Roto Grip Grenade Review

Posted by: Jmartin27407

Roto Grip Grenade Review - 05/27/10 02:39 PM

Bowler Specs
Rev Rate: 500 rpm
Ball Speed: 19 mph
Axis Tilt: Med
Axis Rot: Low

Layout: 40x4.5x30 (pin above middle - cg 1" right of center)
Weight Hole: none
Surface: Box

I have highly been looking forward to the the release of the Roto Grip Grenade. With the shorter patterns that we see in some tournaments this is going to be a ball that sees a lot of action.

It has been a while since I threw urethane so I just used one of my favorite layouts on this ball. I tested this ball on the Broadway Kegel pattern which is 37 feet in length. Normally on this pattern I have a hard time playing straight due to how quick the ball comes of the end of the pattern and it forces me to play farther left use wider angles through the fronts. With the Grenade I was able to play right around 5 and the ball rolled off the end of the pattern instead of jumping. The hitting power of the Grenade is absolutely awesome and unlike some urethane I have seen thrown it never died in the midlanes.

One of my favorite parts about this ball is the moves I made as the lane broke down. Normally I move 3 and 1's or 5 and 2's which widens my angles through the front and puts me in jail eventually. With the Grenade I was able to make parallel moves (1 and 1) and never lost my reaction. I felt like I could throw this ball all day and still have a look.

All in all the Roto Grip Grenade is a remarkable ball for anyone bowling on shorter patterns and for high rev players or slower ball speeds it is a absolute must buy! Great release Roto Grip!!!
Posted by: revsalot

Re: Roto Grip Grenade Review - 07/30/10 01:45 PM

revs 475
speed 18
pap 5"
i agree with everything you said mine is a 5by5 drilling.
being a high rev bowler myself i found a home with this ball and other urethane. also if this is the same jimmy martin i wathced your video and i got a grenade right away thankyou for the videos
Posted by: B-Hammer

Re: Roto Grip Grenade Review - 10/05/10 10:16 PM

I saw the videos, saw Rhino Page and Ryan Ciminelli shredding the rack with it on TV, loved the line they were able to play, so figured I'd give one a try.

To this point I haven't had the conditions or the skill to really make it work. I can get to the pocket but just can't carry. It does work great as a spare ball for now, and I suspect it'll work better on burnt out summer lane conditions.