league prize fund suggestions

Posted by: TominNJ

league prize fund suggestions - 10/05/13 04:50 PM

I've been charged with coming up with a proposed prize fund for our league of 5 man teams. This is my first time getting involved in league admin and I could use some suggestions.

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Re: league prize fund suggestions - 10/07/13 01:47 PM

A couple things that need to be known first:

1) Was the league advertised as "$5,000 First Prize" or something along those lines? If so, you're going to be obligated to have that be first place prize money and can't mess with it.
2) Was there anything said at the meeting about individual awards, such as do you pay only high game, high series, and high average, or is it 1-2-3 in each category?

You didn't say how many teams there are, but I'll give my suggestion based on 14 teams.

Take the amount that each man contributed to the PRIZE FUND (not total dues) for the season, and make that the per-man return for 6th place (one spot above halfway; in a 20 team league, this amount should be for 9th place).

The per-bowler first place money should be very close to the total amount they paid in dues for the season, either a little over or a little under. If I'm paying $20 a week for 35 weeks ($700 total), I would never vote for a list with first place anything less than $650 a bowler, and if it were up to me to make the list, I'd have first be somewhere in the $725-750 range.

With a first place prize and a midpack prize figured as above, you can come up with a slope to fill in the rest of the slots. It's okay to have bigger steps at the top than at the bottom. (A lot of leagues go in $10 a man increments once you get to the lower third of the standings.)

Keep high game, high series, and high average awards the same as each other. (Don't make high average $100, high series $50 and high game $25.) Most Improved should be less than the big three awards.
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Re: league prize fund suggestions - 10/07/13 07:54 PM

thanks for the reply. I'm starting to get a bad feeling about all of this. People keep whining about the decline of league bowling but refuse to acknowledge the financial abuse that is forced onto the weaker teams.

Weaker teams start out severely disadvantaged with the 80% handicap. It is nearly impossible to win consistently when the better bowlers have such a large statistical advantage. They are then also short changed with the prize money at the end of the season when the prize fund is top loaded.

It is no wonder they don't come back.
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Re: league prize fund suggestions - 10/07/13 09:04 PM

i think it depends on the competitive level of the league. if you want to get in a league where everyone gets the same prize at the end, then join a fun league. if you want to win something for your return for driving, paying league fees and feel great about being on top when it's over, then know the deal when you (as bowlers) enter a league. you should reward the top teams for the effort. if it is not competitive enough then change the handicapping for the 2nd half of the season if there is one. that way teams who come out on top the first half can't complain either.

just a few suggestions not knowing the situation but put it out there for the bowlers so they know next time what they might be getting into joining a league that is competitive.

Posted by: General Pounder

Re: league prize fund suggestions - 10/08/13 09:14 AM

What I used to do at the beginning of the year was figure out what the total prize fund money would be. Like this.

80 bowlers x 35 weeks x $10 a week

Then take off any payments to the Secretary\Treasurer and sanction fees if they come out of the prize fund.

You will have a large sum of money. Now, figure out what you want as far as money for high games\series. Are you going to pay more than 1 place?

1st HSG = $50
2nd HSG = $20

Team awards?

1st HSTG = $200
2nd HSTG = $80

Are you paying by half? If so, take the remaining $ amount, split it in 2. There is your prize fund for each half. Now, say you have 20 teams and the average is $400 (just throwing out numbers). 10th would be $410 and 11th would be $390. I like to bump each place evenly. Now, you can do bug jumps are little jumps depending on the league. In my example, I took $10 from 11th and gave it to 10th. Then there is a $20 difference in payouts.

Now, this is VERY basic. You can also pay per point. You would still figure out the payouts for games\series but then you would take the remaining money and divide it by the total amount of points possible (not points won). Say it's $4 a point. You get 88 points for the quarter, you get $352 dollars.

Either way, if after all is said and done, the $ figures are low for some teams, then move money around. Either from the game\series or a few bucks moving around from team to team.

(edit) If you are paying out based on place and not per point, then I would give them 2 choices. 1 with a more even distribution. The other top heavy. Then have a league vote from the captains only.
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Re: league prize fund suggestions - 10/08/13 07:07 PM

I would assume a couple other league members are making prize lists, too, so the league has a few to vote on. Hopefully, your league secretary gave you a figure for a total prize fund to work with. You shouldn't have to figure this out. And unless there is something in the by laws that state a minimum first prize or a ban on individual prizes, the distribution is up to you. Divide the prize fund by the number of teams, and this should be roughly what the team that finishes right in the middle receives. Work up and down from there. A couple of things to consider- the longer you wait to vote on the prize list, the more likely a list that pays more to the bottom half of the league will be voted in. Teams get an idea of where they're going to finish by about 8-10 weeks in, so paying the top 1/3 well will likely not get voted in.