Summer Leagues 2016

Posted by: Richie V.

Summer Leagues 2016 - 05/17/16 02:46 PM

Starting the usual thread about summer leagues, but, as unusual, my own summer league participation is up in the air, as I feel I kind of need a break from actual bowling. I'll still be keeping up w/ the league scores here and be around the summer tournaments, but that may be the extent of my involvement in summer bowling. It would be the first time I've taken the summer off between fall leagues since I started league bowling (both my first league and the league I first joined in my return were summer leagues).

As always, feel free to post your scores and such from your summer leagues. smile
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Re: Summer Leagues 2016 - 06/03/16 12:30 AM

Started my summer league tonight. Just the one league for me this summer and no sport league this year due to my work schedule. But my THS league is an improvement over the one that I've been doing the last four summers. Different house and much better competition and prize money. Also bowling with a new team that I met in my Sunday night league and that I plan on going to nationals with next year.

Goal is to average 230 or better and hopefully shoot an 800 series. There are a few heavy hitters in this league that I look forward to competing with for high average. Got started with 212+212+275=699. Actually took out my 16# Cyclone for this which
I put some surface on to tame the backend reaction and it seemed to work out pretty well. Have to keep it pretty straight up the lane though, did get a couple of washouts on outside misses (which would be big 4s or greek churches with shiny balls in this house). Had the front 8 in game 3 though but in the 9th frame moved 1&1 right after a tripped 6 in the 7th and ended up going light and leaving a 3,6 to end my run. Struck in the 10th & 11th but a miss inside for a light 7 left me 1 pin shy of the 700. I'll take it.
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Re: Summer Leagues 2016 - 06/10/16 12:50 AM

217+233+204=654 tonight. 30 clean with 17 spares and 16 strikes. Has been awhile since I've had a series with more spares than strikes. Could not carry consistently but happy I was able to hang in there and at least salvage a decent night.
Posted by: champ

Re: Summer Leagues 2016 - 06/12/16 08:46 PM

Well, not a summer, league, but my State Tournament.

They had a tough pattern down. This was the fourth weekend of the tournaments, and reports for the first few weeks was that it was very difficult/bordering on as tough as nationals.

I didn't think it was that tough, but very challenging indeed.

I shot 534 for Team, 516 in Doubles, and 591 in Singles for a 1641 All Events. Ouch. The worst ouch was in warm-ups prior to D/S I smacked my ankle very very hard with my ball. I thought my day was over before it started, but I bowled on. Now that I'm home its turning a pit purple and swelling.

The highlight was finishing with 215 and 231 clean. They were so tough, that was the best I could muster. I doubt anybody in my group will cash in anything, but we might have a chance in Team.

That might be the last bowling I do until fall leagues start up again in late August. I'm going from one of the worst bowling alleys in the country, to a very nice, mom n pop run 16 lane center with good scores. I plan to average over 220 and finally be someplace where an 800 is possible.
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Re: Summer Leagues 2016 - 06/17/16 01:18 AM

Good finish anyway in the last 2. Hope your ankle gets better, that sounds pretty painful.

189+205+213=607 tonight. Disappointing series but we were on the end pair which always appears to be problematic. My teammate thinks it's due to the oiling machine starting on that pair and not putting down the shot correctly until it's done it on a few pairs. Definitely plays different than the rest of the house and while my spare shooting could have been better it was really hard to put strikes together to muster even 1 strong game.
Posted by: Richie V.

Re: Summer Leagues 2016 - 06/22/16 09:52 PM

Subbed tonight on a team with one of my one-time summer league teammates. BowlSK below:

I'll take the 549, and it helped the team out, as they won 6 of 8.
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Re: Summer Leagues 2016 - 06/24/16 12:47 AM

Glad you got a chance to sub Rich.

Disappointed with my night, started great with a 246 then had back-to-back splits and a 176 game 2 and 194 to finish the night. Had real trouble carrying in the last two games.
Posted by: Gohokies

Re: Summer Leagues 2016 - 08/18/16 04:21 PM

What a finish. Our team started slow, was 10 games under 500 after 6 weeks and finished 48 and 8 to tie for first. So we had a one game roll off for first, winner take all. I don't bowl in any tournaments, just league so I am not in pressure situations like this often. Amazingly, in the roll off I started spare spare made a 4 and 2 move and ripped off 8 strikes in a row for a 268 and we won first place. Another guy shot 30 over so we won handily. But I was pretty proud of my effort in the match of the year. Tips I've learned on this board have been a big help. Thanks to everyone.
Posted by: wronghander

Re: Summer Leagues 2016 - 08/18/16 11:59 PM

Very nice Gohokies, congrats.

I basically stopped posting about my league as it's been a very tough summer for me. My average going into tonight dropped to a mere 208 with many weeks being 2 good games and 1 absolutely terrible game at the end. I believe some of it is the humidity affecting the lane condition and causing the oil to effectively carry down (which is problematic on the left side as I don't have a track to play like the righties do). But tonight the lanes were good and I turned it around with 247+248+280=775. Used my Arson High Flare all 3 games and threw 28 strikes and going 7 for 7 on spare conversions.

I wasn't on the sheet for any individual awards but this now puts me in line to win the award for high series in the league (someone did shoot 783 but that bowler is already going to get the award for high average). This brought my average up to 212.89 going into the final week so got a chance to finish with something respectable but more importantly feel like I've turned a corner going into the fall season and that this wasn't just a fluke.

Despite my struggles the team has actually done pretty well and we are in 2nd place with the position round remaining. We're 5 points behind the first place team so we'll basically need to sweep next week but I'm happy that we at least have a shot.
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Re: Summer Leagues 2016 - 08/21/16 11:26 PM

Shot 278-278-257-813 Wednesday night for my 2nd 800 in the last 4 weeks, 18th overall. I wrote down frame by frame my scores, and saw that every strike I threw was part of a string. I opened the night with a big 4 split, then threw 14 in a row, until I went 8/ in the 4th frame of game 2, then threw another 10 in a row, went 9/9/ in frames 3 and 4 of game 3, then another 6 in a row until finishing out with a 9/ on my 11th/12th balls. Needed all 3 in the 10th of game 3 to break the banks for over $1500, but missed the 2nd ball in the 10th.