2011/2012 TOC Pattern - 39 ft

Posted by: BowlerBill

2011/2012 TOC Pattern - 39 ft - 12/27/16 03:04 PM

My sport shot league will put out the 2011/2012 TOC Pattern - 39 ft for the next quarter. Which type of ball matches up with this pattern the best? Asymmetric and lot's of hook potential or symmetric and low hook potential?

I used a Mission X Asymmetric for the last pattern at 52 feet and averaged 183, which is not bad for my abilities and style.

I understand the US Open pattern will have much more friction and I need to avoid the out of bounds area outside of 10.

I'd also appreciate any comments regarding transition.

Thanks, Bill
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Re: 2011/2012 TOC Pattern - 39 ft - 12/27/16 03:39 PM

I can't find any specific information on the pattern other than it is 39 feet and it tends to be higher scoring. I would bet the ratio is in the 2.5:1 area or maybe even more.

At 39' you've got a lot of options for angles to play, but its always best to start as far right as you can. That will give you more hold and more swings as you move in. If you start too far left, you will create over/under.

Balls to use very much depend on how you throw the ball. Mika shot 299 and 269 the last two games of the show using a Mission Domination...not too different from your Mission X. That's probably a good starting point, but switch to a dull symmetric ball if you find the Mission too snappy.

Transition in sport leagues is impossible to predict since everyone plays every-man-for-himself. If you could get everyone to start outside of 10, and slowly bump in, you make the pattern easier. If everyone is spraying-and-praying...you just never know what will happen.
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Re: 2011/2012 TOC Pattern - 39 ft - 01/05/17 01:55 PM

We started the new quarter on this pattern last night. I played up the 9 - 10 board with the Mission X. It worked okay while the condition was fresh but was over hooking as the pattern broke down. I tried moving inside but could not find a line. I ended up changing to a Global X ball and going back to the 9/10 board line.

There were some big scores from those who crank or had lot's of hand. 279 was the high for the night.

It seems my up the back style doesn't work too well. It was also speed sensitive. Too slow meant too much hook. Too fast and it skids. I never got comfortable.

170 2 splits (a cvt) and 1 open.
184 4 opens
168 3 opens

Thanks for your comments.