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New Ball - 12/10/16 03:01 PM

The guy that has the pro shop I patronize is starting a ball company and his first release is coming this week. The ball company will be named Monster Bowling LLC and the first ball out is the Loch Ness Monster. It is a mid diff ball designed to be a benchmark ball (first out of the bag). The core was designed by Roto and the balls are poured by Storm. Here's a link to the FB page (I don't know that they have a stand alone web site for the ball co.The pro shop is Begin'rs To Pro's):

Monster Bowling LLC

I am getting one as soon as they are of the problems I typically have is controlling the overhookiness of the current equipment and I am hoping this is much more...uh..."relaxed".
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Re: New Ball - 12/10/16 10:27 PM

Very cool. Its pretty interesting that a guy can make his own line. Best of luck to him. In the videos on his facebook page, the ball looks like it rolls very well. With some exposure he could do well for himself.
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Re: New Ball - 01/20/17 12:43 PM

I picked up my new Loch Ness Monster yesterday. 80x35x4. Pin is partially drilled out at the ring finger. Quick is more ball then my Danger Zone which had been serving as my first ball out of the bag...Smooth, strong arc. Hits hard...1st game went hi4pin, lite4pin,XXXXX, oXo = 2teenssomething. I liked the look, but when it left I didn't have the wherewithal to make a big jump left and 2+1s were't cutting it.

I also have trouble moving left and trying to help the ball so I switched out and it was another ball change before I saw any success...I like it and anticipate a lot of use for it...I may get another, drill it weaker and polish it, in an attempt to go from one to the other when the condition breaks down.

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Re: New Ball - 01/20/17 01:17 PM

Sure looks nice and it worked well for you. Congrats!
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Re: New Ball - 07/19/17 12:45 PM

Sooo...the two new releases are released. One is a symmetrical pearl named the Boogieman.

I tossed it at a "demo" day...turns out, I liked the look, but I have stuff in the bag that does what it does.

That day, I also tossed a Kraken. An asymmetrical solid...I liked THAT look a bunch and currently only had one asym in the oldish Rogue Cell that only gets use every year when I go to nats. This ball looked good on the housey shot they laid out AND the 42' "tough shot" that day. I told my friend I wanted it! This was back in May...he said, "They won't be released until July." and I said, "NO! I want THIS one!"
Check it out, if you want:

Also! I found out that a new technology is available.
It is a sensor that is installed in a switchgrip equipped balance hole in a ball you do not care about (so...go through the closet and find a symmetrical without balance hole for this experiment)...then, you roll it about 6 or 8 times or whatever. Then, the sensor is removed and plugged into a 'pute via usb, and it downloads the speed, axis tilt, axis rotation and PAP for each of the shots! HOLY COW!!! My driller told me that it has pointed out errata in several people's stats, and it will DEFINITELY alter the way I have balls laid out and drilled. My PAP was ok over, but is apparently no longer 1/2"up. I am all about technology, so I am totally sold on this little device and software. See if it is available in your area!!