Lane #1 Pearl Stealth Bomber Video and Review

Posted by: mattyg3535

Lane #1 Pearl Stealth Bomber Video and Review - 10/19/12 12:18 PM

Lane #1 Pearl Stealth Bomber
65 x 5 x 45

Hand: Right

PAP: 5 3/16 right and 3/4 up

Speed: 15.5

Rev Rate: 300+

Rotation: low to Med

Axis Tilt: Med to Med/High

Lane Conditions: Kegel Stone Street 42' and U.S. Open 41'

Likes: Very strong cover even at 4000 box finish. Angular but not jumpy.

Dislikes: Too strong for most conditions. Polish did not really change reaction.

Review: The Lane #1 Pearl Stealth Bomber is my first experience with Lane #1 equipment. I didn't know what to expect so I drilled the ball up right around my benchmark drilling for asymmetrical equipment. I was not disappointed. When I do my video ball reaction videos I try to do the same thing every time to be fair to the viewers. I shoot the video from 3 angles and start with fresh conditions with little to no warm up shots. I try to throw a few shots (2-3) from one spot and then move left until I run out of room on the fresh shot, to show how strong or weak the ball is. When I am done, I move the camera down to film the next angle and start back right and move left. This is done once more for the low angle. The cover on the Bomber was so strong and it soaked up so much oil, I had a hard time getting the lower angles. There was just no more oil on the lane.
The first shot I tried was the U.S. Open. The Bomber just made it look too easy. I was able to throw to the 8 board (at the break point) without fear of skidding past it. There seemed to be no out of bounds to the right. The miss inside though was still there. One board left of target and it was easily left of the head pin every time. I just had to keep my speed up as I got left and it played like easy street. Very surprised. I just threw the Storm Lucid and I didn't save 1/4 of the energy this ball did.
The second shot I tried was Stone Street. This happens to be my league shot in that house. I struggled to play anything right of 10 at the break point due to the lack of volume. It is about half the volume of the U.S. Open. I was able to get some good shots in but I had to move on almost every shot to get the ball to retain any energy in the backend. Those with less hand and more speed would probably do much better on this type of shot with this big a ball.

Conclusion: The Pearl Stealth Bomber is a BIG ball. It delivers all the angularity you need on the heaviest of oil patterns. The 4000 box dull surface is strong! The core's angularity is predictable and impressive. It isn't designed to be your everyday ball unless you are speed dominate or bowl on a super high volume house shot.

Matty G
BowlerX Staff
Posted by: B-Hammer

Re: Lane #1 Pearl Stealth Bomber Video and Review - 10/20/12 11:20 AM

Nice vid Matty G.

Did you have any issues laying out the ball, and/or did you put it on a determinator? I know the boomerang had difficulties being laid out where the PSA markings didn't match up and they were considered z-spin axis balls. Is the Stealth the same way, or will the marked PSA match up on a determinator?
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Re: Lane #1 Pearl Stealth Bomber Video and Review - 10/20/12 12:56 PM

Matty G.
I found this to be an excellent video. The set up is like what the bowler sees.When I watch this video it makes me see how
important it is to keep the ball very close to the 10 board at
40 or so feet.Most lanes don't have that marked.I also like your release and think you are an excellent model for average bowlers.
I doubt there is any ball out there you can not make work!
Posted by: mattyg3535

Re: Lane #1 Pearl Stealth Bomber Video and Review - 10/21/12 09:23 AM

B-Hammer, I had no problem what so ever with the DeTerminator. The marked MB was with in 1/8 inch. The DeTerminator is only accurate with in 1/2 inch. I believe the ball was a little bit more than 9 sec after drilling.

TTR, Thank you so much. I chose the center I film at specifically because of the range finders. I used to have to put markings on the videos to show depth. Hard to not make every ball look the same with out visual reference points.
I don't B.S. the results either. I DO NOT burn a spot in and then shoot. What you see is what I got! On average it takes between 3 to 4 games per pattern to shoot and that is only because I am trying to show you where the ball CAN play on fresh. Kind of hard to shoot the video without having someone break down the lane with so that is why you will not see me crossing every board with every ball. If it cannot do it, I will not doctor up the lanes to make it. I also use the tape on my pap so you all can see if I change my release any.
I will not bash any equipment but I will tell you my likes and dislikes honestly. If a company doesn't give me a ball because I was honest I will let you know about that too.