smoking in the lanes how can it be

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smoking in the lanes how can it be - 07/13/06 02:12 PM

More than anything I'm venting, I'm angry brickwall .
Starting last january, the bowling lanes and representatives of the leagues after quite a debate by players, decided to make the bowling lanes smoke free ( there was a big problem with smoking in closed spaces, as there is no law in our country that prohibits it). Well, everything's good, but, right after last fridays league, there was an anouncement, they anounced that no smoking was permited, until the last team finished, and afterwards it would be permited again!. Now is that taking a step back or what?, I mean, it was a smoke free enviroment, and it took a lot of convincing even in our thursday Doctors league where I'm league president. The lanes representative said that after smoking was banned, sales and use of the lanes has gone down quite a bit, and they are looking to boost sales. The problem is, since there is no law that prohibits smoking they can do anityng they want, seconly, the lanes don't count with smoke extractors or filters. I don't know what is going to hapen, but soon there will be problems with guys and gals in all leagues smoking again. Everything I've been working for down the drain, ohh well. worried
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Re: smoking in the lanes how can it be - 07/13/06 02:42 PM

That must be frustrating. I'm a former smoker and as a smoker can tell you there is nobody worse than a former smoker but smoke really doesn't bother me as long as the ventalation is good - and it sounds like your is not. I travel in my business and I went to a small center to bowl a few games on a recent trip and smoking is allowed. Ventalation terrible and low ceilings - a really old house - had to leave.

I feel your pain and good luck in your continuing struggle.
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Re: smoking in the lanes how can it be - 07/13/06 04:17 PM

For the last 20 years I've lived in places where smoking was banned inside public places.

Funny story though, one week, I went to St. Louis for a non bowling convention. Just happened that my hotel was close to a bowling alley so I took a double bag with me. I'm enjoying my open bowling when I look up onto the concourse. Its about 15 to 20 steps up from the lanes. And all I see is blue grey haze all over. I know it wasn't there when I started. But the first thing that came to my mind was that they were starting glow bowling and the fog machine was running. As I went up to get a glass of wine, I was soon corrected that the haze was just from smoking. I was kind of shocked as I'd not seen smoking inside any building for years.

Its true that when smoking was banned in CA years ago there was a huge drop in bowling participation.

Now about the wine.....I asked for a "white wine" thinking that they'd give me the house white, whatever it was. They asked "white zinfadel?" no, "white" I replied. Zinfadel they insisted. I asked how about a Chardonnay? Zinfadel? How about a glass of red wine then (I hate pink wine)....Zinfadel. That's when I really knew I wasn't in California anymore. Just give me a bourbon and coke please.

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Re: smoking in the lanes how can it be - 07/13/06 05:39 PM

I understand your concerns. Our alleys here ban smoking during most of the daytime glow bowling periods and during any kids leagues (parents and kids or just junior leagues). However, as a smoker, I appreciate the fact that I can bowl without having to step outside between games for a cigarette.

I'm not saying that all alleys should allow smoking. There are several in our area. If an owner wants to ban smoking in his alley, I'm all for it. But it should be a decision of the owner. He should be allowed to weigh the pros and cons. Does he allow smoking and lose militant non-smokers' buisiness? Or does he ban smoking and take a chance of losing the smokers?

It should be his decision either way, based on his personal beliefs and financial concerns.

Just my two cents.

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Re: smoking in the lanes how can it be - 07/13/06 08:39 PM

Thanks guys, the problem here lies in the abscense of proper filtering sistems and extractors, first and foremost, and secondly, how can a bowling league consisting of doctors be so much pro-smoking, and smoke themselves, when we have got to set an example. Ohh well, it happens.
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Re: smoking in the lanes how can it be - 07/13/06 09:08 PM

</font><blockquote><font size="1" face="VERDANA,ARIAL,HELVETICA,TAHOMA">quote:</font><hr /><font size="2" face="VERDANA,ARIAL,HELVETICA,TAHOMA">the problem here lies in the abscense of proper filtering sistems and extractors, first and foremost, </font><hr /></blockquote><font size="2" face="VERDANA,ARIAL,HELVETICA,TAHOMA">Even when they allowed smoking in the alleys there was never a filtration system. I've yet to see or be in a bowling alley that allows smoking and had a filtration system. I suppose they are out there, I've just never seen one.

As for smoking doctors...I bet they are as common as overweight doctors or alcoholic doctors.


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Re: smoking in the lanes how can it be - 07/14/06 11:16 AM

When my dad had a heart attack I was still smoking and when he was in ICU I went outside to the smoking area and there was his doctor and one of his nurses having a cigarette. Just because you know you shouldn't doesn't mean you don't.
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Re: smoking in the lanes how can it be - 07/14/06 11:58 AM

I don't know about a filtration system but I know our house has put a lot of money into their ventilation system so it clears out the smoke pretty well. Most lanes I've been to within 100 miles at least do not allow smoking in the bowling area, they have either a bar area or smokers have to stay back so far behind the lanes.
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Re: smoking in the lanes how can it be - 07/16/06 04:08 PM

Interesting to see points from abroad. Since I currentl live in the Atlanta area now this has been quite a debate in every business from restaurants to bowling centers to bars and clubs. Starngely enough it was passed and is in effect that smoking is not allowed statewide. As all of this was still in legislation here a man who owns a country/western dance club installed a $1,000,000.00 ventilation system in his club for patrons who smoke. 6 months later, smoking was banned in all enclosed public places to include bars. Nothing like seeing a million dollars go absolutely no where but could have used that million for something else. Odd fact: If an establishment has a certain amount of revenue based on the consumption of alcoholic beverages smoking can be allowed in the bar area but not on the concourse or in the bowling area itself. At a restaurant you have to be a minimum of 50 feet outside any entrance to smoke but the guy who owns this club still has to maintain a total smoke free environment and there is no question that the bulk of his revenue is produced by the sale of alcholic beverages. Go figure. As for me, I am a non-smoker but prefer to indulge in my nicotine habit in another form. Smokers have never bothered me. Non-smokers have never bothered me. My opinion for whatever it's worth: Live and let live. Smokers and non-smokers alike should have the right to enjoy their own freedoms when it comes to this and it's just as easy for the non-smokers to step outside as easily as it is for the smokers. I will agree that for the kids, smokers should refrain from being within a certain proximity of children. I too have seen a rapid decline in the number of bowlers in centers where it is a smoke free environment and to atttempt to recover from those losses here, most of the bowling centers have cosmic bowling on Saturdays (after youth league)until the time they close. So what happens to those of us who want to work on our game on a Saturday fairly early in the day or in the evening? Go to a totally unfamiliar house? Wait until Sunday? Something's got to give and I believe that both the smokers and the non-smokers should learn to accept each others' vices or lack thereof and keep bowling as it's intended to be.....FUN!
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Re: smoking in the lanes how can it be - 07/16/06 06:23 PM

Well smoking in public buildings was made illegal here in Colorado July 1st. Only cigar bars, casinos and smoking lounges in airports are the only place you can smoke. Really nice coming home from bowling and not smelling like a dirty ashtray. Really didn't hear or see anyone really complaining about either.
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Re: smoking in the lanes how can it be - 07/16/06 06:35 PM

One of the reasons that I stopped bowling for years besides severe lack of time was that I grew tired of having somebody light up on a lane next to me and having the smoke on my lane as well. Breathing second-hand smoke is no fun not to mention unhealthy. If bowling centers here were still like then I would've never started bowling again. I can't count the number of times other bowlers have told me that same thing. (Same goes for Sport Bars.) Smokers still bowl at my center; they just smoke in the bar or outside. There's also a restaurant section outside of the bar for those who might want to eat and/or imbibe without smoking.
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Re: smoking in the lanes how can it be - 07/16/06 11:16 PM

Our lanes have started non-smoking nights for the first time this fall. They have always had non-smoking during Juniors or HS bowling leagues, and afternoons.
I talked with the manager recently, and she said the non-smoking nights are dead. They can't fill up a league, even with a mimimum of bowlers. She can't wait much longer. She may have to revert back.

I really haven't heard comments or seen any problem with ventilation. less than 20-25 % of bowlers smoke, and most smoke behind the lanes at tables.
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Re: smoking in the lanes how can it be - 07/17/06 05:54 AM

During league play I haven't seen smoking banned here in NE PA. They do how ever have certain time for open bowlers where it is smoke free. They usually make 1/2 the lanes available as smoke free and the other half they can smoke. As a non smoker I think that's fair to the best of their abilities. If I went for open lanes and all they had was smoking lanes I'd take it but I'd opt for smoke free if it was available.
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Re: smoking in the lanes how can it be - 07/25/06 10:30 AM

The City of Chicago has passed ordinances banning smoking in Public Places, including restaurants, bars, and bowling alleys, and within 15 feet of doorways on the outside. This has caused a large number of leagues to break-up, lose bowlers or move entirely to the surrounding suburbs. The suburban houses are usually newer and larger. They also have better ventilation systems.
This has been a boon for these houses.

There seems to be a generation gap in this ruling. The younger 20-30 age group, generally doesn't smoke. While the 40-50 age group still does. Then the over 60 group has stopped. This is affecting only one segment of the population, which comprise the majority of bowlers. In most cases, the majority rules, not in bowling.
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Re: smoking in the lanes how can it be - 08/04/06 08:37 PM

Attended the league officers barbecue at our bowling alley. Another nice touch by them. New league and House rules were discussed after the dinner. One new house rule raised a stir. It seems, the alley will no longer allow cigar and pipe smoking inside.

2 league presidents, who I don't know, objected strongly to this rule, and continued an argue for at least a half an hour. The issue was the cigar smoking ban. One league president said he now has to have a captains meeting to see if the league will stay in this bowling alley, got up and walked out. The second president followed.

Didn't know that was such a touchy subject.

I have since heard that the first president has notified the House that his league is pulling out in favor of another bowling alley. I guess cigars are more important than bowling.