start date is June 11. I may replace my current winter league with this one if it works out. Only thing, it's Sundays at 5:00PM. Not sure if I like that time, summer league will decide for me.
Posted by: BOSStull

Re: Summer Leagues 2017 thread - 05/13/17 10:33 AM

Only doing one this summer. I had 2 in the spring different houses.I was told Lilburn Zone was a higher average house and you won't average the same here at Stars and Strikes. They were right I was a pin higher at SS. So back to Lilburn.
Posted by: champ

Re: Summer Leagues 2017 thread - 05/13/17 11:30 AM

I am somewhat begrudgingly bowling a summer league at the abysmal bowling center in a casino near me. A very good family friend asked me to be on his team, and I couldn't turn him down.

Two weeks in I've shot 641 and 592. We'll see how it goes from here.
Posted by: wronghander

Re: Summer Leagues 2017 thread - 05/15/17 12:12 AM

Originally Posted By: goobee
I'm joining a new league at a different house this summer. Start date is June 11. I may replace my current winter league with this one if it works out. Only thing, it's Sundays at 5:00PM. Not sure if I like that time, summer league will decide for me.

I have been bowling on Sunday nights the last 2 years and really enjoy it. One advantage is no traffic on the way to bowling and with an earlier start time you're out earlier as well. Does kind of stink during football season though.

My summer plans are up in the air at the moment and may result in me taking the summer off from league bowling unfortunately. Want to keep bowling but with my home center closing and my work schedule preventing me from bowling most nights it's going to be difficult. There's a center near me that has a league I can get in but it would be unsanctioned so I'm not sure I want to do that. I'll figure it out once I get back from nationals I guess.

Either way I won't be taking the summer off from bowling. I purchased a summer pass from Brunswick Zone and will be practicing at least 2-3x per week as well as continuing to take lessons. Hoping to bowl a couple of tournaments as well and be ready to go when the fall season starts.
Posted by: champ

Re: Summer Leagues 2017 thread - 06/03/17 07:33 PM

I'm having a decent summer so far. I've had sets of 647, 592, 614, 674, and 655 for a 212 average after 15 games.

About two months ago I found a nagging error in my game. With that ironed out I'm executing as good as I was a few years ago when I was at my best. I haven't felt this good/confident bowling in about five years. Big scores haven't really come yet, but I know they're on the way. I can feel it.

Oh and I'm throwing a Green Quantum that I absolutely love. Smooth, strong, no roll out, and awesome loud carry. Go get one.
Posted by: wronghander

Re: Summer Leagues 2017 thread - 06/03/17 08:22 PM

Aren't you glad you got talked into bowling this summer? Keep at it.
Posted by: Dennis Michael

Re: Summer Leagues 2017 thread - 06/04/17 02:17 PM

I'm bowling in 2 leagues over Summer.
One at regular house and averaging the same, ~ 194.
And, at another house with a definite bank shot. Just roll the ball out easy, and it comes back. Averaging 212 there.

Has to be lane condition for the difference.

Can't use my heavy oil ball on either shot. Use my Black diamond at regular house and a highly polished pearl at the easy house. I tried the pearl at the regular house. It just slid.
Posted by: goobee

Re: Summer Leagues 2017 thread - 06/12/17 09:50 PM

I started bowling the new league yesterday. Wow is all I can say. For the past 3 seasons, I've been bowling in a fairly competitive Vegas league where people took things sometimes a bit too seriously. The lanes weren't easy but if you shot well occasionally, some people would started alleging sandbagging.

This new league is like a beginner's league where the majority of bowlers skill level is way down. The house shot is set up super easy, toss it around 10 board and the ball walks into the pocket.

I'm glad I decided to try it out for the short summer. I can't do this league for the long haul, it will ruin my game.
Posted by: goobee

Re: Summer Leagues 2017 thread - 06/19/17 02:02 AM

The lanes weren't hard again tonight, I shot a 7 series.

255, 224, 237 (716).

The highlight of the night was going 30 clean. I had one challenging spare to make, the 9-10. I aimed for a wide 10-pin shot to pick it up.
Posted by: wronghander

Re: Summer Leagues 2017 thread - 06/22/17 12:27 AM

Congrats on the 7 and 30 clean. It's one thing to get easy lane conditions but it's another to take full advantage of it.

Got a chance to sub tonight at a center that I haven't bowled league at in two seasons. Coming back to it from a center where they try to at least make it a little challenging I could definitely tell the difference. Super duper hold, didn't have to put extra mustard on it to strike, and didn't have to adjust my line during the 3 games with the exception of moving my target closer when I started leaving ringing 7s. Didn't get a chance to warm up so got off to a bit of a slow start, but salvaged a 192 in the first game and then shot 257 clean and 234 with 1 open (on a terrible shot that I pulled badly) to finish with 682.

Fortunately got a temporary change in my work schedule which takes me through the end of summer so I'm available to bowl during the week now. I was able to find a Tuesday night team with a vacancy (that also happens to be in first place 3 weeks in, yay) so I'll be bowling with them starting next week while being on the sub list for Wednesday. A lot more fun than taking a lane by myself although I am still making use of the summer pass.
Posted by: goobee

Re: Summer Leagues 2017 thread - 06/22/17 09:46 PM

Thanks wronghander. I think I've only subbed 3 times during the past few years. Whether real or not, I think there is an expectation by a team that a sub should bowl well. The added pressure on myself to perform makes it not fun for me.
Posted by: rrb6699 (RayRay)

Re: Summer Leagues 2017 thread - 06/24/17 11:46 PM

want to hear an interesting night of bowling? I'm subbing for a bowler having an elbow operation for the next 3 weeks on Wednesdays.

So last Wednesday warm-ups go well. seems to be an ok shot. They have me at leadoff so I bowl my first ball and it's a 9 spare no problem. Second ball Big Four. I convert it by sliding the six into the 4 which topples the seven.

The rest of the game is a grind out 190 something. My timing doesn't seem to be very good but my new spare ball looking good so far!

Second game spare turkey 4-6 split. I slide the six into the four like it's nothing! then I leave a pocket 4,7,10. I slide the 4 right into the 10!

I'm clean thru 2 and converted 3 major splits. so I leave a 2, 10 tryin to stay light. yep, those are easy. converted that and a 3,10 by the 6th frame. 7th frame 4, 9. no problem again. almost missed it in front of the 9.

wonder what would have happened if I left a 7, 10?

next day I go practice and leave a big 4. sorry didn't convert it. I slid the six into the 4 it fell and wobbled the 7 almost enough for it to fall.

I know its not historical or anything but, I wonder how many people have converted the big 4 and a 4, 6 in the same 3 game series?

I haven't made the big 4 since who knows when. years ago, but almost twice in the same week and actually did make the 4, 6 three times this week in those splits. new spare ball. I did go 30 clean but it was definitely interesting.
Posted by: Richie V.

Re: Summer Leagues 2017 thread - 06/25/17 11:17 AM

Nice, RayRay. I think the toughest split I've ever picked up was the 4-6-7 (right-handed), and that during warm-up. Went to get the two, turned back, and had a teammate point out to me that I managed to get the 6, too. When it actually counted, I converted the 4-6-7-9 this year for the first time.
Posted by: goobee

Re: Summer Leagues 2017 thread - 07/11/17 12:50 PM

Through 5 weeks, my grossly inflated average is 207.

I had a rude awakening last Saturday when I bowled the Glenn Allison tournament. In 4 games, I didn't break 200 once.

Sunday, I bowled a 655 easily in league. I cannot wait for this league to end. It's definitely hurting my game.
Posted by: wronghander

Re: Summer Leagues 2017 thread - 07/15/17 06:00 PM

I'm getting frustrated with house shots as well but for a little bit different reason. Having a hard time finding a line that allows me to get good consistent carry.

I actually bowled 4 nights in a row this week (subbing on Wednesday and Thursday) and after bowling an 834 for 4 Monday on Kegel Chichen Itza I was really looking forward to the rest of the week. But it was downhill from there. Tuesday shot 646 (only 1 pin higher than my last 3 games on Monday), only 610 on Wednesday, and a disappointing 576 on Thursday.

Just having a real hard time on the house shot getting consistently to the pocket and carrying well. I play the outside line the ball wants to immediately take off when it hits the dry. I move in, I start leaving flat 7s. I play the oil line around 10 and it works for a little bit but get badly punished with splits when I miss slightly inside or when the lanes change. Understandable on a sport shot but not a shot that's supposed to be easy. Ball changes don't do much for me either. Still shooing ok scores I suppose but when I see other people shooting telephone numbers I am unsatisfied with my results.

Talked about it last week with my pro shop guy and he recommended the Brunswick BTU Pearl for the conditions I'm facing so I can stay outside and have something that's not going to over react off the dry, but he won't have it for me for another week. Hoping that helps, but for now at least my sport shot results are showing me that my game is improving.
Posted by: goobee

Re: Summer Leagues 2017 thread - 07/17/17 03:35 PM

The BTU is supposed to react similar to a urethane with reactive resin performance. It could work for you, keep us posted.

I bought a similar ball made by Blend10, the OSW which is designed to roll smoothly and not over react off the dry.
Posted by: Dennis Michael

Re: Summer Leagues 2017 thread - 07/18/17 09:55 AM

I don't remember which it is. But, there was a Sport pattern that skewed the oil to the right side because of heavier use. The left side had less volume and thinner spread.

Can you help me with that?
Posted by: Dennis Michael

Re: Summer Leagues 2017 thread - 07/19/17 05:33 AM

My team had 1 bad week all Summer, lost all 3.

because of that, we are chasing one team, 2 points ahead.

Won all 7 again yesterday.

So far, there are 2 teams and far behind are the other 12. We are 2 points apart, and have a lead of 12 on team in third.

I use this easier house shot to practice. My regular league in a diff house, on Wed nite has seen beneficial results. We have a 12 point lead in that league, in our division. Rolloffs in 2 weeks. 4 divisions of 8 teams each. Top 4 rolloff. Could be a $200 payout for each for the Summer if we win.
Posted by: Fin09

Re: Summer Leagues 2017 thread - 07/22/17 04:58 PM

7 weeks into my normal summer league- I've bowled 5 of those weeks so far. Trying to work on not accelerating my follow through as much and not turning the ball early. Going pretty well so far- I did have a week that I just couldn't relax enough to do either of those very well, but even that week I shot a 630 something. I had one of those weeks where I have the wrong ball in your hand for the first game because it's a ball I have had a lot of success with. I threw my Rocket Ship the first game, shoot 208, change to my Code Black, which has gotten very little use, and shoot 300-267 with it, including a missed 10 pin in game 3, so I threw 23 out of my last 24. Curious to see what may have happened had I thrown that ball from the start. Oh, well. I'll take it. 243 after the halfway point in the league.
Posted by: rrb6699 (RayRay)

Re: Summer Leagues 2017 thread - 07/22/17 11:54 PM

I'd like to ask what you think makes your shotmaking consistency so high. do you key on certain things like release point in your swing/delivery? Is there a special fit or feel that allows you to eliminate release inconsistency?

just curious what you key on each pre-shot and delivery. do u area, line or target bowl?

keep up the good bowling!
Posted by: wronghander

Re: Summer Leagues 2017 thread - 07/24/17 10:15 PM

I'm curious to know this as well. Fin is a machine week over week.

Bowling in a challenge league on Monday nights. Unsanctioned but they've been putting down sport patterns including 1:1 Red Square last week. Tonight they put out something a little friendlier. The shot was Kegel Big Ben, a 7.33:1 recreation pattern. I ate it up with scores of 234, 246, 254, and 233 for 967. My best bowling all season.

Over the weekend I went to see my driller to pick up my Fanatic BTU Pearl and told him what I was looking for (basically something that will let me stay to the outside on house shots). He discouraged me from trying to play that line on a house shot and instead took me out to the lanes and helped me get some rotation so I could carry out the corners while playing 10. Used that tonight and worked out great. Carry percentage was very good and left only a couple of 7 pins on a few operator errors on my part.

Last game started to get a little tired and after a mid-game open I was at a <200 pace. Dug deep and found a late 4-bagger and 9 on the final ball to finish with the 233. Now I'll see if I can translate this success to my house shot league tomorrow night.
Posted by: Mkirchie

Re: Summer Leagues 2017 thread - 07/25/17 07:32 AM

Originally Posted By: wronghander
He discouraged me from trying to play that line on a house shot

I would tend to agree with him. If I am practicing and shooting well with stronger equipment on inside lines I would use in league, I will switch to something weaker and try to play outside of the river of oil. I can find a line straight up 6 to get me to the pocket nicely, but I have almost no room for error unless I pull it 2 boards and catch the river where it holds line to the pocket. If I miss right, it labors coming back. If I get fast or slow, it is magnified by the low volume flat oil outside of 8. I like it for practice because it ends up playing like a flat pattern.

Posted by: Dennis Michael

Re: Summer Leagues 2017 thread - 07/25/17 09:05 AM

Good suggestion, Mark. I agree also.

But, at my slower speed now, an outside line is even more disturbed by lack of speed. Medium and heavier balls overreact or react too early. My pearl gets the length, but iffy on the hit. It has to be perfect, or high rotation light hit for a splash.

That is why I have been playing around with a Urethane. I can stay outside longer with it. But, when I see too much forward roll coming off, I have to switch. Then it's graze the head pin and hit the 3 full, for a solid 10 pin every shot.
Posted by: BowlerBill

Re: Summer Leagues 2017 thread - 07/25/17 06:33 PM

I thought I would add some commentary.

I bowled good the past 2 weeks in the senior scratch league.

Week 1. Had the first 9 strikes in G1 using my new Code Red. I tugged the 10th shot a little and left a 10 pin. Converted the spare and got the last one for 279. The Code Red started leaving 10 pins so I changed in the middle of G2. Finished up with a 218 and 223 for 706.

Week 2. Last Thursday. G1. I started with my Mission X in practice and started hitting the pocket and striking. Ended up with 218 after missing 2 10 pin spares. G2 and G3 were clean for 237, 248 and 699. I could not get a string longer than 5 in a row but I did something I've never done. I put every shot in the pocket. No misses to the right and no shots through the nose for splits. Left 10 single pin spares. Not all shots were my best but when they hit the pins, I thought they all had a good chance of striking.

I can't wait to bowl this week.
Posted by: wronghander

Re: Summer Leagues 2017 thread - 07/26/17 09:25 PM

Great bowling Bill and congrats on the 279.

Mark & Dennis - same kind of deal with me when I'm trying to play the outside. Did end up getting the BTU Pearl anyway and tried it for a few games of practice playing the outside line, but only slightly better than throwing reactive out there. Only real difference is that a high hit will be a 6 pin more often than a split since the ball doesn't go crazy off the dry. But I figured since it was practice I'd see if I could find a way to make this work playing up 5. Tried changing hand positions, looking further down the lane/lofting, breaking my wrist back, more speed, moving 1&1 right, and wasn't consistent enough with any of those changes so the ball went back in my bag. I think it will be great for shorter patterns and breakdown on house shots but not going to be the first ball out of my bag in league.

Did manage to follow up my strong set on Monday with 257, 216, and 246 for 719 last night. I was planning on using my Arson High Flare while playing 10 but just too much oil there and it ended up skidding too much (and bone dry outside of 10 in this house so moving even 1 & 1 left isn't an option). Had my earlier rolling Brute Strength and went with that which gave me a good reaction when I got around it.
Posted by: Dennis Michael

Re: Summer Leagues 2017 thread - 07/27/17 07:56 AM

Did well last nite, 696. Won the first 2 games, H2H. But, lost the last game and series when my opponent shot 288 for 746.

Teanwise, we only won 1 game. But still have a 20 point lead with 2 weeks left.

I noticed that I had trouble in my first game, till I looked up at the CATS MPH. I was almost 2 MPH slower then normal. And, I don't know why. I made an adjustment. Picked up speed and finished with the last 4. Next 2 games were consistent and maintained my speed.

I didn't notice my slow speed. Only that the ball over reacted. I wrongly thought of lane condition and moved more inside, only to find more back end. With more speed, I got more length and a more controllable pocket hit.

My opponent, on the other hand, was rolling straight up 5 from the left side. He got too much slide in the first 2 games. And, I swear I noticed him slow down for his 288.

Speed was the variable for both of us that had to be controlled. But, in different ways.

it was a good night. The other team had the Father of a former Junior bowler I once taught, and the kid, who bowls with his Dad in Summer, now home from college. Good to see them both.
Posted by: BowlerBill

Re: Summer Leagues 2017 thread - 07/28/17 07:43 PM


I've noticed that speed tends to have a big impact on how my balls read the lanes and the resulting reaction.

Since I took bowling back up in 2011, I've been trying to increase the ball speed because I thought it was too slow (under 13 mph).

Now that I have a better arm swing I can get the speed up to 14.9 or so. There are times where I find this extra speed makes the ball skid too far. Now, I slow the speed down to mid 13's and find the reaction and carry is much better.

As the lanes dry out I tend to ramp up the ball speed.
Posted by: Dennis Michael

Re: Summer Leagues 2017 thread - 07/29/17 05:18 AM

Bill, before my knee operations, I know I rolled at 17 mph. Now, lucky to get 12.5. I did get to 14.6 last week and it made huge diff.

I will watch that.
Posted by: djp1080

Re: Summer Leagues 2017 thread - 07/29/17 11:09 AM

Ever since coming back to this sport I've worked on slowing myself down. It sounds like I'm very fortunate that way. Lately I've taken time to sand some of my shiny pearl balls and take them to probably 3000 or 4000 grit which really makes a big difference.
The Storm Sky Rocket at 3000 grit is just about right now for the house shot that I typically bowl on. It used to skid way too far down the alley. Now I'm standing on board 30 and tossing it at board 10 at the arrows. Makes a nice turn to the left when it hits the dry boards around 40 feet or so.
Posted by: Fin09

Re: Summer Leagues 2017 thread - 07/31/17 10:48 PM

For me, it's always been about staying relaxed. It sounds overly simple, but if my armswing stays loose, I can hit what I'm looking at a lot more. And if I do that, good things happen. I'm not currently bowling on anything tougher than a second shift house shot, so I can't really tell you how well my game translates to a flatter pattern these days. My PBA regional days are behind me, but I might get a wild hair and bowl a senior regional one of these days. If I do, it had better be soon. At 51, I've already missed my first year of eligibility.
Posted by: wronghander

Re: Summer Leagues 2017 thread - 08/04/17 12:51 AM

Good advice, thanks. For me personally my mental game is a work in progress and staying relaxed has been a struggle at times. I definitely get to anxious especially when the scoring pace is high, going into "OMG, I gotta string strikes" mode which usually leads to pulling shots, missing my target, etc. I do believe that bowling over the summer has helped me with this however because there's less pressure and it's more laid back.

Tonight I subbed in a league at a Brunswick Zone where I'll be bowling in the fall. Shot a disappointing 576 a few weeks ago and felt like the lanes were too dry. I hoped to redeem myself tonight and did with 266,215,237 for 718. Still, a bit disappointed because I felt a much higher set was attainable. Game 1 I had the front 7, then just got a little too much of it at the bottom in frame 8 leading to a 4-6 split, then struck out. I was really locked in and felt like that should have been a 300.

Game 2 I have a chance to go off the sheet for 248 and in the 10th I leave a ringing 7 pin. Whiffed it. 3rd game I had one shot that I got a little soft with and left a 6,8 split. Did end up with a six-pack to end it but despite a solid night those 3 frames stick out at me. Replace them all with 9/ and I'm over 750. If they're all strikes that gets me 800. I'm not going to be locked in like this every time so I feel like I didn't take full advantage when the lanes were this good to me.

On the other hand I came back from the disappointing 576 a few weeks back and threw the ball a lot better and felt more comfortable moving into the oil and swinging it out a bit (when I tried this before it resulted in a lot of flat 7s). So have to take the good with the bad and probably can't beat myself up over a few mistakes because I'm not practicing 100 games per week and doing this for a living or trying to turn pro any time soon, so not every shot is going to be perfect. Especially now when I am in the process of altering my game to get a little more rotation.
Posted by: goobee

Re: Summer Leagues 2017 thread - 08/04/17 03:38 PM

The staying relaxed part really affects me. As the team anchor, I know when we have already won or have no chance by the time I step up for the 10th. I throw some of my best shots during these times. I wish I could duplicate these carefree shots when things matter.
Posted by: steveA

league play - 08/05/17 02:07 PM

I'm thinking of making a suggestion to my league when it starts in September that we run a second league / prize fund based on all team total pin fall for the week.

How many times have you lost by a handful of pins and got very few points, my league score per man 1 pt each game, 1 pt overall pin fall, against your opposite number , then 2 pts for the team game and 2 pts for team series. We've had weeks scoring nothing when if we'd played anyone else we'd have had 20 pts . Trios league by the way just in case someone is trying to work it out.

Anyone have a similar set up.
Posted by: steveA

Re: league play - 08/05/17 02:10 PM

Sorry intended to start a new thread