New Video of me hopefully this looks better

Posted by: J.Brown

New Video of me hopefully this looks better - 02/16/12 01:53 PM

new video

Old video

I believe I have improved my form, standing in the same spot everything looks pretty much the same except at the line. The glove in the new video isn't stiff or anything I use it for the wrap around my wrist and the feel on the ball. I still can't seem to get into a deeper knee bend I think I'm doing it but after I watch the video I'm not at all lol. Doesn't seem to hurt my overall performance but I would like to add more knee bend. Of course it might have to do with where I aim on the drier lanes like I practice on I don't aim real close to me. And I can see my elbow is out away from my body didn't notice that before hmmmm darn lol
Posted by: J.Brown

Re: New Video of me hopefully this looks better - 02/16/12 02:01 PM

seems to be something wrong with the site, here's the links

New Video

Old Video

Posted by: champ

Re: New Video of me hopefully this looks better - 02/16/12 02:52 PM

Although your knee bend might not be as deep as you'd like to see it, at least in the new video you have better balance at the line, and aren't popping up on the shot. Your wrist comes to the inside of the ball on the backswing, though not being a competent coach, I don't know if that's a good, bad, or neutral thing, just something I see.
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Re: New Video of me hopefully this looks better - 02/17/12 01:29 AM

I agree that your balance looks much better in your newer video. The loft on the ball looks a little excessive. I think starting with more flex in your knees and maintaining the flex throughout your aproach will help. Your ball is closer to your knee rather than your ankle at release. Your swing is missing the flat spot. From a side view the swing should look like an airplane landing.

My advice would be:

1. More knee flex through the swing. Your approach should gradually get lower.

2. Your downswing looks a little muscled. We are all trying to roll the ball well, not throw the ball well. The ball has to atleast be at your ankle before you can "hit" it. Just like a golfer or a tennis player the fasted point of there swing is after they hit the ball. Bowling is the exact same way. The fastest our bowling arm/wrist/hand is going to be is in the follow through..

When I get into problems with grabbing the ball early or really trying to rip on it I try to remember to ROLL the ball.
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Re: New Video of me hopefully this looks better - 02/17/12 04:01 AM

Champ- The wraist thing I believe is good or ok to do I'm not sure lol I honestly do not even know I do that it feels like my wraist is straight. Consistant I guess right lol

Thanks for the comments

I wasn't focused on rolling the ball today lol I was trying to keep my head down and my trail leg planted. One thing at a time here one thing at a time.
Posted by: TheDemolitionMan

Re: New Video of me hopefully this looks better - 02/17/12 11:10 AM

I have few things to say J. Brown.

The first is, why are you so far back? There's no reason to be that far back on the approach. Especially with only a 5-step approach unless the approaches at your center are really reallly short.

Second, I think you timing and footwork are off. Even better is that it looks inconsistently off. I can't be sure without a side view. However, to me, it appears that you can't do what you want to because you have inconsistent timing. On some balls you'll start the ball on the 4th step but you appear to be charging the line. On others you'll wait until you've started your third or have your third step down before you have the ball in the backswing. These timing issues I believe are messing up whatever you're trying to do because you are getting to line it looks to me before the ball and that's why your swing looks so tense. Because you are pulling the ball through the swing to catch up. But again, I can't say for sure without a side view.

Lastly, how's your fit on your equipment? I only ask because it didn't look like you changed balls for those spare shots, and it looked like for both shots, the ball fell right off of your hand. If that is the cause and you have to grab the ball to hang onto it. That could also be effecting your timing thus impeding the improvements you are trying to make.

Aside from that every thing else looked pretty good. I'd say maybe get them shoulders a little more square but you were playing so angular that it's a bit of non-issue. Just one of my personal things. No biggie. seeingstars

Hope that helps,

The Demolition Man
Posted by: J.Brown

Re: New Video of me hopefully this looks better - 02/17/12 12:21 PM

Well don't look to much into that new video just something I was trying and my scores have went down drasically because of it. Tried this stuff in league play a few times and got 170's went back to not thinking about throwing the ball etc. etc. 200+ games I dunno. In practice my elbow started hurting from the obvious muscling of the ball today when I stopped thinking about all that stuff elbow doesn't hurt, maybe I was trying to hard to change something. I dunno about the timing thing I can see I always push the ball away on the 2nd step lol maybe it's the view and it's hard to see. No one has ever mentioned this to me before actually the opposite they always say how good my timing is. It was probably just a combination of trying new stuff and thinking to hard.

Also I stand pretty far back on those lanes the approachs are about 4-6 inch's shorter then most for some reason and I can tell when I finish at the line cause I tend to tug the ball on those lanes till I figured out they are shorter. Also on my 10 pin's the ball does fall off my hand it's not a fit issue I just let the ball drop off my hand, just the way I do it I guess lol. It doesn't look that great but it picks them up that's all I am worried about.

Thanks though for the comments, I always like advice from different kinds of bowlers some how I can use it.
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Re: New Video of me hopefully this looks better - 02/17/12 02:20 PM

Well I can't view the videos anymore. So I wanted to check something. But I guess I can't. Oh well.

What I thought I was seeing was that you were indeed starting your pushaway on your second step. But to me, for me, I like to have the pushaway complete by the time the second step compresses on the approach. So if you are indeed starting the ball on your second step, that is why your timing looks off to me. I'm expecting your backswing sooner than it is coming and it looks like a slightly longer 3-step approach versus an early or on time 4-step approach to me.

I figured that was the case with the approaches. I've run into that same problem. Sucks a whole lot.

For the 10 pin, cool. I don't think I could ever to that. Vacu-grip set-up prevents me from doing that. LOL

The Demolition Man