I'm new from Ukraine need your help.

Posted by: Lion1978

I'm new from Ukraine need your help. - 01/17/09 03:50 PM

I'm new here.This is my first video with my release.
Can you help me improve my game.

Posted by: Anonymous

Re: I'm new from Ukraine need your help. - 01/17/09 04:07 PM

I like that you're not "over doing it" in the terms of trying to get the ball to hook. I think first things first you need to work on your steps/and then the finish. I think it was Ron Clifton that wrote it's important for a bowler to get use to posting. after you throw the ball stay in your finish position until the ball hits. other than that i'm not going to give you advice that may hurt you... ill let some of the better bowlers here give the advice
Posted by: Dennis Michael

Re: I'm new from Ukraine need your help. - 01/17/09 04:25 PM

You don't seem ready to bowl, but you do. Take your time to start. Think of what you will do. Focus on your target. There is no need to rush.

Then, take a slower first step, and center your sliding foot under you. Try to hold that balance after the release.

We'll look again. But, welcome to the Forum.
Posted by: sk8shorty01

Re: I'm new from Ukraine need your help. - 01/20/09 03:05 PM

Also, it looks like (after you push the ball out initially) you are slowing the ball down in your downswing. I think this is what is causing your steps to increase in speed so much, they are trying to catch up to your swing which has little backswing. I would try to let the ball fall freely and that should clean up those steps and keep you in time a little better. After you get that timing down, that is when I would begin to work on balance at the foul line, as the timing is most likely the cause of your balance issues. Fix one, the other should right itself. Welcome to bowling by the way!