A reaction video...

Posted by: Logan

A reaction video... - 01/01/08 01:33 AM

I was just wondering how this reaction looks. My style is tweaked from a while ago, so the ball is rolling different.

Just wanted some opinions on how it is rolling...

Posted by: Lefty

Re: A reaction video... - 01/01/08 09:45 AM

The first and last were good, but the ones in between were not so great. Watch where the ball rolls off the back of the pin deck. On the first and last, it's behind the 5 pin. On the other ones, it's behind the 9 pin.

On those the ball turns late, doesn't have a good entry angle and is a little light in the pocket. When you're getting lined up, you want the ball to hit like the first and the last, not the ones in between. It's shots like that, even if you are more flush in the pocket, where you're going to get tapped.
Posted by: Smooth Stroker

Re: A reaction video... - 01/01/08 12:36 PM

The reaction is the end result of good foundation, good fundamentals. It is kind of hard to judge the result without seeing the rest of the shot. But if all you want is a ball reaction judgement, then I will add my two cents. The ball looks weak entering the pocket. All of the pins are falling down, but I would like to see what the rest of your shots look like, not just the strikes. What happens on the rest of the shots? Are all of your shots in the pocket or do you commonly leave a lot of left side pins? Do you leave a lot of weak ten pins? The way your ball was entering the pocket, I would suspect a lot of weak ten pins. The axis rotation looked weak. Like you come around the ball too much or maybe not in the dry part of the lane enough.

When I am bowling well, I don't leave a lot of ten pins at all. If I have a ton of ten pins, then I know my ball is rolling out upon entering the pocket. Watch your ball as it rolls off of the pin deck. When the ball deflects to the right and goes off the pin deck heading to the right, you know the ball deflected a lot.

As long as all the pins leave the deck, I wouldn't worry about it. When you start leaving pins, then you worry about it. Watch what pins you leave and how your ball acts as it comes in contact with the pins. Watch the 6 pin and see what it does. Watch your ball and see how it loses axis rotation. Does it drive through the pins or does it die and the pins trickle down?
Posted by: Logan

Re: A reaction video... - 01/01/08 01:57 PM

I understand what you guys are saying, for some reason that ball did kind of do the slight rollout.

I want to get my Roto Grip ball video, because that works great for me.

Do you personally think, well just from that video, that the revolutions or whatever you want to call it, is not too forward rolling or not enough rotation? That probably doesn't make sense, I dont know how else to put it. wink

Happy New Year!
Posted by: ChvyKc

Re: A reaction video... - 01/17/08 07:23 PM

The ball seems to roll fine. It does look like on the shots that you were a little light that you were just off your mark a little or maybe not lined up on the approach just right. Definitely watch that because, like Lefty said, you will get tapped.