Switched to two handed recently. Need help!

Posted by: gamesdf

Switched to two handed recently. Need help! - 09/02/16 11:00 PM

Hello. I recently converted to two handed because of bad wrist + thumb pain. Tried all the PSOs around me and they all miserably failed to find the right pitch + span for me..

Anyhow, I've been working on my backswing, and it's getting better.
However, I am having problems with straightening my arms on downswing.
I believe this is the main reason of turning my wrist too early and losing all the leverage.

Please critique my approach for other aspects to improve my game as well.

Thank you so much in advance!

Side view:

Back view:
Posted by: trekguy

Re: Switched to two handed recently. Need help! - 09/04/16 11:00 AM

A couple things I would try to work on. Your head and shoulders are out over your knee, which is causing you to raise up on your toes at the line. A lot of your leverage is lost when that happens. Try to keep your head over your knee, but not out ahead of it. Imagine a plexi wall at the foul line that you don't want to run in to with your face. Also, you might want to try to delay putting the ball in motion just a bit.... try it, and see if your balance feels better.