Updated Video - Footwork Problems

Posted by: DudeBowl

Updated Video - Footwork Problems - 09/29/09 12:17 AM

Lately, my already-short slide step has become non-existent. It's gotten to the point where I just take a final step and stop, which is not my style and definately not what I'm going for. I've been trying to work on it using one-steps, adding steps, etc. but it seems once I try a full approach it goes back to this.

It isn't just the slide step, the whole approach looks really choppy to me. When I watch others bowl, or watch videos on here, there is a certain smoothness to the approach mine lacks. In this video I was actually trying things that 'felt' different. But, then I watch the videos and each approach looks exactly the same.

There are plenty of other problems here (poor release, not posting long enough, etc.), but does anyone have any tips for smoothing this footwork out? It doesn't seem like I can move on until I get this right.

Posted by: TenPin_

Re: Updated Video - Footwork Problems - 09/29/09 10:07 AM

The video itself is a bit choppy, but it looks to me like you are doing a kind of mini march to the line. Each step is quick and stiff and looks like it comes crashing straight down. Your upper body is also very stiff, basically it looks like you are trying to keep everything above your knees from moving. The pace of your steps doesn't look too fast, though for right now you might want to slow down a little until you get comfrotable with the rest of your approach.

The first thing I would work on is relaxing your whole body. Get on the approach and shake all the tension out of your arms, head, hips, legs. Let your shoulder drop a bit from the weight of the ball, let your shoulders open a little during the swing and let your body tilt / lean a little from the forces being placed on it. Don't fight it, try to keep your entire body fluid. If you need to at first, exagerate the feelings, pretend you are gumby. After you get a better feel for not being so stiff, tone it back until you find that perfect level of fluidity for you.

Your finish position looks pretty good, though a bit forced as well. It looks like you are placing your balance leg out and to the side as part of a strict routine instead of it going where it needs to as part of a fluid and balanced approach.
Posted by: sk8shorty01

Re: Updated Video - Footwork Problems - 09/29/09 11:04 AM

I agree with TenPin here. To me rather than letting your body naturally balance itself and walk you are trying to force the movements and in turn you look like a robot walking to the line. Relax, its just bowling, there is no test at the end!
Posted by: CoachJim

Re: Updated Video - Footwork Problems - 09/29/09 06:29 PM

Can you post a video from the side from start to finish from head to toe. It is hard to see your footwork from behind, it doesn't look too bad too me. Your swing looks pretty good too. Your release would be what I would focus on, it is a bit flat and it looks like you are grabbing the ball to the point where the thumb and fingers are exiting the ball at the same time.
Posted by: Monteman

Re: Updated Video - Footwork Problems - 10/01/09 12:24 PM

I agree with Jim. Need to see a side video. Does not look too bad. Just a little forced, relax is good advice.

I'd start simple. Looks like you have a 5 step. Make sure you are in the right starting position. (the NORMAL) 5 step walk backward from the foul line is a good place to start. You appear to be close to the foul line with your feet, but need a side shot to confirm.

Let the body be fluid. The right leg / left arm are to balance you. They will go where needed.