Crummy video but need help with release/timing

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Crummy video but need help with release/timing - 01/21/19 01:34 PM

Older guy, bad knees but am having trouble staying behind the ball. Release or timing or swing. Any help appreciated Release needs help
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Re: Crummy video but need help with release/timing - 01/21/19 03:26 PM

You look pretty solid to me. However, here are a couple of ideas;

First, don't spread your right index finger. That position weakens your release causing you to go around the ball. The rule is, turn the ball not your hand. Once you learn how to stay behind the ball you can spread again to get the extra RPM's without going around the shot. A nice relaxed hand position with index and little finger slightly spread is what I use.

Second, keep your elbow in and shift your right ring finger from 7 o’clock to point almost straight down. Your thumb should be 11-1 o’clock. Learn to follow your thumb with your ring finger inside out. This will reduce Axis-tilt and axis-rotation. The idea of the new release will be to come straight up the back of the ball. If you begin leaving too many weak-tens, you may want to add a little axis rotation back in. Try not to watch how much your ball hooks, but when does it begin rolling. You want good continuation, but the ball must be rolling when it hits the pocket.

When you get behind the ball, you'll get more length, so watch your reaction. You may need to move feet/target right when conditions are oily. As lanes break down and you're forced to move left, staying behind the ball can become a 2 edged sword. You'll get more length but without more axis rotation, your ball may not recover. Only practice will let you know when and how much to adjust your hand position to get the right combination from inside lines.

The toughest part, you may need to buy some new equipment. Balls drilled to skid/flip will skid but not flip. If you find you’re throwing correctly but hanging too many 1-2-4-10’s or 2-4-10’s or 2-8-10’s, a new ball may be in order. Something to read the mid-lane but not run out of juice will be best.

Do you know your PAP (positive axis point)?
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Re: Crummy video but need help with release/timing - 02/07/19 05:40 PM

Thanks so much for the info. I will try and incorporate your suggestions in my next practice session.