Sign-up for fall VL closes Aug. 20

Posted by: Richie V.

Sign-up for fall VL closes Aug. 20 - 04/26/17 02:26 PM

I have opened sign-up for the fall virtual league, with the initial closing date of Aug. 20 (though I reserve the right to close sooner). The post below will have the usual links to the sign-up form and FAQ page:

Returning virtual league members who need their averages may find them in the following posts, which have the final standing sheets:

Fall 2016:

Winter 2017:

I have placed this thread on the BowlingCommunity calendar to mark the closing date. Also, please refrain from making "I'm in" posts to this thread, as I wish to keep this as a single-page thread; you may use the general league discussion thread for this purpose (as well as asking questions). Finally, this thread may be "bumped" periodically to keep it in the recent posts list; such "bumps" will be deleted as needed.

We hope to see you in the fall league. smile
Posted by: Richie V.

Re: Sign-up open for fall V-league (closes 8/20) - 07/20/17 06:51 PM

With a month to go before the initial closing date, here's the roster so far (alphabetical, with same first character on same line):

No. of bowlers: 22

beefers1, BOSStull, BowlerBill, Bwlnggd
ebonbetta, ExBronxiteBowler, explorer05
General Pounder, goobee
Richie V.
slowdown, steveA, Stubs
White_Rabbitt, wronghander

Roster will be edited as sign-ups come in, so, if you don't see your name in this roster, please assume that you haven't signed up.

Plenty of time, but be sure to sign up soon, because the middle of August will be here before you know it. Email reminders also going out tonight.
Posted by: Richie V.

Re: Sign-up for fall VL closes Aug. 20 - 08/13/17 09:56 PM

More than a mere "bump"...sign-up for the fall virtual league closes this coming Sunday (Aug. 20). See first post above for details. If you're not sure whether you've signed up, please check the roster in this thread.