Weeks from hell regarding balls!

Posted by: Odie8654

Weeks from hell regarding balls! - 02/22/15 01:45 AM

Hey Gang, unfortunately it's been an incredibly difficult three weeks of bowling as my IT broke a few weeks back and we have been trying to get a stable fit for my hand with permanent thumb inserts. It gets sooooooo close but I can still tell enough of a difference that after having the EXACT same feel for alll four balls for so long, it just drives me insane! Plus for some reason, the balls are just not staying on my hand, so now I'm gripping the balls so tight I can't release consistently! Tore thumb, he fixed the issue, now I go in after dropping my average 4 pins In Two weeks, I'm in tears becuz my back and neck and hand (major back, neck surgeries 2014) hurt so bad I'm crying. So finally making a mold of thumb hole, so tried one and loved it! Can't wait for Monday to try them all and them being the same!!!!! Been an emotional roller coaster!
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Re: Weeks from hell regarding balls! - 02/22/15 09:48 AM

Glad you found a fix. Why didn't you get another IT?
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Re: Weeks from hell regarding balls! - 02/22/15 12:59 PM


Howdy, I had sooooooo much trouble with the darn thing breaking during competition! Three major breaks in as many yrs! Frustrated with the darn thing. Loved the feel! Everyone I know has had great success with theirs, it's Murphy's law that I'd be the one to have all the trouble of course!

Hopefully the thumb mold gives me the exact thing on each thumb, that's what they tell me anyway! The sample ball was wonderful, felt like an extension of my hand again, so we will see!! I get them tomorrow.

What part of Michigan are u from/in? I was raised a Yupper (upper Michigan), not a Troll ( lower, below the bridge! Heehee). Most people I know from Michigan are trolls!
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Re: Weeks from hell regarding balls! - 02/23/15 07:40 AM

Good luck with the thumb mold .Yes I'm a Troll, live in Burton born in flint lol.
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Re: Weeks from hell regarding balls! - 02/23/15 10:04 PM

Spr3wr, Everyone says theirs are great, I'm the only jinxed one! Heehee actually thot I was getting a mold after the IT, but miscommunication from the other pro shop guy. No biggie. But anyway, got the balks back today from my guy!!! Wow!!!!! Every ball is exactly the same!!!! it's amazing, If I closed my eyes I couldn't tell you which ball I was putting my hand into! It's crqzy!!!! Now gotta relax and get out of the three week bad routine and let the ball swing easy! Hope I get back on track quick!! Can't afford to drop my average anymore!!!

Wow, a true Troll!!! Lol I loved the U.P. it was so beautiful where I lived! Except for the black bear that used to chase me EVERYTIME he found me!!!! Surprised I'm not a track star!!

Thanks for write back!! I'm so anxious to bowl Wednesday now!!