My Bowling Form

Posted by: Logan Rosenow

My Bowling Form - 03/01/14 04:22 PM

Posted by: Logan Rosenow

Re: My Bowling Form - 03/01/14 04:32 PM

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Posted by: spr3wr

Re: My Bowling Form - 03/01/14 10:24 PM

You have coached well . Add these small changes to your game.

1) Add more side tilt at the beginning.
2) During the pushaway push the ball over the right knee not outside of the knee. You have a nice crossover on your 2nd step and the ball should go with the movement of your body.Continue to improve on the side tilt.
3) The box shows the balance arm. Pro's have the arm in front towards the break point. you bend your elbow during the back swing. Just relax the grip pressure and allow your elbow to straighten out at this point. Notice how you don't see the pro's head! add some forward lean here.
You also turn your hand a little early.
Posted by: Joe Bowler

Re: My Bowling Form - 03/02/14 08:24 AM

Lots of good things working for you, Logan. I like your free arm swing, your balance at the line, and easy follow through. Keep up the good work, and see coach's suggestions above.