My first visit to the USBC ITRC

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My first visit to the USBC ITRC - 04/28/14 12:34 AM

Took my first trip to the USBC International Training and Research Center this afternoon. Scheduled a time to get some practice on the USBC Open Doubles/Singles oil pattern.

The ITRC will put down any oil pattern you want for $25 per lane per hour. Can have as many people as you want for that same $25.

I was a bit intimidated by the pattern at first, but having bowled on it now I think I can shoot pretty well on it in Reno. Of course was just me bowling on one lane and will certainly be different and need to be sure I watch the transitions from frame to frame.

I put together a bunch of shots on the pattern on video that I will link to below. I had a good look on the lane beginning in the fresh standing about 19 to begin with the Disturbed and about 16 with First Blood targeting about 11-13 at the arrows with a break point of about 9-10. As my practice went on I kept moving a bit left with my feet but keeping my same target at the arrows. Ended up at 22 with my feet with the Disturbed and 18 with First Blood. Just as a frame of reference, I typically stand anywhere from 30-32 with Disturbed and 30 with First Blood when I start on fresh house shots.

With these patterns, any time you get outside of 10 at the arrows(especially on fresh), you will have a hard time making it back to the head pin. If you miss left, you will hit heavy. Spare shooting is vital and straight shooting is what I did for everything. Used my spare ball with great success on all leaves. 10 pin cross lane and even 7 pins cross lane worked great.

When the pattern broke down from just me bowling, I was actually able to roll up 10 with my old Track Slash and Columbia U-Turn and had a nice down and in shot.

Feeling pretty good about it. Did not keep score, but would have easily been a mid 600 series or so if I asked them to have the system keep score.
Have another session scheduled for May 10 with other team members and some members of team we will be crossing with. Plan to spend a couple hours on both the Team pattern and again on Double/Singles patterns that day.

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Re: My first visit to the USBC ITRC - 04/28/14 02:19 PM

From what I am hearing the scoring gets much harder later in the block if you play a break point inside like that early. Just a heads up as I noticed the same great look with a similar line.

When you go as a team try to break down straight up 6-7 early and grind that first game and just stay plus, after that jump in a little and the pattern gets quite a bit easier.

If you tear 9-10 up early on you won't have anything to move in to later in your squad.

This is the info we have been given on the Storm Staff Facebook Group from the guys that have already been out there to bowl.
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Re: My first visit to the USBC ITRC - 04/28/14 02:24 PM

Thanks for the info sk8. Will be getting some more practice on the patterns with rest of teams soon so can experience first hand more games/bowlers played on the pattern and try to replicate the later conditions.
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Re: My first visit to the USBC ITRC - 04/28/14 04:53 PM

The best team result I saw was when there were 5 bowlers who committed to roll on the same line to break it down. they rolled dull, soaker balls, and by game 2, the lane was theirs.

They started outside and moved in a little with different balls.
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Re: My first visit to the USBC ITRC - 04/28/14 08:43 PM

I was there in mid-March. The D/S pattern hooks a lot from the track and in. I started in the track, and had to move quite a bit in to get lined up from that point. I had two lackluster games from that area before I jumped way out and played straight up where I found a very forgiving shot, and finished with 820 for my last four games.

I think when it comes to breaking in the shot, on that pattern, you have two options.

You can start with a lot of surface and dry up the outside like you would in years past. If you do, be prepared to make a BIG move in when its time to move since the inside already hooks so much.

Or, you can start with a lightly surfaced or shiny ball and camp out for a long time. The ice oil didn't break down enough for me using a shiny ball to need to do anything more than make micro-adjustments.
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Re: My first visit to the USBC ITRC - 04/30/14 10:39 AM

How did you shoot all-events Champ?

Good info all. Thanks.