Columbia 300 Eruption Pro Hybrid

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Columbia 300 Eruption Pro Hybrid - 03/01/15 04:31 PM

I've been watching a lot of bowling videos lately, as I'm getting the itch to rejoin a league. I watched a video of Chris Barnes over in Poland in 2014, and he bowled a 300 while winning the world championship over there.

But, what amazed me in the 300 game was that the ball he was using gave him at least 4 strikes that I doubt he'd otherwise have had. They didn't say what ball he was using, but I did some detective work, and I'm about 90% sure he was using the Columbia Eruption Pro Hybrid. I'm telling you, that ball hit like a Mac (Mack) truck! I'm looking for a polished ball of this type to use in medium oiled houses and to fill that niche in my arsenal. To give you a description of my bowling style, is that I'm small, like Norm Duke, and my favorite way to play the lanes is the same as Norm's; that is, to throw from the right corner of the lane, over the first or second arrow, or target one of the boards between those two arrows.

I haven't joined a league yet, but I've been assured that there will be a summer league available at a bowling center 30 miles from me (mostly highway). In the meantime, I'm going to bowl in some other little tournaments, and perhaps some 9 pin no tap tournaments.

Sooooo, I really am looking strongly at getting this ball, and I was just wondering what you guys and gals think of this ball, or if you'd recommend a different ball that would fill this niche in my bag. Thanks a lot for your info before hand.

Five or so years ago, before I quit bowling in a league, because of medical problems, I was part of this community back then, and thought it was very informative. I'm glad that I've decided to start bowling again, as I have always enjoyed bowling so much. And, I am thankful for this forum.

On a side note, I don't know about how it is in your area, but evidentially bowling is dying in my area. Do you know that there used to be 5 bowling centers within 10 miles of my home as I was growing up? Now there are just two! And, they are owned by the same management. But, I think that is a good thing, as I think current management will turn the center they bought into a very nice bowling center again. Previous management had let it run down. And, those two centers are like ghost towns in the summer!

Thank you all!
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Re: Columbia 300 Eruption Pro Hybrid - 03/01/15 05:08 PM

Bowling interest, at least in the US has been on the decline for some time now. When they cancelled Saturday afternoon bowling on TV, that really put the exclamation point on the situation.

I like you am bowling with a medical ailment. In my case, it is an arthritic wrist. Even with low revs, I have found it difficult to play down and in with strong balls.

You didn't indicate your ball speed so you might not have to contend with low ball speeds as I do. If you need to, you can take the Eruption Pro Hybrid to 3000 or 4000 with a polish and it will get you longer down the lane. A ball like the Eruption Pro Hybrid will read the lane early (RG 2.51, Diff .031), you may want to talk to your driller about getting a weaker pattern drilled so as to get better length.
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Re: Columbia 300 Eruption Pro Hybrid - 03/01/15 05:46 PM

if it was bright orange and s solid orange color, it was the ERUPTION PRO

if it was a bit darker orange with some feint darker swirls in it, it was the EP HYBRID

i have had them both, got rid of the orange eruption pro as it didn't fit my game, it slowed down a bit to fast for me, but i know people who love theirs

the EP Hybrid is a great even rolling piece
neither of these 2 balls are for heavy oil conditions, they excel on the medium to lighter volumes
And yes, the carry is phenomenal.....
they are reasonably priced as well

good luck!
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Re: Columbia 300 Eruption Pro Hybrid - 03/01/15 10:07 PM

The only high performance ball I've ever had is a Roto Grip Cell. I also owned a BVP, but it wasn't the Mammoth. I think that is a Brunswick ball? I didn't like it at all. It was a particle ball.

But, man, I could not believe the Cell. The first time I bowled with it was after I got it drilled (of course), and I took it to the Bowling Center that I usually bowled league at, and I think my first game was a 214, and my second was in the 220s. This is a guy who averaged 159 with the BVP! I even bowled my highest game ever, a 252, when practicing. I bowled a 245 in league, my first 600 series a few 600+ series, and had I not choked, I would have bowled my first 700 series with the Cell, but I choked on the first ball in the 10th frame and only got 3 pins, and then left the 10th open by getting 6 of the remaining 7 pins for a 687 series. I led the league for a while, and I think had I broken 700, I would have gotten an award for high series for the first half. This is a church league, not an open league. I had 22 strikes, and I think that was the only open frame I had. A guy from the other team said, I don't think you've missed the pocket all night (that was prior to my choking with the 3 pin shot).

The bowling center I normally bowled in league at is kind of strange. It has a plastic film covering their wooden alleys. So, once they've been freshly oiled, they're kind of slick, especially for a guy like me. To give you some idea, I put away my plastic ball (I had gotten it mainly to pick up the 10 pin), and started using the BVP (because it was closer to my Cell's weight). And, I could throw almost straight at the 10 pin, with a very tiny curve at the end. I also had the BVP drilled at a certified pro shop, and it fit real well, so I preferred to use it to my plastic ball. But, nothing could beat that Cell!

I don't throw very hard. In fact, my speed went up 4 mph when using the 14 lb Cell (I'd like to use a 15 lb ball, but I just don't think I can). The BVP particle ball was only a 13, and it just wouldn't hook much on those plastic alleys, and I was only throwing it 10+ to 11 mph. I wish I could understand RG, Diff and all that stuff, and how the layout is going to effect me and so on. But, though I've learned a lot, a lot of that stuff is still over my head.

You know, it's funny, the heavier ball I threw faster than the lighter ball! A guy from another team even came up to me one night at league and told me, "I think you're throwing the ball harder than you did last year". And, I said, yes, I noticed that too. I attributed it to 1) my arm being in better shape after 1 1/2 years of bowling league every week, I never missed a week, plus I practiced from time to time. And, 2) the pendulum action of my arm raising a heavier ball then going forward to release it gave it more energy. I'm trying to remember, but I think I may have been throwing harder from the very start of using the Cell 14 lb ball.

The alleys I'll be bowling at this summer will be wood, and good quality alleys, so I'm wondering if a polished ball will hook enough for me there. I really don't have a strong hook, that is another reason a real high hook rating ball works for me. On, their perfect score, or whatever they call it, my Cell was close to 230 I think, when I bought the Cell. The Eruption Pro Hybrid is like 193. That scares me a little bit. But, I want something that is going to hook on those wooden alleys this summer, but not over hook - I'm afraid that might be the case with the Cell, or if I get the latest version of the Cell, or the Crux, or some really high performance balls. I think those wooden alleys will hook more than those plastic covered alleys.
It seems like Columbia's prices are a little lower, which I like, in case I decide to get another real high performance ball like the Cell was. But I kind of hate to leave Roto-Grip.

By the way, the Pro ball that Chris was using seemed to be red to me. I can't remember now what red I referred it to last night. Fire engine red maybe? It wasn't as orange as the non-Hybrid Pro. I looked at some Hybrids on video too, and that was part of what made me think it was an Eruption Pro Hybrid. It was a very pretty red. I just wish you could try them out first on freshly oiled alleys like you'll face on league nights. Wouldn't you know that the St. Charles, MO bowling center had a Saturday or Sunday, 2/15/15 where you could go try out the balls, and I didn't see the flyer until about Feb 20th!! Just my luck! I would have gone over there. It's no farther than it is to where I plan to bowl league this summer.

Here's the youtube link to Barnes and his 300 game (I was looking for the video that just showed the 300 game but couldn't find it, so it is the 2nd game he bowls, I'm pretty sure):

I've wrote way too long already, but I love to talk bowling.

Let me just say this - if you were a guy who had low revs and threw a 14 lb ball 14 to 15 mph, and had trouble hooking the ball, what kind of ball would you go with - a real high performance ball, or the next step down (which is where I consider the Eruption Pro Hybrid to be); and would you stick with a sanded ball, or do you think a very highly hook rated polished or pearlized ball would work?

Thanks so much for all your help. I'm going to try my Cell on those wooden lanes first - preferably not too long after they've been oiled, and see what kind of reaction I get before buying anything!
Thanks again!
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Re: Columbia 300 Eruption Pro Hybrid - 03/02/15 02:39 AM

Peculiar, the Cell is designed for heavy oil and has high flare potential. Even with low revs, that ball should hook. I wonder if you are "suitcasing" the ball, as that would effectively kill the ball. Or maybe you are rolling the ball end over end.

What does your release look like?
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Re: Columbia 300 Eruption Pro Hybrid - 03/02/15 09:17 AM

My release isn't very good. I have difficulty cupping a 13 or 14 pound ball behind me, and then uncapping on release. That is the way Pedersen and Duke said to release it. So, I don't get many revs on a typical roll down the alley. And, I'm talking mainly about the center where I normally will be bowling league. That is the center where the lanes are covered with plastic, making them essentially hybrid synthetic lanes. I essentially have a tendency to be on top or kind of top and the right side of the ball.

I don't know, you may have misunderstood me or vice versa. Usually, even after freshly oiled for leagues, the cell hooks pretty well. My concern is that the cell will over hook on the wooden lanes that I'll be bowling on this spring and summer. I was hoping a ball like Eruption Pro Hybrid would hook just about right on the nice wooden lanes at st. Clair bowl and/ or Bel-Air Bowl in Belleville, IL. By the way, I'd say the color of the ball CB was using in Poland was Cherry red. It was more cherry red than any shade of orange. I wish I could try something similar to it. If I could find that ball in the racks, or something similar, I might be able to get some idea of how much that type of ball will hook. I may not be able to find anything, so will just have to test using a Roto Grip Cell.
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Re: Columbia 300 Eruption Pro Hybrid - 03/02/15 11:44 AM

Wood lanes do create more friction, which creates earlier and smoother hook than synthetic lanes. Some bowling centers just put out a regular volume shot on their wood, and it will hook quite a bit. Other bowling centers with increase the volume of oil, or lengthen the pattern, to get the lanes to play like other centers near by.

Your best bet is to go talk to the pro shop in that center, and get an idea of how the lanes will play. Find out when they oil their lanes, and go practice then with your Cell. Get an ideal if you'll need more or less hook, or if you're happy.

From there, the pro shop can very easily change the surface on the Cell to get it to do exactly what you want. Of course, buying a new ball is a lot of fun, and having the balls as a combo is probably a good idea, but its not necessary.

Modern bowling balls are like muscle cars. The best part about them is you can constantly tweak them, tune them up, to get them to best suit your needs.
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Re: Columbia 300 Eruption Pro Hybrid - 03/02/15 03:18 PM

That's a good idea. When I go to St. Clair bowl, where I'm planning on doing some bowling this summer (and getting a new ball, if I feel I need one), they have one of the best pro shops around here, in my opinion, and I'll see what they say.

And then, fortunately, this fall, I'll probably be going back to the church league I was formerly in. It is about 8 miles away. But they're the ones that bought the bowling center in my hometown (which is about 1.5 miles away). So, I can probably just go up there and talk to the pro shop guy here in town, and he'll be able to give me info on both of the local bowling centers.

It said on their website that he manages both pro shops, as well as the bowling centers. I know the guy from years past, and he's a pretty nice guy (and a real good bowler).

Tell me something, Champ, as you seem very knowledgeable about bowling balls. I'm basing this off of's perfect score (I believe that is what they call it).

Say you have a Roto-Grip or Storm ball (I believe they're the same company now), and this Roto-Grip or Storm ball has a matte finish of 2000 or 4000 and a very high hook rating of 230. And then we are comparing a Roto-Grip or Storm ball that is polished and also has a very high perfect score of about 230 to it. Is that matte finished ball going to hook more than the polished ball, or is the polished ball probably just going to go longer than the matte ball, before hooking?

I'm mainly just wanting to get another ball that gives me a little different look at the pins, because I can get into these ruts, just like the PBA guys, where I'm nailing the pocket, but leaving ringing 10s, or leaving 10s where the 6 pin just lays in the channel.

It can actually ruin a game for me, because I'm not that great at picking up the 10. I'd say conservatively, that I pick it up about 60% of the time. I want to work on that and improve it. But, if I'm bowling league one night, and all of a sudden I start leaving 10 pins, I'd like the option of using another really good ball, besides making a minor move on the approach or my target out on the lane.

Thanks for all your help! I hope I didn't confuse you with my question(s).
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Re: Columbia 300 Eruption Pro Hybrid - 03/02/15 04:40 PM

Firstly, when it comes to those hook ratings, I think most bowlers will find that two balls on opposite ends of the spectrum (very strong and very week) only hook 5-7 boards more than each other. I don't think I've ever seen anyone buy a weak ball and be forced to play up the gutter, and then get a very strong ball and be forced to play the 5th arrow. Your game will determine how much hook you get, and all balls are going to fall into a pretty finite window.

Basically, your Cell may force you to play 12 at the arrows, while the Eruption may force you to play 9 at the arrows. Not much difference really.

Now, the answer to your question can get kind of tricky.

When changing the surface of the ball you're not really changing how much it hooks, your changing when it hooks.

Taking a ball up in surface (2000 to 4000 for example) or polishing it, will make it hook later. This causes the ball to not hook in the midlane and to save its energy for the backend.

The result of this can cause the ball to hook more. (many bowlers assume polishing it will make it hook less, and usually it does, but its not always the case.)

The ultimate objective is to match the cover up to the conditions you're on. If you're on heavy oil, you want to sand it aggressively. If you're on very light oil, you want to bring the surface up, and polish it.

All of this takes a lot of trial and error, and a lot of really using your eyes. It even takes a long time to really understand exactly what it is you're looking for. Its not just about total hook. Its about getting your ball to do the right thing at the right part of the lane.
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Re: Columbia 300 Eruption Pro Hybrid - 03/02/15 04:46 PM

Here is a link to a great video that will help explain exactly what you want you ball to do. It takes a long time for a bowler to really be a able to see all of this in real time, but if you can pick up on a few ideas, your scores will improve.

Bowling academy
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Re: Columbia 300 Eruption Pro Hybrid - 03/02/15 08:03 PM

Thanks a bunch! I'll surely check it out...
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Re: Columbia 300 Eruption Pro Hybrid - 03/02/15 08:43 PM

Thank you for your last couple of posts - some real interesting stuff. I may make it to the bowling alley (the bowling center that does a lot of business, and where I plan on bowling later this spring & summer). I'm going to check out the Cell when I get there, and I've noticed that sometimes they have some pretty good used balls sitting around where folks can use them, so might see what I can find there and how it reacts.

You know, after watching that video, I noticed that my ball really didn't look that bad. I was watching a video of one of my last games in the 2005 or 2006 seasons last night. It really wasn't one of my better efforts, except I did pick up a spare that I usually don't pick up. I remember I only bowled a 188 (which is great for my team, we were pretty bad. But, getting to be pretty average for me). But, my Cell was skidding and rolling and hooking pretty much like Chris said it should be. Amazing!

One thing I did notice from my video is that I didn't realize how weak my base or my foundation was. I was falling off balance on virtually every shot. And, after the health problems I've had the last 5+ years, my legs are even weaker now. That is why I said, I sure wish I could throw a 15 lb ball, but just think it is impossible now. And, if I can't throw a 14, then I might as well retire. Because 13 is just too weak. I found that out the hard way - by actually using a 13 for a season and not bowling any better than I did as a kid. In fact, it might have been worse.

I will talk to the pros in the pro shop at the new center I'll be going to this summer, and see what they think about the Hybrid, or what they think of some other balls that they like, and balls that I like. They're pretty friendly and I think will be very helpful.

They sell used balls too, which saves you about 50%. The problem is, they are all 15 and 16 lb. One pro told me when they get a 14 lb ball in, it goes pretty fast!. Think about it. Anytime someone buys the kind of high performance ball I'm interested in, it is probably going to be traded in by someone who throws 15 or 16 lbs.

I just think that my ball is going to hook sooner at a real wood bowling lane (that has been well taken care of) vs a wooden lane that has a plastic covering.

I'm also guessing that I might throw a polished ball faster than a sanded ball, would that be a correct assumption?

Anyway, thanks for all your help. I'll be asking about some other balls, before I decide whether to buy another one or not. I know that I'm not getting rid of my original Cell anytime soon.

I'm going to try over the next couple of weeks to pattern my style after Norm Duke, as I think that could be a very successful way of playing the lanes for me. Throwing from the right corner, over the first arrow, or at one of the boards between the first and 2nd arrows. I can envision the ball playing just like it does for Norm. with that 8 to 10 board move at the end and mixing the pins, or nailing the pocket.

Thanks again!
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Re: Columbia 300 Eruption Pro Hybrid - 03/02/15 09:16 PM

Yeah, I was thinking of your original post where you mentioned that you threw over the 2nd arrow from the gutter. Usually that would be indicative of a straight bowler angling the ball to the pocket. I stand 5 board and throw over the 2nd arrow to pick up the 7 pin.

With the stronger balls of today, you don't lose a lot of punch with the lower weight balls. Going with too heavy of a ball may make you a worse bowler. You need to go with what your body is comfortable with.
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Re: Columbia 300 Eruption Pro Hybrid - 03/03/15 09:07 PM

Yes, I'm going to stick with 14 lbs.

Now, if I go to practice on Saturday afternoons, or during a weekday, I don't necessarily use the 2 arrow to throw over, because the lanes are drier.

But, Nelson Burton said in an instructional video to start there, then adjust your feet on the approach and your target from there. If it is left, move left, I think he said 3 boards on the approach for every board you move on the lanes. I don't know, it has probably been 8 years since I watched it.

Because, you know what is funny about that? I was about 50 at the time, and I never knew you were supposed to move left if you missed left. I would always move left. No wonder I wasn't any good.

I'll have to find that video and watch it again.

You know, I like to bowl straight like that because it is simply easier to control (IMO). I just like an 8 to 12 inch move at the end.

That is Norm Duke's "A" game, and I figure, if it is good enough for him, it is good enough for me.

But, I learned enough from Norm and Nelson's instructional videos to know how to target better. I'm not above going over the 3rd or 4th arrow - or whichever one I need, and to move on the approach, if needed.

I tell you, I'm really close to getting that Eruption Pro Hybrid, but I'm looking at a few other balls too.

Truthfully, I need a thousand dollars or two to get all the balls I'd like to use, to be honest, ha! ha!
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Re: Columbia 300 Eruption Pro Hybrid - 03/03/15 09:43 PM

I forgot to mention, thanks for the tip on picking up the 10 pin. I hate that 10 pin, and I'm guessing I'm not the only one!
I usually lined it up, so that the middle arrow was directly between me and the 10 pin. I usually knew immediately if I got it or not. If I went over the middle arrow, I could turn my back and walk away, because I knew I had picked up the 10 pin. I could also turn my back and walk away, knowing I had missed it, if I didn't throw over that middle arrow, or darn close to it; because I had missed the 10 pin in that case.

I always felt I had too much of an angle, and had thought of doing like you said you picked it up. My next practice game, and next few 10 pins, I'll give your method a try.

Thanks so much!
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Re: Columbia 300 Eruption Pro Hybrid - 03/06/15 09:23 AM

Originally Posted By: iwanttoimprove
I forgot to mention, thanks for the tip on picking up the 10 pin. I hate that 10 pin, and I'm guessing I'm not the only one!
I usways felt I had too much of an angle, and had thought of doing like you said you picked it up. My next practice game, and next few 10 pins, I'll give your method a try.

Thanks so much!

looked but couldnt find the "method" you mention here. could you repeat it? always interested in different thing that work for others.


sorry, loked for this post
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Re: Columbia 300 Eruption Pro Hybrid - 05/10/15 07:12 PM

Well, an Eruption Pro Hybrid literally fell into my hands this past week. They had one on eBay that was a "misdrilled" ball. It also was supposed to have never been used. The seller was taking offers, so I thought, I'll offer $20 less than he's asking, and see if he'll take it. He did! And, on Wednesday of this past week, I received My Pro HYBRID. This ball was like new, and had the most beautiful plugging job done on it, that I'd ever seen!

I don't know, now that I've seen the hybrid up close, and personal, Barnes may have been using its predecessor, the Eruption Pro. I need to look at that video again. I base that revised opinion on the release date of the ball, which in this case was October 14 for the Hybrid, and one year earlier for the Eruption Pro (non-hybrid). Though I think that pros many times have access to the new bowling balls before we do.

So, I got it drilled prior to my Senior color pin session, and I promptly had my best session, since I started bowling with the seniors, off and on, for the past couple of months.

Now, I hope I'm not jumping to conclusions about this ball, as I've only used it for 3 games, plus the practice for those 3 games. But, the first time I threw it, In practice, I couldn't believe the left hand turn this ball made once it got to what I guess is "the spot". It actually ended up going high, leaving a 3-6 I think. So, went over to the other lane, made a slightly educated guess at where I should stand and where I should target this new ball. I ended up standing a little bit left of where I'd been playing with other balls, like Pyramids Origin Pearl ball, and boom, a strike. I don't remember what the rest of my practice session was like, as I've not been feeling well, and I didn't want to overdo it.

For the 3 game session, I had about 15 strikes. I know, in the second game, I had 8 strikes, including a 5 bagger. My spare shooting has been horrendous, since I started bowling again, and I think I've got part of it figured out. I need a new thumb slug put in my spare ball, because, due to medical problems, I've lost 30 to 40 lbs off of an 155 to 160 frame. That's a big loss, off of a guy who is that small to begin with.

The best I ever did with the Cell, 5 years ago, during league, was 22 strikes in a 3 game set. The lanes had some sort of plastic or Teflon coating back then, and you had to have a heavy oil ball, if you are a stroker like I am. Since they've removed the plastic (or whatever it was), a stroker needs a medium oil ball.

And, I think the lanes were a little dryer than usual, based on ball reaction. I also came to that conclusion because I got there early, to get my ball drilled. Any other time, when I've gotten there early, I've seen them oil our lanes. I didn't see them oil our lanes, even though I got there early for this session. Now, maybe they oiled them prior to our session. But, I can't help but wonder if they didn't oil our lanes on this particular day.

Back to the Hybrid, it just hits the pins like a Mac truck. I only use a 14 lb ball, and it still gave me strikes on light hits, and when I went through the nose. And, the first two games, before I got tired out on the third game, it was kicking out the 10 pin on a regular basis. The third game, I was tired, and many times I didn't release the ball well, or threw it slower than I had been, so I left a couple of 10s. But, that was more my fault, than the ball's fault.

The other thing that it did, that my Cell does well, was to pick up the 7 pin, or the 4-7 combination. With my Cell, I liked to stand on the right side of the lane and aim towards the 2nd arrow, with a relaxed ball speed, and watch it cross the entire lane, before picking up the spare. The same goes for the 4 or 4-7, with a little more speed. Some will think, why doesn't he use his spare ball and go straight. But, I just got into the habit of picking these spares up this way, and probably have a 95% success rate, so I'm going to keep on doing it this way. The Pyramid Origins Pearl couldn't do it.

To sum it all up, I like the way the ball hits on the back-end, I like the way it feels in my hand, when I'm on the approach, it just gives me the confidence that I'm going to strike every time I walk onto the approach. I like the way it kicks out the 10 pin, or at times gives you strikes when you go through the nose. I also like that I can basically use my "strike" ball to pick up spares on at least half the rack. And, it's a great looking ball, going down the alley.

So, we'll see how it does next week, and I'll add comments after that.
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Re: Columbia 300 Eruption Pro Hybrid - 05/11/15 05:14 PM

I watched some of Chris Barnes' 300 game in Poland in 2014, and I am now about 99% sure he was using the Hybrid. In fact, he had a couple of them sitting there. He must have had one drilled to go straighter, as he was shooting his spares (which were all 1 pin spares while I watched yesterday) with a Hybrid also.

I've just never been so impressed with a ball, after being impressed when I saw it used, and then really being impressed when I got to use it myself.

I'm scheduled to bowl again tomorrow, but I've felt queasy since Friday. So, if I get to bowl, I'll update my impressions on the Hybrid, after that session.