Fall league

Posted by: RGR

Fall league - 09/28/16 02:55 PM

Well went out the other day to try out some of the changes I should do in my approach and swing, the practise wasn't bad but when I tried it in league play, felt like a little kid. It was a combination of old and new and all over the place. Settled down the last two games, still don't know where I was the last two games but managed a 149, 200, 182. I kind of put my efforts on just keeping my shoulder down and head in alignment of the arm swing, put the footwork behind me for another day. It was kind of depressing for a while there.
Posted by: djp1080

Re: Fall league - 09/28/16 06:37 PM

You did very well. You should have been with me this morning as I should have stayed home. Keep up the good work.
Posted by: RGR

Re: Fall league - 09/29/16 01:21 PM

Thanks for the encouragement. Us want be good bowlers sometimes need a lot of pep talk