Weak wrist position at release. Advice?

Posted by: jburt21

Weak wrist position at release. Advice? - 12/23/16 01:36 PM

Hey guys,
After nearly a three year break, I am trying to get back on the lanes. I'm mainly focusing on having a free swing and keeping my back pain free. The biggest issue I'm still having is coming around the ball at release, with weak hand positioning. I'm not sure if this is a timing issue, or just something I need to train myself out of at release using a 1-step approach and working my way back.

Clip 1

Clip 2

Clip 3

Here is a isolated picture where my wrist really breaks down on the side of the ball.

Any helpful input is appreciated. Thanks!
Posted by: Dennis Michael

Re: Weak wrist position at release. Advice? - 12/24/16 08:44 AM

Keep your arm closer to your body, elbow brushing your belly.
You hit up on the ball prior to the release, causing you to turn hand at release.
Ball at release, should be closer to your slide ankle.

The ball rotation should be from your hand, not your arm. Too much arm strength could end up with elbow or back strain.

Your upper body is turned to right, forcing your are out. Straighten it to face the pins.

You have good ball speed, but it is generated from your arm and not your legs.
Push off more and lengthen your slide. Then, fully extend your arm.

My take. Good luck.
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Re: Weak wrist position at release. Advice? - 12/24/16 09:15 AM

What I see is your ball comes back inside and loops behind you causing your ball to come forward outside in. This causes your shoulder to turn prematurely which leads to your elbow being outside which leads to your wrist/hand being outside of the ball at the release point.

Clip 1 shows this most clearly. Check the distance from your ankle on the way back versus the distance on the way forward. The solution is easy. Check your body angle and spine tilt so that as your ball goes back, your head should be over your ball or even slightly right. Let the ball swing loosely under your shoulder. You can even drop your shoulder to stay relaxed. This will correct your swing slot so that your ball goes back straight and comes forward straight.

Watch Clip 1. As your ball begins to come back, make a mental note of it's position. At the top, make another note. Mentally draw a line between the 2 positions. At the bottom, make another mental note. Now draw a mental line between the top and bottom. They should be the same.

Next, work on keeping your hand on the inside of your ball as it goes back and comes forward. This is best accomplished by being really relaxed as the ball begins its fall from the top. Any amount of premature shoulder turn will cause this problem to cascade down through your elbow, wrist and hand.

There are a number of 'body angle', 'spine tilt' and 'swing slot drills' on the internet to help you get use to doing it correctly.

Finally, in the last couple of years, unhinging at the bottom has begun to compete with the rigid wrist position for the best way to release a modern ball. Check it out. You may find you can get more on your shots with less effort.
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Re: Weak wrist position at release. Advice? - 12/24/16 05:30 PM


1st set of pics - as you do a crossover step bring the ball with you (It should feel like your dropping the swing over your right toe).


2nd set of pics- The goal should be to keep the ball under the head at all times. As your pushaway swings away from your body there is a big gap between your leg and the ball. Improving the pushaway will improve this.

3rd set of pics- Notice how Tommy Jones hips are square to the target line and yours are starting to open up? That will create a open space between the hip and ball. Also your head has moved so far to the left I was wondering how do you keep your eyes on your target? The 2 issues just mention is why the hand is not staying behind the ball. Keeping your shoulder low by relaxing the grip and tension in the bowling shoulder.

We didn't see a side view but I'm sure your timing is too late . if you post a side view we can take a look at that. That alone will cause release problems.

Once you fix the issues above then work on your release.
Release drills-
foul line -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fr9lDk848-g
1 step drill-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DHEDiAfxUVo
3 step drill-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QA1sMK4tYpc
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Re: Weak wrist position at release. Advice? - 12/24/16 08:13 PM

Lots of great information. Thank you all for the input. Everything you've pointed out makes sense, I kind of figured my release was a symptom of timing issues, among others. Thanks again I'll post in a few weeks when I've worked on things.