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Posted by: lmfcoa

Updated Vid - 09/24/09 09:31 PM

Just two shots (one from side and one from behind). The thing I had been working on the most is freeing my arm swing and staying more upright at the line which I think I have accomplished. (First vids here)

Two things I know I need to work on still are my release (I'm not happy with it) and finishing closer to the foul line. Any advice on this one? It seems no matter what I do I subconsciously compensate and end the same distance away.
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Re: Updated Vid - 09/24/09 11:34 PM


You need to slide up to the foul line, though.

Toe into the slide - good.
Relaxed swing - good.
Head over the slide toe - good.
Ball in front of you in stance - not advised, but it doesn't seem to be hurting your swing.
These are all things people say you should do....

By "improve the release" do you mean - get the fingers below the horizon (good), cup the hand (good) or something else? It looks to me like your release is a good one - when I do it, I call it "firm-wristed over the top". It looks like you're putting a little finger action into it, based on the curled fingers in your follow-thru, so in my opinion you are doing a very good job of it. I never get that much hook when I do it.

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Re: Updated Vid - 09/25/09 07:52 AM

Thanks SpareMe, I guess I'm just overly critical of myself.

The ball I don't usually put so much in the middle of my stance, but I was working on the push away shown in the NextLevel Bowling video about bracing the arms against the body.

As for the release I don't feel like I really project the ball down the lane at all. I should practice the towel drill maybe. The other thing I don't like is I don't throw a very strong ball. (I seem to stay behind the ball forever and never really put any side revs on it). While the ball in the video seemed to hook a good deal it would barely move if I went to any other house. Both those videos were shot at a house that does know what oil is LOL.
Posted by: Dennis Michael

Re: Updated Vid - 09/25/09 09:00 AM

Hey, that place looks familiar!

Are you having any particular problem? Are you inconsistent with your hit? I'd guess your ball would dive when the lanes dry with that speed, and playing that line. You may want to take a longer first step.

You may want to start the ball more outside, Head over ball, Over right foot alignment. But, you don't particularly pull it behind you. Your body gets out of the way for your swing. Your release could be a little closer to your ankle for better, consistence in targeting. You are pretty far from the line. You'll hit the towel every time.

There isn't much glaringly wrong that I see in 2 shots.

About the only thing I noticed was a difference in your hand lift after the release. The side view shot, you pulled it up harder than the rear view. Course, these were taken on different days too. Unless you changed clothes between shots.
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Re: Updated Vid - 09/25/09 09:16 AM

You got me Dennis! I always carry a spare set of clothes :P I think the reason the ball ended up inside was that Duke video where he talked about keeping the weight in the left hand. When I start the ball more outside I have a hard time getting the weight over.

My problems are that when lanes have more oil I tend to have to play straight up because my lack of revs don't let me open the lanes up at all. I know shots will vary and you don't always get the line you want, but I often am forced outside and in while other guys move the ball with ease.

So thats my biggest complaint right now... that and being 2 feet from the foul line LOL

{disclaimer] I don't think you have to hook the ball gutter to gutter to be a good bowler and thats not even what I want to do. I just want to be able to have a little more power to play with which should help me have different choices on the lanes
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Re: Updated Vid - 09/25/09 10:22 AM

I will say you are definitely improving quite a bit! Now, I know you said you don't like being so far from the foul line so I will try to help you there. Watch the video from behind and pay special attention to your power step. You want to "coil" up by compressing with your legs and then explode towards the line in order to get a good slide, ala Parker Bohn. If you look at yours right now you will notice its just a step, no attempt to gain power. I think if you get a little bend in those knees and you push towards the line rather than stepping towards the line you will see your slide increase.
Posted by: Handful

Re: Updated Vid - 09/25/09 04:37 PM

I agree with Sk8, need to get a little lower on your power step (second to last step.) this will allow more time to push into your slide. right now your too high to get enough push with this step. Think of a baseball pitcher who loads up with his leg and pushes off the mound to throw. he actually lowers his body to allow more time to push off the rubber.
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Re: Updated Vid - 09/25/09 08:48 PM

May i suggest; If you want to finish closer to the foul line, try standing on the foul line with your back against the bowling lane and do your approach.. then mark where your sliding foot is at then turn backwards and face the bowling lane.. this should be your stance position and check if you'll be finishing closer to the foul line.
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Re: Updated Vid - 09/25/09 09:33 PM

Next Level Bowling - Lesson 1: Starting Position

Posted by: Jay R.

Re: Updated Vid - 09/25/09 09:44 PM

sk8, I could be wrong, but is it really as simple as just doing it? My thought has been that there's something in the timing that makes that step do what it does. In his case, maybe he just needs to slow down his first couple steps which would force him to take a quick power step to get to the line in time. Just wondering.
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Re: Updated Vid - 09/26/09 08:31 AM

Yeah, I just need to figure out how to make it work. Every time I've done that I end up subconsciously taking smaller steps :-(
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Re: Updated Vid - 09/28/09 02:07 PM

Originally Posted By: Amateur
sk8, I could be wrong, but is it really as simple as just doing it? My thought has been that there's something in the timing that makes that step do what it does. In his case, maybe he just needs to slow down his first couple steps which would force him to take a quick power step to get to the line in time. Just wondering.

Everything is predicated by what is happening before it, thats for sure. So you are right in that you can't just make it happen unless it is set up by the steps before it. Because the approach before hand seems to be in relatively good shape I think its just a matter of adding more power to the power step. I assume the "weakened" power step was habit from a time when a more deliberate and muscled swing was used. The swing has been changed, now we need to incorperate other changes in order to make the entire motion flow and yet still produce power.
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Re: Updated Vid - 09/28/09 02:19 PM

I'm open to all suggestions laugh

I actually was working on a more powerful release yesterday and was having fair success with it. The problem was keeping a fluid swing and free arm swing. it seemed like right prior to release and thru the follow thru my arm would tighten up sometimes. The shots were it felt like it didn't though were beautiful and I ended up closer to the foul line too. /shrug
Posted by: Russ I.

Re: Updated Vid - 09/28/09 03:39 PM

Whats a slide? Can I call you by your real name?
All I have to say is I wish I had your form/release/approach.
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Re: Updated Vid - 09/28/09 04:36 PM

I think a slide is something they have at parks in Wisconsin Dells. Ofcourse you can use my name Russ!

You wish for my form and approach maybe, but I know you don't wish for my release :P You would have to play a straigher line with the lack of revs and I know you don't like that.
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Re: Updated Vid - 09/28/09 10:21 PM

All I can see from the side is your last step, can you post another video from the side from start to finish from head to toe, slo mo helps.

Your release looks fine, not sure what you are trying to do with it, but it's very smooth.

To finish closer to the foul line, look at your feet all the way from start to finish. Do this in practice and not in league and use a ball that you don't like as it will most likely be heading down the gutter until you learn to slide 4 to 6" from the foul line.
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Re: Updated Vid - 09/28/09 11:27 PM

CoachJim; I'll try to get some complete video from the side this weekend.

I guess the thing I'm trying to change with my release is just to make it a tad stronger. I have a hard time moving the ball on all but the driest of conditions it normally seems to me. I don't try, nor do I want, to hook it from gutter or anything like that I'm just trying to open the lanes up a bit for myself.

(Most people have said the release looks good though so maybe I'm being overly critical)

I'll practice the approach like you mentioned though this weekend as well.
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Re: Updated Vid - 09/29/09 09:49 AM

I think most everyone is saying your release looks good in the sense that it is smooth and clean (which is good!). I too usually have a smooth release, but like you I often struggle on oil to get my ball to move, which among other detrimental factors (that you don't have) was caused by weak hand positioning. Yours doesn't look weak, just not as strong as it could be. It looks like you are coming out of the ball a bit flat, like you said without any turn. But at the same time you don't want to get in the habit of forcing or over turning your hand. Have you tried c0cking your wrist in (to the left) before? I've been working on that technique with various amounts of c0cking to see what works best for me and what feels most comfortable / repeatable. In my case it doesn't take much but when done right I feel like I'm barely doing anything to the ball yet I get a good amount more hook then my normal release.

I also used to finish a long way from the line. I had a coach move me up on the approach, and I still ended up close to 2 feet from the line. Without trying I was taking smaller steps, because I was used to finishing in a certain spot and I could see the line approaching. As CoachJim suggested looking at your feet and focusing on your steps will help get you all the way to the line, I have done this and after a fair amount of practice I usually finish within 6" of the line now.
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Re: Updated Vid - 09/29/09 10:13 AM

Doing the belly walk to the line can also help you re-learn your step pattern.