14 Pound Hammer Taboo

Posted by: cab

14 Pound Hammer Taboo - 01/16/14 12:56 PM

the Hammer taboo in each of the videos same ball
Posted by: mmalsed

Re: 14 Pound Hammer Taboo - 01/16/14 04:17 PM

Hi Cab,

I would start with your approach. You have a 5 step approach, but you don't move your ball until the third step so you're compressing everything into 3 steps. This means you're hauling back on the ball to get it into the swing, and then muscling it to stop the backswing and get it forward.

It means you aren't going to get the most out of your ball or your swing.

I would work on starting the ball out on your second step (or even going to 4 step and starting the ball in sync with your first - same difference), letting a free, unmuscled swing go down and back, and then a natural swing forward and release.

Chris Barnes talks about this

Posted by: cab

Re: 14 Pound Hammer Taboo - 01/17/14 01:25 PM

will I be good with a full roller layout please
Posted by: Vic44

Re: 14 Pound Hammer Taboo - 01/18/14 11:10 AM

Hi Cab. Along those with what mm mentioned,with the Barnes video... pay note to his arm swing. Yours is very compressed... little extension out front in the first two steps.. then you kind of drop your arm before releasing the ball rather than getting a free pendulum type swing. I am not the expert, but the video above is a great example of a free swing. GOOD LUCK. smile
Posted by: Rat Man

Re: 14 Pound Hammer Taboo - 01/18/14 05:49 PM

Hi, Cab;
In addition to the good advice given above you need a bigger backswing. That will increase your ball speed and power without you having to use more arm strength to do it. It might be difficult initially to get it as high as Chris Barnes does in the video, but even a modest increase I feel would help you much.
Good luck.
Posted by: sk8shorty01

Re: 14 Pound Hammer Taboo - 01/19/14 11:45 PM

Originally Posted By: cab
will I be good with a full roller layout please

I don't think I would worry about layout stuff right now until you get your swing fixed because it will completely change your release and axis which is going to change what the "best" layout should be for you.

Work on that timing and get it to look a little more similar to the video (Chris Barnes, one of the best in the world) and you will be able to pinpoint a layout that will work great for you.