Team name

Posted by: Justinmill14

Team name - 08/29/10 09:54 PM

Well for our youth league our whole team got some neon green shoe laces. We're trying to think of a team name to go with the laces.. any ideas??
Posted by: Charlie98

Re: Team name - 08/29/10 10:08 PM

Mean Green Machine?
Posted by: Dennis Michael

Re: Team name - 08/29/10 10:25 PM

Neon Laces sounds like the name of a current Rock Band.
Posted by: B-Hammer

Re: Team name - 08/29/10 11:41 PM

Clearance Rack Apparel
Posted by: ijohn83

Re: Team name - 08/30/10 09:40 AM

The Green Stringers