Motiv Sting ball review and video. BEST BENCHMARK

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Motiv Sting ball review and video. BEST BENCHMARK - 12/27/13 02:56 PM

Bowler Specs:
Right Handed
Ball weight 15lbs.
P.A.P. 4 1/2 right and 1/8th up
Ball Speed on monitor: 15.5 to 16mph
Rev Rate: 375+
Rotation: Med
Tilt: Med/High

Ball Layout:
70 X 4" X 65
Used O.O.B. Surface only. 1500 polished

Both High friction AMF and Med friction AMf Surfaces
39' medium oil house condition
41' light/medium oil house condition
32' PBA Wolf Pattern (durring South Regional Tournament)
Really broken down 39' house pattern.

Ok, this is what I was looking for to compliment my Primal Rage. I drilled it exactly the same as my Rage and kept the surfaces the same as well. I got exactly what I thought I would get. An earlier, more continuous version of my Rage. The super clean cover is wrapped around a super LOW RG core. This means all the energy is saved for end of the oil pattern. It just hooks so hard off the spot. Unlike the Rage, you do not have to worry about throwing it through the breakpoint. The Sting begs to be thrown hard! I have still not changed the cover and found it to be the best benchmark ball I have ever thrown. From 32' flood to a house shot that hasn't been oiled for days, you can find a way to use the Sing with a little versatility in your own ability. In contrast to the Rage, the Sting didn't kick the corner pins out as well but I didn't really need the help because it usually was a "10 in the pit" type of strike when it hit pocket. However, I would much rather use the Primal Rage when the lanes were wide open. The Sting was a bit too strong when the oil wasn't as fresh. You can use it but it meant moving way left and not giving up the pocket. That is generally not as fun as throwing the Redball at the ditch and watching the pins fly everywhere.

The Sting is the ball you want first out of your bag! I recommend a Low RG drilling to go along with the Low RG core. Using a "pin down" layout will take full advantage of all the power the Sting has to offer. This is a must have for Motiv fans but should be a top contender if you are looking to add your first MOTIVated ball into your arsenal.
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Re: Motiv Sting ball review and video. BEST BENCHMARK - 12/30/13 08:21 AM

Well put together Matt, nice work!