Michael Fagan Slowmotion!

Posted by: Muggel

Michael Fagan Slowmotion! - 08/06/09 04:26 PM

Hi Guys and dolls ! I took some time to do some serious editing of a few Videos to show you the smooth and effortless style of Michael Fagan. Everytime i see him bowl i do not understand why nobody has build a statue of him in front of the international bowling museum in Arlington, Texas yet !He seems to take some muscle relaxing pills before he enters a tournament!

Hope we see a lot more of him!

Posted by: Rocket

Re: Michael Fagan Slowmotion! - 08/06/09 08:12 PM

Nice video thank you. I noticed he starts with his left foot but doesn't move his ball until first step with the right foot. Is this how all 5 step approaches are?

I have never tried 5 step and never paid much attention before, I just always remember as a youth the adviser beat in our head if right handed always start with right foot
Posted by: Calvin Pistorio

Re: Michael Fagan Slowmotion! - 08/06/09 08:20 PM

That is how the 5 step approach is suppose to work. The first step is more of a small shuffle type step and then push the ball away with the first step of the ball side leg.
Posted by: Rocket

Re: Michael Fagan Slowmotion! - 08/07/09 07:55 AM

Thanks infernocal, That is what I assumed but you know what assuming does. smile