Storm Lucid Video and Review

Posted by: mattyg3535

Storm Lucid Video and Review - 10/14/12 08:46 AM

Tested on: 42" Modified Kegel Main Street and PBA Shark patterns

Hand: Right
Speed: 15.5 (on monitor)
Rotation: 30* to 45*
Axis tilt: 15* - 20*
PAP: 5 3/16 right and 3/4 up
Drilling Layout: 65 X 3.5 X 30

Intent: I was looking to use the Lucid on longer patterns. Shots where the breakpoint was 10 or left. In the past, Storm's equipment tended to go too far down the lane. Even such balls as the Nano got too much length. This time I was going to use similar dual angle layout numbers but take the pin down a bit. I was using 4" to 4.5" pins in the past so I didn't think the 3.5 would hurt?

Results: I got what I wanted as far as shape. The Lucid is a STRONG rolling pearl. It is not the typical motion that Storm has become famous for. There is NO skid/flip. Only on the longer patterns and only close to the headpin did I get the reaction I was looking for. I have to keep the ball as far in as 13 at the breakpoint. That being said, the Lucid hits @ 13 like a ball coming in from the 3 board. It is just explosive! For a more general ball motion I could have put a 5.5+ pin on the ball but hind sight is 20/20. I got what I was looking for but it will not work on a THS. I was easily getting 7"-8" of flare on some shots. It wants to roll right off you hand. Tried all surfaces and polish and got similar results.

Likes: I could get the ball to roll on even the heaviest of volumes. Didn't need a big entry angle to get an amazing amount of pin action.

Dislikes: Not a typical Storm motion. Condition specific ball.

Conclusion: Would not suggest this ball for rev dominate people. Not even sure if speed dominate would like it. This ball is more for you average house bowler that struggles to get equipment to hook. With a middle of the road layout they can see a huge improvement in ball motion and carry percentage. Would like to see Storm/Roto Grip do what Brunswick/DV8 did. Separate the different ball motions among the 2 brands. It is going to get confusing when trying to layout future equipment. Is the next ball going to have the skid/flip quality or the roll early quality? My 2cents, make Storm the Skid/Flip and Roto Grip the Roll Early. At least consumers will know what to expect.

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Posted by: sk8shorty01

Re: Storm Lucid Video and Review - 10/16/12 12:30 PM

I have a video releasing soon as well, as I just punched mine up Friday.


I really liked the ball on both THS and sport, it rolled really well for me. I don't want to go into a lot of specifics just yet because the video tells so much more but I will just go off scores with it up to this point on the THS.

238-269-249-272-224-228 Friday on the burn.

300-269-244-233 Monday on fresh THS.
Posted by: Fin09

Re: Storm Lucid Video and Review - 10/16/12 02:34 PM

Just polished mine to see what it will do- expecting quite a bit from this ball. After throwing it some at the 4000 finish, it read the lane a little earlier than I wanted it to.
Posted by: Fin09

Re: Storm Lucid Video and Review - 10/16/12 02:38 PM

Sk8- 272? I love shooting #s like that. 261 or 271 make for good conversation.
Posted by: sk8shorty01

Re: Storm Lucid Video and Review - 10/17/12 08:06 AM

It was a strange game in that I went 7/ in frame 5 and then my fill shot I left a greek church... LOL.
Posted by: slaterracing

Re: Storm Lucid Video and Review - 10/17/12 10:42 AM

Sk8 do you think the Lucid is a good replacement for the anarchy? I threw it at the demo day and loved it but just not sure if it is enough diff from either my anarchy (which i need to retire cause it has a ton of games on it and is beat up) or my critical Theory. If I do end up getting it I think i would have it taken to 1500 and polished right away and see what it does. Since it is 4000 OOB just like my CT is? What is your thinking on this?
Posted by: sk8shorty01

Re: Storm Lucid Video and Review - 10/17/12 01:20 PM

To me the Lucid is pretty similar to what my Anarchy was, probably a little bit more roll than the Anarchy ever had but pretty close.

Taking it to 1500 polished would make the Lucid be a little more snappy, bringing it even more closely to the reaction your Anarchy had.
Posted by: slaterracing

Re: Storm Lucid Video and Review - 10/17/12 01:51 PM

See now I am not sure what i want to do. I also like the IQ and It did face up sooner but not sure if that is what i want or not. i am still having issues at my normal house as it is soaked compared to what i am use to so i am looking for something that will work well there. My modern works OK but had to have it sanded to 500 to get it to face up because of the [censored] drill i have on it. Stil not sure what i need to do yet.
Posted by: Joe Bowler

Re: Storm Lucid Video and Review - 10/17/12 02:00 PM

See now I am not sure what i want to do...Stil not sure what i need to do yet.

A Bowling This Month subscription costs $42/year, $68/two years. I can't tell you how much money I have saved by *not* buying the wrong ball.
Posted by: Fin09

Re: Storm Lucid Video and Review - 10/17/12 03:45 PM

I'm seriously considering subscribing to BTM- I don't buy a lot of equipment, so it would probably help me avoid some bad choices, too.
Posted by: slaterracing

Re: Storm Lucid Video and Review - 10/17/12 04:07 PM

Maybe i will ask my wife to get me that for xmas this year.
Posted by: mattyg3535

Re: Storm Lucid Video and Review - 10/19/12 12:13 PM

Mike I am glad you like the Lucid. I just think it is too much ball for my game. I like Storm stuff to do what Storm stuff does, Skid/Flip. I see the need for it in their line though. Was expecting something different I guess. Ball is a good ball but I need to play deep and inside to get it to hit hard.
As far at the BTM idea. Have a subscription for about 4 years now. It is worth it's weight in gold!!! I love the reviews but I don't like the chart thing. It is deceiving. They always test them on different length shots but some how they all fit on the same chart in the end? There should be a chart for every shot (think they have 3)and then plot the ball based on how it did on each chart. Average people think that a super strong ball (based on 44' oily pattern) will be strong. Then they throw it on the 40' medium pattern and doesn't see it hook. It can get a bit confusing to people that don't know better and just picking the ball that is the furthest to the right on the chart.