Video of Me Bowling

Posted by: Brandon510

Video of Me Bowling - 10/15/06 09:50 AM

I decided to also take video of my self bowling check it out bowling with my new red zone:
Posted by: Brian Longo

Re: Video of Me Bowling - 10/15/06 11:26 AM

Man, you've got some ball speed (18.5+?). I see one major flaw in that you come up at the end of your delivery at the foul line. That actually causes you to lose a good pit of power (not real noticable because of your speed), which, on softer conditions, will hurt you. If you can stay down through your finish, you'll have a better chance of staying behind the shot and creating a stronger roll.

Otherwise, everything else looks pretty solid.
Posted by: Lefty

Re: Video of Me Bowling - 10/15/06 12:00 PM

The thing I notice the most is that you rush your shots. Your feet are fast and you seem to carry the ball (not let it drop naturally) and therefore your timing gets late. Now because of this and the fact that your feet are faster than your armswing, you have to cut off your backswing and rush/force the downswing. And that's what causing the awkwardness and being off balance at the line. And that in turn is what's causing you to not stay down.

Having had a similar problem in the past, I always felt like I was fighting to stay on balance at the line. The truth is, if you feel like that, something's going wrong. For me, and it appears for you as well, that "something wrong" is trying to force the delivery.
Posted by: Bikedad

Re: Video of Me Bowling - 10/16/06 03:00 AM

Solid shooting, Man. The guys, above, have given you their verdict and, I am sure, they are right but even if it ain't perfect it sure is effective. As long as you can keep knockin' 'em down like that then you will have few worries. What happens, though, when the lanes dry up a bit, or you get carry down.. can you still pound those pins the same way? Whatever you choose to do with your bowling,i.e. try for perfection or just improvement, just keep enjoying it like it looks like you were doing when the video was shot. Good luck and good bowling.
Posted by: Brandon510

Re: Video of Me Bowling - 10/17/06 09:59 AM

Thanks Everyone for your imput.

Brian ~ i dont know but do have fast ball speed. hmm yeah sometiems i stay down sometimes i dont i think its a timming issues took 10 year break from bowling and been back bowling for 4 months.

Lefty ~ believe you are right on my timming sometimes it is off. When its off on drier condtion i can struggle. What would you suggest? That i try to slow down my approach or say maybe start more back?

Allan ~ Yeah it works for me but i think i do need improvement and take all tips and maybe try someout in practice and see if it may improve my game. When lanes dry up or i get carry down i can still pound th epins if i make proper adjustments or change of balls, though sometimes i do have trouble on drier lanes where i cant make the right adjustments but so far so good.