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Posted by: Luksa

My videos - 11/12/07 08:13 AM

Hey guys. Here are some of my videos. I'd appreciate any comments on what needs improving etc.

My avg is around 180-185, but it's not a typical US house shot (I posted the oil pattern in another thread). My rev rate is 300. My strike ball speed is 14-16 mph, my spare ball speed is 19-23mph (measured at the pins).

My spare ball speed is a lot higher than my strike ball speed. As you can see in the videos, I bend my elbow in the followthrough on my strike balls, but keep the elbow really straight on spare balls. I know I need to work on keeping it straight on my strike ball as well.

Side view (strike shots):

Side view (spare shot):

Back view (strike shot):

Back view (spare shot):

There are also AVI versions of the videos at (for frame-by-frame analysis...)

Right now I'm working on two things:

- pushing more forward into the slide (when I don't think about it, I push off very quickly and in a way that makes my trail leg go too far to the left and causes me to rotate my slide leg to the right)

- focusing on the target (usually I focus on it really well during the stance, but then it gets blurred sometime during the approach. After the shot, I have no clue where the ball actually went.)

Posted by: silvercoachinhouston

Re: My videos - 11/12/07 10:03 AM

You look very polished, and I'm guessing you have spent a lot of time developing your form. Great job making it as far as you have!!

From your videos, I can only see one thing that may be affecting your game: In the last part of your swing, you start to lead with the shoulder, meaning that you are throwing the ball, not allowing it to roll. The #1 key to great bowling is a free, loose armswing. If you can pause the video as the ball reaches your ankle, you can see that your shoulder is ahead of the ball, so you are shoving the ball into the lane. If you can relax your arm in the back swing and let it fall, the ball will lead your shoulder forward, and on video you will see that as your ball reaches your ankle, your shoulder will be slightly behind or above the ball. This "throwing" the ball can also cause your sliding leg to rotate to the right, tying into what you desribed above. Trust me, even some of the best bowlers in the world struggle with this from time to time, but it is easier for some than others.

As far as knowing where the ball goes after you let go, OH MAN!! That could increase your ability by leaps and bounds! This is one of the easiest things to fix, and it can help you tremendously. Most bowlers have a tendency to let go and then just watch, however, the ball is providing you with critical information that you can use to adjust for the next shot! Where the ball actually went, where it breaks, when it starts to roll, where it hit the pocket, and how it drives through the pins all give a wealth of information as to what you should be prepared to do next time.

Most likely, you are looking up at the pins when you release. Put a hat low on your head when you bowl. This forces you to keep your head up and focused on your target as you approach the line, and after you *roll* the ball it is harder to look at the pins.

Good luck, and let us know how it turns out!
Posted by: Smooth Stroker

Re: My videos - 11/19/07 07:27 AM

The very first video from the side view, I noticed that you slowed down your armswing at the bottom of your swing. I only noticed it on the first side shot. after that, your armswing seemed to flow better. I would watch that though if you do it more often. The armswing should be nice and fluid, like a fish swimming through water. You walk straight to your target and end up posted with your body facing the target. Feet also. I saw no problem there. I would work on playing different lines. Work on a stronger release for those times when you may need it. You really come around the ball. It makes for a very weak release, which is perfect for the line you are playing. If you A game is perfected, work on a B game. learn to keep your hand behind the ball more.

Your armswing looks the same for your strike shots and spare shots. You play the lanes straight. Your ball speed shouldn't be that much different, maybe a couple of miles per hour. And that doesn't look like a 23 miles per hour armswing. especially if you always come around the ball so much. However, if you stay behind the ball on your spare shot, that may add extra speed.

Accuracy comes with practice. You have to learn how to keep your eyes following your ball all the way down the lane. Your head shouldn't move during the whole process. I would like a closer shot from the back.