Student #4

Posted by: Bowldoc4u

Student #4 - 01/14/09 04:04 PM

This is another PBA bowler Whatcha think? His name is JAson Rockwell

Posted by: cgeorg

Re: Student #4 - 01/14/09 04:12 PM

Side shot looks like Norm Duke slowed down. When we get to the back view though, we see the muscled swing. Might need a grip check - looks like he's hanging onto the ball, which causes a muscled swing. If not, he needs to work on letting the ball fall freely - when he does that, his feet will probably need to speed up to keep up. Video of Norm could help him get the feel - his general style of movement seems very similar. Is he short?
Posted by: sk8shorty01

Re: Student #4 - 01/14/09 04:16 PM

looks like the initial push away could be moved out a little more towards the target as well. It looks like because of the body having to avoid the ball so much in the 3rd step that it is causing the ball to walk at the top of the backswing away from the body. If you watch the swing plane, the ball changes planes at the top of the swing and then comes down at a completely different angle than the initial rising of the backswing.
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Re: Student #4 - 01/14/09 05:00 PM

agree with cgeorg about letting the ball swing free. letting the ball swing free will make his feet go faster.
agree with sk8shrty01 swing plane bounces away from his body and gives him a little chicken wing at the end. keeping his hand behind the ball on the down swing will help.
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Re: Student #4 - 01/14/09 11:05 PM

I'm also with CG on this one, he is grabbing the ball and catching it just after the ball is dropped into the swing. I would guess he has to squeeze the thumb to hang onto the ball and his span looks a bit stretched, I would start there.
Posted by: NewEnglandBowler

Re: Student #4 - 01/15/09 04:21 AM

on the back view shots it looked like the swing plane was not straight, maybe i am hallucinating because it is 4am, but it looks to me like mr. rockwell is moving his hand laterally to the right for a second at the top of his back swing, and then putting it back where it was. and i watched that part of the video three times, so hopefully my eyes were right for one of them.
Posted by: CoachJim

Re: Student #4 - 01/15/09 06:23 AM

That is an indication of regripping the ball to rip through it, one of my students does the same only worse, and can't seem to stop. I had him stopped just before I got hurt, and when I came back 9 months later he had reverted back.

It comes from a lack of trust that the ball would hook without forcing it. When I got my student to just throw the ball straight, he didn't move the ball like that, when he tried to hook the ball, that's when it started creeping back. I got him to stop by having him throw the ball as straight as he can with his wrist in a strong position and like magic he had an awesome swing and release, but it crept back when he thought his ball wasn't hooking.
Posted by: Dennis Michael

Re: Student #4 - 01/15/09 08:59 AM

This is a tough thing to overcome, since it a subconscious control. One shot that doesn't get the desired result will cause the bowler to revert to this method. And, he won't know that it happened.
What you say is a remedy, Jim. Go back to a strong wrist position to correct it. The dilemma is recognizing it when it happens. It generally happens in mid game or match, and that is no time to go through a trial correction.
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Re: Student #4 - 01/17/09 04:18 PM

I used to do the same thing. One my thumb hole was too big and second I wasnt trusting the ball like so many of you say. I think in order to correct it you have to trust the ball. Simple as that. I know it sounds so simple but, in reality it isnt.

Its was more of a mental issue for me.