About the Slider ad

Posted by: BowlingFans.com

About the Slider ad - 01/17/13 03:56 PM

You may have started noticing a new rectangle Ad today which slides in on the bottom right of the page and stays in view within the browser window as you move up and down the page.

As of now, on BowlingCommunity, the Ad slides away after 20 seconds, after 5 page loads, OR you can click the little x and not see it again in the same browser for 72 hours. However, on BowlingFans and BowlSearch it'll stay around longer and it'll appear more often.

We're testing this Slider ad as advertisers are looking for more interactive ads and ad types but I think a lot of things they're asking for are pretty annoying. For example, interstitial ads or ads that enlarge just by hovering over them is something we really don't want to do. So we're trying to find a happy medium which won't annoy you, yet will still be attractive to better advertisers.

We appreciate your feedback about the ad and how it works (or doesn't work.) Please just reply to this topic.

Note: The ad won't appear for everyone as it's being rolled out slowly and is part of a test. While the test is ongoing we might adjust settings and make other changes to it.