First bowling vid

Posted by: Oriley

First bowling vid - 10/02/12 05:54 PM

Hello all,
I have been bowling for about 1 year now (9 months really as i broke my middle finger in Feb. and was out for 3 months). Here is all I have to show for my efforts thus far, which is not much I know. I am completely self taught with there being no coaches in my area. I'm sure you can see in the video that I have been struggling with high axis tilt and I really can't seem to figure this issue out.
I have included two links to the same video with one being in slow motion. I would greatly appreciate any feedback, positive or negative, from any of the coaches.

Posted by: B-Hammer

Re: First bowling vid - 10/03/12 01:11 AM

There is a lot of good going on there, and I'm not sure you really have a tilt problem, have you had it measured?

It would help the coaches allot if you can get a side view so they can check your timing.
Posted by: sk8shorty01

Re: First bowling vid - 10/03/12 12:02 PM

Quick Tip before I break down your video:

Take off the "video" tags before and after the link and it will embed itself automatically after a couple minutes. Just a heads up.

Now, onto the video:

Notice when your swing starts, the ball should be moving in your second step. As your right foot hits the floor the ball should be off of your left hand and into your swing. Right now your right foot compresses to the floor and the ball hasn't started moving yet. So as of right now your timing is an entire step late, you still look smooth but it is definitely late. Another key in your timing to check if your in time is your next right foot step (4), the ball should be at the top of the swing. Right now your right foot comes down (step 4) and the ball is still traveling up towards the top of your swing.

That is the first thing I would change, simply because I think it will make you more consistent in your speed, targeting and ball reaction. You look like you have a really good foundation built, your solid throughout your approach and you have a lot of potential if you keep working how you obviously have been. Keep up the good work and modify your timing a little, like I mentioned above, and you will be that much better!
Posted by: Dennis Michael

Re: First bowling vid - 10/03/12 04:50 PM

You get to hte line way before the ball, so you have a tendancy to pull it down to catch up. Start your push off earlier, on the second step, right foot.

but, you look solid at the line, no falling off. That's good.
Posted by: Oriley

Re: First bowling vid - 10/03/12 11:15 PM

Thanks so much guys for taking the time to give your opinions. I really appreciate it. I was pleasantly surprised to see some of the feedback was positive.

I definitely need to work on my timing. I have noticed in the past that I drop the ball late into the swing, but I have not seen how much this affected the rest of my shot until Sk8 pointed out where the ball was on my 4th step. Looks like I may be pulling the ball down a bit.

As far as my axis tilt goes, I unfortunately have not had it measured but I can tell you the ball tracks up to 3 inches or more away from my thumb hole. I wish you could see the ball reaction better in the video, but the ball is just not rolling right and does not react downlane on many shots. I think my wrist at release did not look overly c0cked so could this possibly be a layout/ball fit problem?

thanks again for the help and encouragement.
Posted by: HughScot

Re: First bowling vid - 11/03/12 02:27 PM

Don't know if this will help but have you tried eliminating that first little step with your left foot? Try making your first step with the right foot. Just a thought.
Posted by: Time-To-Roll

Re: First bowling vid - 11/03/12 03:30 PM

I saw the same thing as Sk8, watch some video of Norm
Duke as an example. He gets that ball dropping DOWN as soon
as his left hand is off the ball.By the time the left step
starts, the ball is on its way to the top of the swing and reaches its peak on the right step. The rest of your delivery is very good.
Posted by: 10PinGaloot

Re: First bowling vid - 11/03/12 04:19 PM

If you want to reduce the tilt, you can do any one of these things (these apply specifically to your release, as shown on this video):

* keep the same wrist action you have now, but flick the fingers downward to allow the ball to roll off the fingers as you release it (I call that "roll the dice")

* uncup the hand while turning it, then make a fist after the ball is out of the thumb but while it's still on the fingers. ( I call that "make a fist")

* keep the hand behind the ball more and drive through the release by accelerating the swing after the thumb is out. (I left this to last, because it requires more change to your release style)

I think the high tilt you have is because you're not letting the ball roll off your fingertips. Probably a result of the timing problems mentioned above.... So you might find that fixing the timing fixes the release smile
Any of the above should improve tilt while simply tweaking your release.