Been a long time...

Posted by: GunsTariq

Been a long time... - 02/12/12 10:11 PM

How is everyone? Hope everyone is doing well.

Funny how every time I think I am good, I am not. You guys be the judge...

Posted by: metguy

Re: Been a long time... - 02/13/12 07:29 AM

Here's what i see. I like your balance and your plant foot is pointed at your target which i think is good. The swing leg stays down, also good. The thing that looks amis is your shoulder looks to be dropping. Some say thats not a bad thing but your ball tends to get out a little too far. I think a little more knee bend would help.
Posted by: Dennis Michael

Re: Been a long time... - 02/13/12 09:24 AM

Hi Guns. Glad you returned.

I had truble finding anything significantly wrong. You looked solid throughout on each roll. Until I replayed our last shot side by side with the others.

I chose the final shot because that one seemed to be your best. You walked off the shot. You knew where the ball was going. You had onfidence in it. You obviously felt better about that shot then the others.

It was then that I could notice a sligtly slower cadence in your steps on the final shot. You stuck the others at release, but that was balance and muscle control. Your last shot made you feel good about it.

The other thing was your backswing seemed to be a little higher then the others, too. Was this caused by being slower?

So, on the final shot, probably because of a slower cadence, the ball got int a roll a little sooner and finished stronger. he earlier shots seemed to slide a little too far.

Looking at each shot individually, you looked good. But, in a side b side view, you could see those 2 differences.

What do you think?

Would have liked to see if there was a pushoff difference between them in a side video.