this is me bowling, can anyone help????

Posted by: bowlingguy32693

this is me bowling, can anyone help???? - 12/22/07 05:25 PM

hey everybody i am new to this site, and bowling. now that i am learning to bowl better i love bowl, if i could i would bowl everyday. anyway i know i need some help and i found this site. could someone please help me???? here are my vids

back view:
side view:
Posted by: silvercoachinhouston

Re: this is me bowling, can anyone help???? - 12/22/07 09:50 PM

First off, welcome!

Second, for the side view, could you post a shot where the camera is at the foul line recording your "ball side?" That would allow us to see your timeing, eyes, shoulders, etc. better.

Third, it appears that you control the ball a lot in your swing. Your body should "walk around the ball," your ball should not "swing aroung your body." You seem to focus a lot of energy walking straight up to the line with minimal movement. Relax a little, and if your body moves some, that can be a good thing! Look up some of the pros on youtube, they have a lot of movement, and a free loose armswing. Push the ball out and allow it to control what happens. Let the ball pull your arm around, not the other way.

Do this, and post another video, we are looking forward to how you improve! Again, welcome to the site!

(You have a lot of positives, a steady head, good follow through, etc. Stick with it!)
Posted by: bowlingguy32693

Re: this is me bowling, can anyone help???? - 12/30/07 06:43 PM

here is me from the front and ball side

and my dad was bowling with us and asked me if i could put his viedeo on here
Posted by: Atochabsh

Re: this is me bowling, can anyone help???? - 12/31/07 06:30 PM

bowlingguy....good start. You have a nice even cadence and your arm swing from this angle appears to be real straight. YOu also have the start of a good trail leg. What I would suggest is that you hold that finish position longer and get down into that position and stay there. Do not pop up. Stay there until the ball had gone off the end of the pin deck. Your follow through I'd like to see a bit straighter and stronger. You are cutting it a bit short by bending your elbow a bit early. Extend the follow through.

Posted by: Atochabsh

Re: this is me bowling, can anyone help???? - 12/31/07 06:43 PM

bowlingguy's dad....better trail leg!! Good job. Again it appears to me that you do not hold your finish position quite long enough, though its better. And the same follow through issue.

Posted by: Smooth Stroker

Re: this is me bowling, can anyone help???? - 01/01/08 12:53 PM

Bowlingguy, nice beginning. Your balance seems to be pretty good. Your timing seems to be okay. Your release is a bit weak. Hard to see from the video. Looks like your wrist isn't firm. Also looks like you don't stay under the ball. Weak follow through. Walter Ray plays that line using a firm wrist and a very powerful ball. He stays under and behind the ball. He doesn't use a lot of rotation of the wrists.

Practice keeping your wrist firm and behind the ball. You should feel the ball roll off of your fingers. Reach more on your follow through. And like Erin said, hold the finish position longer.

Dad looks good on that one shot. Does he look that good on all of his shots? Way outside line though. Were the lanes flooded or does he play out there all of the time? Not an issue, but if the lanes were normal, medium oiled lanes, then what does he do when the lanes are oily? Can't move much more right than he is now. Does he have any issues with oily lanes? What are his weak areas?