Storm balls.

Posted by: Pat013

Storm balls. - 09/14/14 12:44 AM

I've been thinking about switching to a Storm Ball. The last two balls I've had were the Black Widow Assassin and the 3D Offset. I prefer using balls which hook rating is the strongest on the market. Can anyone tell me which is the strongest hooking Storm ball out there?

Here's a collection of balls I've owned over the past 20 years...
Posted by: champ

Re: Storm balls. - 09/14/14 04:04 PM

The Zero Gravity probably has the strongest coverstock, but I would guess that on a house shot, the Byte or the maybe the Optimus would give you the most hook potential. You have to match the ball to the lane conditions, and if you get too strong a coverstock, you'll get roll out, weak hits, and oftentimes less hook.
Posted by: TheDemolitionMan

Re: Storm balls. - 09/16/14 03:12 AM

Any ball with the name Hy-road on it, is a monster on house shots. Those balls are smooth and very easy to control.
Posted by: Rocket Jr

Re: Storm balls. - 09/17/14 12:24 PM

House shot I Agree with Byte for fresh medium oil, and Hyroad original once they break down a little. On sport shot for long patterns such as Mexico City, I go Zero Gravity, Byte, Hyroad. I am more of a medium Rev Stroker with about 16 mph speed. I am considering the Hyroad solid pin down for the longer flatter patterns though I have been reading good things about it and price point is pretty good.