Question regarding figuring out sponsers fees.

Posted by: Lake Tahoe Guy

Question regarding figuring out sponsers fees. - 04/16/06 11:02 PM

I'm working on forming a sponsered summer league, but am curious as to how to determine the sponsers fees. The bowling center that will be hosting has a minimum $80 sponsers fee which only covers trophies, pay-outs, and a few other things. It doesn't cover team shirts which is something I'd like to have for this league. I've done some browsing of a few online bowling apparel sites and it seems like the low end cost for a basic shirt is around $22-$28, but that cost doesn't include bowlers & sponsers names/logos. I've yet to get very deep into researching how much that will run.
Does anyone have any info on this to offer up? Any recomendations on what online bowling apparel sites are the best would be appriciated too. So far I'm liking what i see of the best. Secondary question would be..... Are there any sites/articles out there that offer tips on building new leagues?
Thanks in advance for any help offered!!

p.s. The bowling cntr also has a $15 per week fee per bowler, but said that the sponsers fee could cover some or all of that. How much is typical for a weekly bowlers fee in most sponsered leagues?
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Re: Question regarding figuring out sponsers fees. - 04/18/06 03:43 PM

You can really make the fees anything you want. The money just goes into the prize fund.

I'm also betting that you're going to have a hard time getting people to sign up for a league where they have to also buy shirts. That goes double for a summer league. Sponsor fees may also scare people away from the league in the summer.

Also, have you shopped around at different centers for lineage fees? If they're charging $5/game for lineage ($15 / 3 games), that seems pretty high to me.
Posted by: Lake Tahoe Guy

Re: Question regarding figuring out sponsers fees. - 04/20/06 02:02 AM

Mabey I'm misunderstanding you, but why would sponser fees scare away potencial team members? The sponsers would be paying them, not the bowlers.
I agree that shirt costs would probably be high enough to keep alot of people from signing up, but that's why I am planning on the sponsers paying for them. Part of the reason I made this thread was because I don't want to set the initial sponser fees to high to get the potential sponsers to buy into this. As far as shopping around at differnt bowling centers, I'm in South Lake Tahoe, CA and this isn't a big city with multiple bowling centers. The next 3 closest Centers are all 40-50 minutes away. The guy at the Center here said all or part of the $15 per week fee for the bowlers could be covered by the sponser fees, but even for the shorter summer leagues that would really kick up the sponser fees.
Posted by: Angel

Re: Question regarding figuring out sponsers fees. - 04/20/06 07:36 AM

The problem is finding the sponsors that actually pay the fee.

Even in "prestigous" scratch leagues, businesses that have the money want to know what's in it for them.

In the past, most leagues I'd seen charged $100 or less for sponsor fees-some as little as $15. And they're all gone now. Mainly because when teams couldn't find the sponsors they had to come up with the same amount out of pocket--and they'd rather just pay out less than be forced to pay a sponsor fee.
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Re: Question regarding figuring out sponsers fees. - 04/20/06 07:42 AM

Angel explained what I was saying. If a team can't find a business willing to sponsor, they have to pay the money themselves. I've also seen a lot leagues fold that used to require sponsor fees. It's not easy to find businesses that are willing to fork over that money when they don't think it's going to benifit them. It's also a hassle for teams to have to try and recruit a busniess.

EDIT: I forgot to mention that bowlers tend to take summer bowling less serious than winter bowling so I would think it would be even more difficult to get this done in the summer.