Any advice would be appreciated!

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Any advice would be appreciated! - 07/12/17 02:43 AM

Hi everybody,

Here is a video of my girlfriend and I, if anyone can offer any advice to us, it would be much appreciated!

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Re: Any advice would be appreciated! - 07/12/17 04:51 AM

You both look pretty solid. Your girlfriend was a little mechanical, but maybe that was caused by the video.

She could work at getting more relaxed top to bottom. Next, have her work on her body angle and spine tilt. Both will help her open up as the ball goes back and be in a much more athletic position coming forward. By open up, at the apex of her back-swing, her body should be opened almost 90 to the lane. Again, look at your video for an example.

Have her stop-frame through your video to see what I mean, then compare to her own. She should get a lot more on the ball if she does. She could also drop her right shoulder a little and work on the position of her balance arm throughout. Maybe start with it forward and then thumb-down palm-out as the ball comes forward and her balance arm goes backward.

Finally, you both could work a little on your foot-work cadence. Slow, slow, quick, quicker, quicker to put you in the best leverage position to snap the ball off your hand at release.

I only bring this up, because bowling is about speed and rev's coming off the lane pattern. That speed and those rev's will come from good technique, not physical strength.

For your girlfriend, have her watch videos of New Hue Fen and Daria Pajak for motivation. For you, E.J. Tackett and Tommy Jones.

Have fun!
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Re: Any advice would be appreciated! - 07/12/17 10:47 AM

NW Burbs, IL?
McHenry here.
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Re: Any advice would be appreciated! - 07/12/17 02:35 PM

W9, we are from the Skokie area. Nice!
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Re: Any advice would be appreciated! - 07/12/17 02:40 PM

82, thanks for the detailed tips! I'll definitely have us work on what you mentioned.
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Re: Any advice would be appreciated! - 07/13/17 03:04 PM

Both of you look pretty solid and smooth.
The only thing that stood out to me was the young lady appeared to pull herself up at the foul line. I suppose one possible reason for that is that she may be trying to put more turn on the ball or get its speed up a bit. She may just be getting excited about getting the ball down the lane.
Pulling up at the line may just be enough to get herself off target rather than allowing gravity to do most all of the work which helps keep your ball velocity extremely consistent. Consistency is the name of the game. We can always make foot or target adjustments if we can eliminate other mechanical/timing issues.
Keep up the good work! Hope this helps...
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Re: Any advice would be appreciated! - 07/16/17 06:05 PM

Marjorie and you both have early timing.Marjorie is too low at the release point and that's why she popping up .
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Re: Any advice would be appreciated! - 07/16/17 06:08 PM

Thanks for the replies!

What are some ways to combat the timing issue? Any way without delaying the valll after the second step?
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Re: Any advice would be appreciated! - 07/16/17 06:53 PM

More forward tilt for you. Marjorie could use a pushaway (she has a hinged swing ) or hinged the ball as she starts her 3 step not her 2nd.
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Re: Any advice would be appreciated! - 07/16/17 06:58 PM

You both have 5 step approaches. Technically, the first step is just a timing step, but that doesn't mean it's unimportant. To help with timing, your foot cadence should be;

Slow, slow, quick, quicker, quicker. Also, normal, longer, longer, longer.

The first step should be a normal step. Not short and not long. Your second step should be a little longer and as that step begins, you should push-away or unhinge.

Your second step should overlap your first. This 'crossover' step keeps you walking straight and also allows your ball to clear your right hip on the way back. The empty space will also allow a little outside in as your ball comes back.

You are not trying to time up your release with your feet, but to get to the end of your slide while your ball is still almost waist high. This is where all the speed and leverage will be created.

So, if done right, as the ball passes your body on the way back, your next 3 steps are accelerating away from the ball. The idea is for you to arrive at the foul-line just long enough to gain your balance and form the fulcrum point that your forward arm-swing will use coming forward. If you've done it right, you'll be in the right position to do whatever you want at the bottom of the swing. However, you will want to guard against pulling down from the top. Wait for it. Stay as relaxed as possible until the bottom.

Rising up or falling off to the right are both symptoms of being unbalanced at the finish. Too many people rare-up in an effort to add something to their shot. It's not needed if you arrive ahead of your ball with a solid fulcrum point.

Work on making sure you maintain a good body-angle and spine-tilt and make sure your last step is in the middle of your body. When setting up, if your angles and tilt is correct, your head will be over or even right of your ball. This position makes it easy at the end of the approach to finish with your right leg behind 180 degrees from your original body angle. This is what will keep you balanced and allow you to generate speed and RPM's with less effort.

I can start from waist high or with with my arm straight down ala Marshall Holman. My key is to make sure my ball goes back into the empty space vacated by my second step. Same for you.

Bowling use to be a quaint sport, like watching old tennis players :-) Today, it's a seriously athletic sport requiring timing and precision. Watch the pros. They maintain perfect balance all the way through their delivery. Balance arm out in front to offset ball weight going back. As the ball comes forward the balance arm goes backward. Their bodies open up going back and close up coming forward. The effect of arriving early to the foul-line and waiting for the ball give the bowler the ability to snap the ball off their hand like the tip of a bullwhip generating great speed and RPM's with little effort. The sound a bull whip makes is the tip breaking the sound barrier. You won't get that bowing, but if you work on it, you can gain MPH and RPM's and those are what the modern game is all about.
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Re: Any advice would be appreciated! - 07/17/17 02:26 PM

We will definitely work on these tips. Thanks for the detailed replies everyone.