Motiv Primal Scream Video and Review

Posted by: mattyg3535

Motiv Primal Scream Video and Review - 10/14/12 09:27 AM

Hand: Right
Speed: 15.5 (on monitor)
Rev Rate: 300+
Rotation: 30*-45*
Axis Tilt: 15*-20*
PAP: 5 3/16 right 3/4 up
Drilling: 75 X 4.5" X 35

Test patterns: 42' modified Kegel Main Street and PBA Viper pattern

Intent: I have never owned a Motiv ball. Why I do not know. Didn't quite know what to expect. The core looked unusual to me. It was big but had a hole in the center so I didn't know what it would do. Figured it was symmetrical so just put a medium pin to pap and a smaller Val angle and I would be safe. I can always dial back my release but I hate having to amp things up to get them to work.

Review: WOW! I am a fan of Motiv. I have often put a Val angles (vertical axis angle - responsible for how quick a ball rolls up off the break point) on a ball too small and had them die off the spot. Not this bad boy. When that core gets into a roll it just never stops! I used this ball on a long pattern and a short pattern and was able to control both with ease. When I thought the ball was going to roll out on Viper it just came screaming back (pun intended). On the 42' pattern the ball was perfect. I did try to change the cover to 2000 to see if it yielded a better result but it didn't. Just hooked earlier with less movement in the back. 4000 was perfect! Motiv's use of color in this ball is great too. The emerald green with the the florescent orange stripes really pop going down the lane. Made it really easy to see the phases and everyone was asking about it when they saw it on the rack. This ball is a great benchmark ball for me. I want to compare the motion to something like a high end Brunswick ball. I would place it between Brunswick and Track as far as midlane read and backend motion. I don't think this ball would replace any heavy oil equipment but it will slide right in after it.

Likes: COLOR. I know that is stupid but how many times have you bought a ball because it looked cool? When you get the ball to roll it doesn't stop! When you see the orange spin up it will always do what you expect! Can use on any length with similar results.

Dislikes: Without a surface change, you might not be able to use this ball on the heaviest of oil.

Conclusion: If you have never tried a Motiv ball, this should be you first. It provides enough core motion to play any pattern and a cover that retains enough energy without being touchy at the end of the pattern. I think ALL styles of bowlers will like this ball and can be used on ALL pattern lengths. I carry a 3 ball bag with me. Depending on where/when I bowl I swap out what I am going to bring. This ball winds up always being in it when ever I go. It is the ultimate Benchmark Ball. And it looks cool as hell!
Posted by: metguy

Re: Motiv Primal Scream Video and Review - 10/14/12 09:44 AM

Looks like a great ball. Been debating on getting one. Too many choices right now.
Posted by: metguy

Re: Motiv Primal Scream Video and Review - 10/14/12 09:46 AM

I was looking at this ball also. Since i have the Raptor P7, i thought it would be too much like my Raptor. The Thrash and Impulse are on my list though along with the Venom Strike which has a release date at the end of the month.

I love my Raptor, GREAT ball..
Posted by: vgnano420

Re: Motiv Primal Scream Video and Review - 10/14/12 10:45 AM

Nice post great ball.
Posted by: mattyg3535

Re: Motiv Primal Scream Video and Review - 10/19/12 11:41 AM

This was the first Motiv ball I drilled for myself. I did throw some of their stuff at a demo. I only got to throw the Attack not the sold Raptor. I got to tell you, I think that the Scream will be more like a smaller version of the Raptor. The Attack was too long. I don't use it as a #1 ball unless I need a lot of angle. If the Raptor is you #1 the Scream can easily be your #2. Track 716t is my #1 and then I go to the Scream.
Hope that helps?
Posted by: HughScot

Re: Motiv Primal Scream Video and Review - 11/03/12 04:41 PM

Regarding the color I think it looks like a Monster Can. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder but this is "wolf ugly".