What is the best ball to get?

Posted by: LindaDelcamp

What is the best ball to get? - 11/10/19 06:24 PM

I am a 65 year old female bowler that bowls on a weekly league. Currently I am bowling with an Ebonite plastic ball that is l3#. I recently practiced and was told that I should get a new urethane ball and maybe 1# less at 12#. I got my current ball when I first started bowling on a league back in 1972!! It has worked pretty well so far, but I think that I should upgrade to a better ball. My question is what is the best urethane ball out there and what would you recommend? What is better: plastic or urethane? I basically throw a straight ball.
Posted by: djp1080

Re: What is the best ball to get? - 11/10/19 09:02 PM

Do you think you need a lighter ball?
We might get a little weaker in our old age, but you're just pushing the ball out from the first step and the ball swings back. It reaches it's highest point and comes forward like a ball hanging on a string would.
If it's working for you now, why change weight?
You say you throw a straight shot and I assume you'd like it to continue to go straight. Storm sells their Mix bowling balls and they're designed for straighter shots like for spares. The cover is hard and shiny. They come in several colors. My current ball is their basic black cover.
Get another 13 lb ball would be my suggestion. Your pro shop could get you best. Hope this helps...